5 Minimalist Lifestyle Benefits: There’s More With Less

All too often we rely on getting THINGS in
order to be HAPPY. While there are – indeed – things that can bring us happiness, accumulating
STUFF creates CLUTTER in our mind, health, and home. If you want to FOCUS on what is IMPORTANT
for you — your family, loved ones, and overall health, consider following a minimalist lifestyle.
Get rid of OBJECTS and BELIEFS — and you may find happiness the way you never experienced
before. In this video, I am sharing 5 minimalist lifestyle tips. So, let's get in! What is a minimalist LIFESTYLE? A MINIMALIST LIFESTYLE means living ONLY with
what you REALLY NEED. Get rid of what you DON’T need. It is about NOT buying stuff
that you DON’T really NEED.

LET GO of the desire to buy more clothes, that new furniture
piece, or the latest from your favorite brand. GIVE UP trying to move to a bigger home. There are MINIMALISTS who prefer to live in
a TINY HOUSE, own FEW CLOTHES, and make do with LITTLE FURNITURE. SOME live minimalistic
in order to preserve the environment. Whatever kind of minimalist lifestyle you want to follow,
the bottom line is: there is MORE to LIFE when you use LESS STUFF.

How does a minimalist think? They focus on
doing IMPORTANT things in life — like spending time with their FAMILY, doing what they LOVE,
and avoiding STRESS. They live a simple life, find satisfaction in what they already have,
and let go of the desire to buying new things. Being materialistic is never in their vocabulary. A minimalist may say: "Do I really need this
item? I can survive living without this." OR: "I will wait 30 days before I buy this
item. By that time, I will know whether I really need it." This MINDSET SHIFT does not happen overnight.
It comes with time and small steps, taking away distractions one day at a time. As time
passes, you gain confidence that you will be needing less. You get comfortable living
life this new way. How can minimalism BENEFIT your life? Let talk about 5 benefits of minimalism and
the reasons that are convincing enough for you to finally take control of your life and
find that LIFE-CHANGING PEACE that you can’t find any place ELSE.

#1 Living a Minimalist Lifestyle Means More
Money The first and probably the most important
benefit of living a minimalist life is being free of financial stress and to save more
money. When you are not busy buying things all the time, you are more tuned to what TRULY
makes you HAPPY. You also have MORE MONEY to spend on it! You may realize that it is
EXPERIENCES — NOT things — that really matter to you. Could it be travel, recreation, volunteering,
or something else? Discover it for YOURSELF. #2 Fewer Material Possessions = Less Stress Studies show that having less debt, less clutter,
and fewer desires in life leads to less stress. Researchers have concluded that having more
clutter leads to spiky stress hormones. Chaotic environments can cause tension and it is contagious. For example, it is common to have the desire
to buy something that everyone is buying. You want it so bad; you can’t sleep without
thinking about it. Even if you can’t afford it, you buy it using your credit card, and
you pile up with debt. Things like that cause stress and anxiety.
I invite you to be content with your life, and focus on what’s more important.

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#3 Less Time to Clean the House = More Time
For You Many minimalists say this: "I became a minimalist
because I used to spend most of my time cleaning, and I didn't like it." Yes, less stuff means
less time to clean, and more time for yourself and your family. Why do you spend most of
your time cleaning things that you don’t actually need?? If you own less — then you
clean less, and you can make MUCH BETTER use of your time. Now let's talk about the size of your place.
A bigger house means more space for things. What do you do with more space? You fill it
with more things.

What does that mean? You are right, more cleaning! So – you spend money
on things you don't really need, then make yourself busy and waste more time cleaning.
It doesn’t make sense. We’re the ones creating our own problems. #4 Minimalist Lifestyle Is Good for Your Physical
and Mental Health A clean and clutter-free environment can be
beneficial for physical and mental health. As I said earlier, having more desires can
cause more stress and anxiety. Having more clutter to clean makes you worry about when
you are going to finish, or are you going to ever finish at all. A cluttered environment
at home can cause you a cluttered mind and thought. Instead of buying new stuff and spend time
cleaning, make your TIME valuable. You can spend your free time bonding with your family
or learning a new hobby.

Which is good for your mental and emotional health. #5 You are Helping Nature, Too Being a minimalist is not just for your own
benefit. By owning less stuff, you are helping to reduce waste and landfills. By owning fewer
electric machines, you are using less electricity. This decreases your carbon dioxide footprints
and reduces the impact on climate change and the ozone layer. Another thing you can do is let go of the
things you have used once or twice and are not wanting to use any more. Pass them to
somebody else means you are giving them a second life. This can have a HUGE positive
impact on the environment and shows respect for the only place we live in. Ask Yourself: Quality or Quantity? What matters more to you? Is it owning more
things? Or is it owning fewer things that bring more value to your life? As you own
fewer things, you can have more quality time for your family or more money for more important
occasions like traveling. If you declutter your shelf and closet to get rid of the things
that block your view, what will REMAIN are the things you REALLY NEED.

Minimalism is not just about owning less stuff.
It is about FREEDOM. It is the freedom to own your TIME. Do not let your STUFF own you.
Focus on finding true happiness. Say good bye to the negative energy caused by the desire
to have more. People in your life will witness the positive changes and your freedom. They
too will try minimalism. It was Health with Grace. Thank you for watching!.

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