#5 Simple Luxury | 7 Day Self-care Routine to Increase Mindfulness

What is your definition of luxury? Something that is a concession rather than an essential, lush and expensive abundance? But today I want to talk about 'Simple Luxury'. Sometimes luxury has nothing to do with money. To lead a luxurious life, start in your mind. A way of life, how we feel. And more importantly, to make what you have already received something luxurious. Seven days a week. 52 weeks a year. There is nothing more exciting than to drink a cup of coffee and to write something in the morning.

We are technically skilled people, but paper and ink have their own magic. It's hard to describe the feeling now, but the journal increased on us. It's a trip inland. It's therapeutic. It is meditative. It's a way of art in spiritual healing, record self-discovery and emotional growth, and it helps you to overcome the anxiety if you on bad days doubt and focus on what really matters. Give yourself the luxury to buy something that makes you happy. It can be a colorful flower bouquet. Fresh flowers can help fight my fatigue and anxiety. Or it could be local vegetables which gives farmers their blood, sweat and tears. Or buy nothing at all. Wear a nice piece of clothing from your wardrobe, make no matter what you do. Dress just because you like it. To time each week to get to spend in nature is related to good health and wellness. Fortunately, there are many forests in and around our town.

To me personally breathe in the fresh, sharp air, brings incredibly pleasant feelings, much more than shopping. To look after my child and know that its nature just as much as we are would appreciate, is also a kind of irreplaceable luxury. The afternoon has I'm going to pick some roses from the balcony and prepare a bath. Who cares that I'm in a short while again in the kitchen and spices will get small all over the body. As a full-time mother, time is much appreciated. A bath bomb. A beautiful song. A handful of rose petals. It is enough to dive into a new world. Do you see the twinkling light on water? That's why this bath bomb is called 'Galaxy'. Let's forget about your weight for today. I know it's easier for moms to gain weight. But for today, screw it up! Indulge yourself with 'bad' food that you crave. A sweet, coffee-soaked tiramisu is to die for. Serve with a glass of champagne. Sweet treats will instantly strengthen my mood! Weekend is coming. For many full-time moms looks weekdays and weekends increasingly similar.

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Same amount of work. I have been a full time mom for almost three years. Sometimes I have trouble keeping track of what day it is. But I always remind myself to distinguish the weekend. Make the weekend special. Creating fun activities. Spend more time with each other. Alexia has already gone to bed. We can not go to the cinema for a long time. But we can have that ritual at home. Make delicious caramel bread popcorn.

A few beers. A favorite movie. It's close enough 🙂 We learn to do nothing. It's not as easy as it sounds! Even if you have nothing else on you task list does not have, our brain is wired to be active. Modern society defines ourselves through our achievements. And one of the most acceptable words in our vernacular? "Busy." Without being busy, we think we are worthless. But that can not be further from the truth. So for now, it's a luxury to not even do anything. Sit somewhere and wait for the sunset. Spend time for yourself by doing nothing..

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