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mountain refuge the evocation of an archetype   through a contemporary composition principle 
the mountain refuge is a project designed by the   italian architects massimo naki and paulo dinessi 
the project acts as a contemporary interpretation   of old traditional mountain refuges bringing 
an architectural character and spatial quality   a prefabricated wood construction system 
each module has an independent structure   allowing freedom of configuration and 
expansion thought for adaptability   different layout configurations offer the 
possibility to manage space according to the needs   the refuge for your mind enjoy a mixed feeling of 
safety and restlessness can you feel the refuge   expressing a contemporary influence from the 
traditional cabin topology noki plus de nessie   architects presents its mountain refuge with 
the minimal timber dwelling the design team   introduces a space in which humans origins and a 
connection with nature and history can be relieved   meatvip hotel danish retailer vip has 
expanded into the hospitality industry it   is now offering guests the opportunity to stay in 
a prefabricated micro dwelling in a swedish forest   or in the loft apartment on top of its copenhagen 
headquarters fans of the brand best known for its   pedal controlled metal waste bins can book a night 
at the vip hotel which the company described as an   untraditional hotel concept the minute you 
check in at the vip hotel it's fully booked   the brand explained because the vip hotel 
is not a hotel in the traditional sense   instead of offering many rooms in one location 
vip offers one room at different destinations   there are two destinations currently available 
the first is a square meter cabin on the shore   of sweden's lake emblem a model for the company's 
range of modular prefabricated houses for sale   the second is a 400 square meter space designed 
by danish practice studio david thulstrop   located above the vip headquarters in 
copenhagen's islands briggy neighborhood meet house teeta by dickinson homes evo santoni 
started dickinson homes from the desire to build   a better home that goal has been met since 
1970 by continued improvement and commitment   passed down generation to generation dickinson 
homes is the leading designer and builder of   custom modular homes in michigan wisconsin and 
eastern minnesota by pushing what modular can do   and expanding the green sustainable and energy 
efficiency benefits m series stands at the   intersection of modular construction and modern 
architecture to show a more controlled method and   better experience for homeowners wanting modern 
living this philosophy has allowed dickinson   homes to continually push the envelope on what 
can be accomplished using our modular building   process the tita embodies the sleek open space 
design concept and lifestyle of a new modern home   with a 1 100 square foot floor plan two bedrooms 
and 1.5 bathrooms it is centered around a spacious   open concept kitchen and living area natural flow 
from indoor to outdoor spaces from the living room   and master bedroom this plan also easily allows 
for a screen porch or four-season room to be added this is the aspen tiny house by dickinson homes   it's a 601 square feet home so most of 
us would consider this a small house   either way i think it's really nice and something 
we could definitely use more of in the real estate   world aspen homes are designed to permanently 
sit on a crawl space of a full basement   interior stairways can 
easily be added to any design   tiny homes are built using the same materials 
and designed to the same codes and standards   as a normal home except smaller in size zoning 
verification may be needed as some areas have a   minimum square footage and dimension requirement 
one module design with a shed roof a unique   modern concept that features oversized windows 
allowing the open living space to feel spacious micro home from genbak hoss after floors doors 
windows and sanitary items have been installed in   the final expansion stage the micro home is folded 
up loaded onto a special transporter and brought   to the construction site in just one transport 
it is then placed on the prepared foundations   using an assembly crane your new modular house 
is assembled and ready for furniture within a few   hours the connections for water electricity 
and sewer are prepared and can be connected   centrally via a connection box done building can 
be that easy comfortable customizable and mobile   micro home fulfills modern people's desire 
for an uncomplicated and mobile tiny house   mobility is becoming more and more popular and at 
the same time people want to live in the country   a very special living concept was 
developed to take this trend into account   the micro home is the first foldable and 
therefore really mobile modular house that   can be comfortably lived in all year round it is 
set up within a very short time and if necessary   taken back and brought to another location 
with just one transport as a smart home the   micro home can be equipped with a house control 
alarm systems and many other useful tools just   like a genbak house residential building with a 
micro home a lot becomes easier easier to build   nicer living thanks to the unique folding 
mechanism the house with up to 66 square meters   of living space can be brought to the site with 
just one transport and then transported on again   sustainable use of wood and building materials 
ensures energy values that protect the environment   and your wallet and will surprise you the variety 
of possibilities is seemingly limitless a micro   home offers mobile living for private individuals 
tourism and businesses it fulfills its purpose   wherever high quality living or working space 
is to be created in the shortest possible time meet cheeky monkey tiny houses the jute is their 
largest tiny at 8.5 feet wide by 28 feet long   and 13.5 feet high approximately 238 square 
feet plus an additional 70 square foot loft   the private main floor bedroom 
fits a queen-size bed and a closet   or a one-side access king with a closet 
plus room for a king-sized bed in the loft   comfortable stairs and a full bath option 
bring the whole family jude loves kids and   dogs sleep six comfortably cook full 
course meals in your full-size kitchen   even space for a dishwasher and washer dryer lots 
of light with 11 dual pane low e windows with a   large skylight in the loft option kick back on 
your love seat and snuggle up with your loved one tiny heirloom created their hottest selling model 
the vantage keep in mind this was built for the   everyday traveler they took the time to create 
not only a simplistic and clean design we have   now added sleeping for four that's right not only 
does this unit take advantage of the amazing views   through the oversized windows throughout the 
main cabin it is also our lightest unit to date   coming in at just under 10 000 pounds at 24 feet 
long this unit will allow you to travel in style   the farmhouse style is simple and beautiful 
it's a classic black and white is the theme   inside and out with white siding and black 
windows on the exterior and black countertops   and white cabinets inside grey tone wood panel 
flooring brings a touch of color and texture thanks for watching subscribe and turn 
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