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I started minimalism 5 years ago and now I'm an Extreme Minimalist and some things that I was able to let go of are furniture, travel luggage, and my book collection. And at the end of this video, I will announce a giveaway. Hello friends, this is Youheum. Thanks for being here! You probably know that I practice Furniture-free living. Not having furniture allows me to live more simply and I'm able to invite more nourishing movement into my life. I also don't own any printed books. I've gone mostly paperless in my life and instead, I use my ebook reader. Which I take everywhere when I'm traveling. I also have the option to go to the library. I sometimes do but I personally prefer the convenience of an e-book reader. I let go of my earphone and headphone a few years ago mainly because I don't listen to music outside.

I prefer to have fewer distractions and I like to be in the present moment. I just use my phone or my computer speaker for listening to audio indoors. The only paper I have right now is my checkbook, citizenship records, and some paperwork. I'm also a freelance Illustrator, so I have a notebook that I use for sketching and just putting down some ideas. I do receive printed materials from my clients and I recently worked with Origin magazine and Yoga Journal Korea. But I usually give it away after I have read it and enjoyed it myself. I usually donate it or give it to a friend. I use a refillable fountain pen instead of a disposable pen.

This way, I can align with my intention to be Zero-waste. I also don't own any printed photographs except my favorite framed photo of my Mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. I let go of a lot of my art and craft supplies. I use my tablet to do my digital illustrations and I also own a few crochet hooks for my DIY projects. Also, be sure to let me know what hobbies you have and what you use to sustain that hobby. I used to stuff so many things inside my bag but now I keep my everyday carry very simple. I just take my wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses and sometimes my water bottle. I do like to keep my digital devices clutter-free, so my phone apps are in one folder and I don't turn on notifications except for texts and calls.

This way, I can use my phone productively without being distracted and I'll do a video on digital Minimalism in the future if you want. I replaced my wall clock several years ago with a simple wristwatch and I just use my phone. I will do a video on how I pack minimally for my trips in the future. I fit everything in this backpack. Now I have a total of 15 clothing. If you want to know more about my capsule wardrobe, you can check out my wardrobe tour. Within 5 years of practicing Minimalism, I downsized to the current amount. I no longer buy or wear contact lenses. I just have one eyeglass and one prescription sunglasses. Now I own two pair of shoes, I think I had about 40 to 50 shoes before I made the transition. I do not own a vacuum cleaner. I clean my house every Sunday with a dustpan and with a homemade cleaner and a simple recycled rag. It's pretty easy when me and my sister do it together. It doesn't take that long. I do practice Zero-waste and Plastic-free wherever I can so I don't use single-use kitchenware.

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Instead, I use my bamboo utensils, reusable straw, linen napkins, and my cotton produce baggie. I also stopped taking over-the-counter drugs. I use holistic remedies and plant-based medicine and I'm happy that these remedies are really compatible with my body. I also let go of caffeinated beverages and alcohol. Instead, I drink herbal tea that doesn't trigger my anxiety. My current favorite is my dandelion root tea, which is kind of like a substitute for coffee. Drinking tea allows me to invite peace and calm into my life. It feels very soothing and relaxing. I do not have a trash can in my bathroom because my bathroom is mostly Zero-waste. I let go of many of the single-use products. I shower sitting down using my shower hose. It feels easy for me to do this because I'm used to it.

I use a bar of soap for everything and I use it for washing my hair, body, and face. I don't buy disposable pads or tampons every cycle. This way, I can reduce my waste. I let go of most of my makeup. But I rarely wear makeup nowadays and I just like to keep it simple and natural. I don't shave anymore. So I don't own a razor. But if you're interested, you can use a Plastic-free refillable razor, which I will link in the descriptions below. I also let go of my hairdryer. I dry my hair naturally and I just use a linen towel to remove most of the water. Some of you already know that I use a Scrubba bag to wash my clothes by hand. So I teamed up with Scrubba to giveaway two Scrubba bags. It will be packed in Plastic-free packaging. If you want to join and know more about it, you can go to the community section of my channel.

I hope you get the chance to enjoy being mindful through the process of caring for your precious clothes and belongings. If you want to know what is the most Eco-friendly way to get rid of things, feel free to download the Minimalist checklist which includes all of that and you can find it in the descriptions below. Thanks for joining me today. And I also want to add that it's never really about the number of things that I own and it's not really about reaching certain goals and a striving for perfection in Minimalism and decluttering.

It's all to do with the process including being mindful and really listening to my own needs throughout the process. So I hope that you find Mindfulness, peace, and calm throughout your journey. I am here to be helpful for you and to be available for you. If you need help and insights, please let me know and share your story with me. If you enjoyed this video please give it thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Thanks again for being here and I hope to see you again soon.

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