$150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile home (downloadable plans)

this is my bicycle camper kind of the idea of this thing is for a little money you can put something together you can travel around the country if you have a little time on your hands and tools this doesn't take that much time and energy to put together and you have yourself a semblance at home keeps you warm in the winter time it's insulated have a little kitchen here stove sink two drawers here place to put your water all your food things it's all here this is a regular camper let you tow with your bicycle I became a fan of micro camping probably back in 2002 or inside to to around the country all's I had at the time as my little pickup truck and a cab over decided to make this little stealth camber worked up pretty sweet a few years later I went to Burning Man and made this post-apocalyptic bicycle camper God said that was everything one burner butane stove I wasn't a true Rome vehicle three pounds altogether several years later I was again playing with coroplast this time Arkin the panels and I discovered that you could create a very lightweight strong structure just attaching the panels together with some zip ties this is the homeless emergency shelter I've had to sit in my yard now for a couple years several people asked me much make a bicycle camper out of that thing and I decided to see if I can put some wheels on tow with a bike I always wanted to make one with a Airstream nose so the whole idea behind this camper came with playing around at the front nose I wanted to make something aerodynamic and I looked up on the internet ways to make a kind of a globe found out the pattern how to make one I made it mostly with a old recycled campaign signs they come in four bite sheets and I was able to harvest some right after a political campaign season so I just wanted to see what could be made with the material here we're starting to screw down the panels now here I've used a row of recycled signs smaller ones for the underlayment so it's going to be two layers of four millimeter coroplast and then another okay I just got done screwing down the two layers of cork last for the bed create a hammock no plywood in this thing see if it works the frame I made with 1×2 wood real simple kept it real light real simple real real cheaply not bad for freebie campaign says he's gonna hold up I took a twenty dollar bicycle that I found at a garage sale and he's a both front and rear wheel to put under here nice so I would say this platform is probably three pounds maybe at that or as a sheet of plywood to do this would be about eight or nine or ten pounds I've got two sheets of chloroplast under here that kind of creates a hammock bed so that's why I was able to keep the weight of this thing way down very simple I only had to use a screwdriver a drill to pre-drill some screws and this is pretty easy fabrication I put screws every three inches just to make sure it was secure and hold comfortable I like playing with this material it's fluted plastic some where you see a lot of campaign signs made out of so at the end of campaign season I went and harvested about five of these and that's pretty much what this is made of crashed so the Fluke plastic is a fun material because it is just so light and so fun to play with just need a knife tape measure pencil to do your cutting and fabricating horses appetizer well rear house using zip ties put it all together I use these to join them all together and then I just put duct tape over the zip tie holes so keeps the moisture out and then I bought some paint meant for plastic and painted the whole exterior this is just a little camouflage paint scheme my head go on you could paint anything you want to know if you want or just keep it the natural color it is so everything you see here is pretty much just is just using a fluted plastic about pour sheets worth I used for the whole shell the floor there's no real wood frame except for what's under me and under there I used some 1 by 2 I just arced these lengthwise and this is actually just one sheet from this point forward just cleverly cut assembled and then the other half is just the other sheet made the floor too with coroplast so basically this turned out to be a real lightweight structure it's about 60 pounds and again I made these with old recycled campaign signs so this is basically almost free some bubble insulation to keep myself warm in the winter so total cost when you add up these little zip ties and a little bit of wood that I used for the frame and the $20 bike is about $150 to make the whole thing so I wanted to outfit this with kitchen and a place to put all my belongings in the kitchen area I just decided to put the little guy in beside the wheel well very simple little camping stove sinks right in there I created these simple little shelves just using coroplast and zip ties and with just a few zip ties you're able to fashion pretty much anything you want very durable very lightweight and again I made these wheel covers more for shelving space for cooking surface put the plates and cut your vegetables and whatnot on up here I've got a little spice shelf another little shelf on this side here here I've just used a bread pan for my little water catchment down here is my trash I decided to go with a glass gallon jug just because I don't like to store water in plastic you got your spices little shelf too I made out of the carp last for your utensils and whatnot food up above so I try to keep it to where you put all your heavy stuff down low for low center of gravity case it got windy outside but I've got a little bookshelf here you know about my favorite books drawing implements new drawers here it's kind of like what you'd normally have in a any home but just in a real small scale tubs for holding my clothing this way I'm able to move them to the front wheel wells to Center all the weight while I'm traveling basically you're going to be carrying the essentials but it's nice to have these essentials readily at hand that's kind of the whole idea of just the drawers and what not have to go searching through bags it's all here drawing implements there's a stereo here too that I have with my mp3 player speakers facing this way little vent holes down here to bring in some fresh air have two little windows a pop up here on the sides see what's going on also the skylight this is made out of a one gallon plastic tub I cut the top out and put some clear plastic on there for the skylight so I can remove it for ventilation this is a skylight it was simply made from a one gallon plastic bucket I cut a hole out of the lid riveted on some plastic so packs bolts is a skylight and just a nice little air vent few windows are here on the side close it up at night and when you kick back here is very comfortable it's very comfortable to just sit back look out the door so basically this is a home away from home it's glam camping it it's you've got everything that you've got from your own where I'm at rains a lot so it's not always easy to go outside and cook breakfast kind of home away from home mean this is a pretty much a kitchen mmm nothing like a fresh cook breakfast I'm just trying out my new kitchen galley worked pretty good nothing burned down I didn't catch fire don't get too hot in here if I were to really take this on the road I'd probably put a solar panel on the top so you can have some electricity for your lights and your radios and such computer laptop I would probably have a solar shower back to and a few other listen that's just to get exactly what I want it does show the possibilities of a new way to get around and travel or to live you don't have car insurance you don't have home insurance payments what do you got food movement now with the tiny homes on trailers this is kind of it for people who can't afford pickup truck and build a little home to put on a trailer maybe they could just do this and two around for people who are adventures and don't mind pulling a little weight and taking their time traveling this is how you think would be a fun way to go

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