25 Affordable Home Designs You Can Build Under $20,000!

Building your dream house is not easy nowadays due to increasing labor and material cost. This is one reason why many people choose to downsize living and choose to live simply in a small house. The important is we have a decent house that we can call home. In this video, we compile 25 compact house designs that you can build under $20,000. So if you are looking for simple, compact house ideas, watch and enjoy! House Design No. 1 A compact house but sizable enough to fit all the necessities and comforts of a small family. It has a small porch where dwellers can enjoy meals or simply pass time on a beautiful day. It is composed of two bedrooms and one bathroom with an estimated budget of $18,000.

House Design No. 2 A two-bedroom and two-bathroom house for families who are looking for a budget-friendly house to build. It has plenty of windows and glass doors to avoid feeling cramped inside this kind of tiny dwellings. House Design No. 3 This small and private home is beautifully designed to host families. A modern style house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The gray and white paints on the exterior keep the atmosphere of the house so relaxing. The total living space for this house is 60 square meters while the construction budget is $19,000. House Design No. 4 A small house with a total living area of 63 square meters while the construction budget is $19,000. For a tiny home like this, you can make multi-functional living spaces to ensure every inch of the home is utilized. It also makes moving around much easier with each area only a few steps away from the next. House Design No. 5 A house that proves small can be beautiful. It is composed of two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a total living space of 82 square meters. Indeed dream houses don't have to be castles, mansions or villas but sometimes, the best choice comes in a smaller package.

House Design No. 6 A small white house consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. An 85 square meters home including the small balcony and the terrace in the front that is perfect for people who prefer outdoor spaces to indoor ones. House Design No. 7 A modern small house composed of two bedrooms and one bathroom. This house has a total living space of 102 square meters. If you are one of those peoples who prefer houses rather than apartments, then this is another design you can consider. House Design No. 8 A lovely one-story house that offers functionality and comfort. Just because you are living small doesn't mean you have to skimp on the interior or exterior beauty! This house is composed of two bedrooms and two bathrooms, good enough for a small family. House Design No. 9 A lovely and modern pink house with one bedroom and one bathroom. A small house suitable for those who are starting a family or for those who want to live alone.

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It is also ideal for a retiring couple since this house is a one-story with no stairs to climb up and down! As to the budget, you can build this house for $19,000. House Design No. 10 A small but stylish gray house composed of two bedrooms and one bathroom. The construction budget of this house is $19,000. The open terrace in the front makes this house more relaxing. When it comes to choosing the color scheme of your dream home, the simplest choice just may be the best one just like the gray color combination for this house. There you have it guys.

The first 10 in this video of 25 small and affordable house design you can build under $20,000. But remember that budget differs from one place to another. Continue watching this video for another 10 more small but beautiful house design and Ideas So did you find your dream home on this list? If you enjoy our video, don't forget to subscribe! Thank you again for watching..

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