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okay folks this is my design for a 14 by 14 a frame cabin and I was requested to come up with this plan for a client and so I thought I'd just share it with everybody now why in a frame a couple of reasons a frames were originally designed because they use less material and because they are designed for heavy snow loads as you can see you have a real steep pitch on this roof and so they use these a lot of ski chalets and in areas for for camping and and places like that where they get a lot of snow because the snow won't build up on the sides of these roofs and collapse the roof in some areas you may get six eight feet of snow on top of a roof and a conventional roof house would either start leaking or collapse and so in order to prevent that they started designing these small a-frame cabins but they can work anywhere even if you don't have a high snow load I happen to like the look of them so you know they're a nice design they're different they're unique they would make a real nice cabin especially for people who like the outdoors now this is a small a-frame this is designed on a 14 by 14 foot base and people are always asking me why do we go with a 14 by 14 why do we go so small in most rural counties you can build a small dry cabin or what they call a shed under 200 square feet without a building permit so that's why we go with under 200 square feet and I use the 14 by 14 base rather than some other sizes like 12 by 16 or 10 by 20 because a 14 by 14 gives you the maximum width while maintaining a square base which makes it easier to work with it gives you more square footage generally than a narrower platform if you went with 10 foot you would lose a whole lot of room if you want with 12 foot you'd lose a whole lot of room on the inside to work with so I like the 14 by 14 base now 14 by 14 lumber is conventional lumber at any lumber store you can pick up two by six by 14s to work with the other reason I went with 14 by 14 based on this is because that allows me to use 2 by 6 by 16 from my roof rafter so I don't have to do any cutting on the roof rafters for this a-frame okay these are 2 by 6 by 16 roof rafters and the length from the peak to the peak here is 16 feet while the inside base is 14 by 14 that does not count this deck I put this deck on here just to give you some ideas of how you can make it look nicer and I included a non Adirondack chair and a little barbecue out here this would be a good size for a single person or maybe a young couple and I'll show you the inside but let me go over some of the features I put on the outside as always the materials I use are completely optional I use cedar shakes but you could go with asphalt roofing or you could go with a metal roofing if you're going to be doing rain harvesting I'd go with metal roofing but I like the cedar shakes I wanted to keep this kind of old-fashioned looking and on the front I used board and bad bat what they call board and bat siding just some weathered looking board and bass siding to give it kind of that old-fashioned feel but you could paint it you could use plywood you could use whatever you want for the material here I've got a modern door I've got a window upstairs for the loft I've got a drawer with a window in it rather than put windows in the walls because when you put windows in the walls you lose wall space so put a window in the door here to give light to the downstairs rather than put windows in the sidewalls here now you could also put skylights in this but if you get a lot of snow I would suggest going away from skylights because they tend to leak but if you wanted more light in here you could put a couple of skylights in top of this roof here too on the back siding all you have three windows this window is a 2 by 2 window goes to the loft and these smaller windows here are one is over the kitchen sink and the other one is in the bathroom here very nice look board and bat siding a couple of old fashioned windows in there shake shingles just a real nice design ok so now let's take off this roof and I'll show you the inside I'm going to show you some different options for you for your loft in here to give you more room so let me zoom in on this little bit and we'll just hide that section now one of the first things you will notice is this has a knee wall there's four feet high that's this wall right here four feet high this what this does is it allows you to place furniture against the side wall without worrying about this angle and this space in here which is approximately two feet over and four feet high can be used for all kinds of storage space in here okay so makes it much easier to put conventional furniture inside the cabin and also gives you all of this extra storage space and you can see that I have an opening here to the bathroom which I'll show you a little bit clearer with some shelves over it you can store all kinds of stuff back here in this space and because this is dead air space it also actually acts as insulation to keep the cabin warmer so let me rotate this around here she can get a little bit better look and we'll zoom in and let's start with the bathroom in the bathroom this is a five by five bathroom and as you can see here what I've got is a a standard three by three foot shower base which you would put a curtain around I don't show the curtain because you wouldn't be able to see the shower base if I did that you can see it's got a shower base three by three standard shower base it's got a pedestal sink with a mirror above it you can see the shower connection to the walls there's there's the shower head well let's just see if we can get inside here and take a look at this you can see that I've got that's the bathroom window you can see that goes to the wall they're the little medicine cabinet up above the toilet a a bar for hanging new towels on it tor could be either composting or traditional toilet you can see that that there in the corner here we're going to rotate this down so I can show you from the inside okay now you can get a view of the bathroom from the inside and here's that shower base the pedestal sink conventional or composting toilet rod with your clear bath towel on it little medicine cabinet there toilet paper holder now here you can see where I left this open but you'd probably want a door over this but you can see that you've got you can reach right through here through the bathroom you can open up a little door here you've got a shelf for storing your extra toilet paper cleaning supplies bath towels and whatever other stuff you want to store in there your bedding or whatever you got all kinds of room behind this 4-foot new wall to store your stuff okay so that's a a five by five foot bathroom you can see that gives plenty of room for a personal in shower use the bathroom whatever inside there now let's back up here just a little bit okay here you can see the bathroom at a different angle and what I wanted to show you here is right next to the bathroom wall is a nice storage closet now because this is at an angled roof you can't go very high but down here this is approximately a foot and a half deep and about two feet wide for storing your clothes and up above you could have a couple of shelves for storing items that can be folded up up there you can put also more additional storage for your stuff that you don't use your seasonal gear that you don't use all the time can be stored back here behind this knee wall but this gives you a place for hanging your clothes right next to the bathroom that way you can just get showered and whatever change your clothes and this right here is the ladder that goes up to the loft now the ladder is made so designed so that it can be pushed up against the wall so it's out of the way and then you just pull it out away from the wall to make access up the loft a lot easier and this is approximately a 20 inch ladder which is a standard size ladder and it just shows up against the wall and kind of out of the way there so now let's go over to the kitchen because this has a really nice kitchen in it here now you can see there's the window to the back and this has a this is approximately again five feet by five feet same size as the bathroom here five feet by five feet it has a nice bar sink for washing dishes here it's got a mini-fridge standard size mini-fridge which with a freezer over the top microwave two burner gas or propane cooktop here there is enough room here for an RV conventional stove with an oven if you want an oven a lot of people don't use ovens anymore they just use microwaves and a burner top so I just went with a two burner burner top to give a little bit more room here that gives you 2 full nice cabinets underneath another cabinet underneath the sink and drop this down a little bit you can see here I've got some open conventional modern shelving here for your appliances place to hang your pots and cookware underneath here and then up above you've got more cabinet space here is two cabinets over over the sink and two cabinets on this side over here so you got a lot of room for food storage whatever you need that way so that's a really really nice cook space for a someone who likes to fix a meal not real big but it's got everything that you need in it and remember that you also have behind this kick wall over here you also have additional storage space so you could put another door like you have here you can put another door here and just open that up and for stuff that you don't use all the time you could store back behind that knee wall so that's the kitchen area and plenty of room there for people to work and make a meal and the bathroom area over here again both are 5×5 areas in there okay so now I'm going to turn this around we're going to look at the other side okay so here we are looking from the kitchen into the living area and what we have here is this is a seven foot long couch bed and this folds down this pulls out and this folds down into a queen-size bed so you've got a queen-size bed that can be pulled out right into the living area so just some nice pictures and some wall lights up here by this this gives you a real nice living area right here just for sitting watching TV or whatever and it can be folded out and gives you gives you enough room for two people to sleep downstairs without without having to call up the the ladder so for older people or people with bad backs and bad knees this is being make a nice bed down here and you just fold it up during the daytime when you're not using as bad NAT your couch okay now let's go around we'll look at the kitchen area okay in the dining area what I went with here is a dining nook based on kind of a restaurant booth but also an RV style this is a three by three foot table plenty of room there for four people to sit at makes a nice little area for working on your computer doing you're studying or whatever have a meal these boxes would be put on rollers or could be slid around and these use two foot by three foot cushions on them now this table is a pneumatic table which you would find at any RV supply store when you push down the table that goes down and this becomes a the platform to make this into another bed so you have another bed here simply by pulling these cushions over dropping the table pushing this cushion down you've got a three foot by six foot bed for a single person so here you've got another sleeping area you've got a dining area nice little kitchen area enough room this table can also be moved around and because these boxes are on rollers you could slide this box out of the way move this table over when you're cooking and preparing your meal it gives you a nice workspace for additional cooking and you can also roll this you can put this cushion over here on these rail this box over here and because this has a lid and opens up you can store stuff in it like your games your blankets or whatever and it makes a nice coffee table you can push that over in front of your sofa and you've got a nice coffee table there so very funky all room that can the furniture can be moved around and used in a lot of different ways if you want to turn this into a day set you could just push this over against this other setting move the table over and you've got a nice set e in there if you want to sit and read a book or whatever like that now we'll rotate this around you can see I've got a guy standing here and that's just to give you some perspective of how much Headroom you would have in this area this guy is approximately 5 foot 8 inches tall this has 7 feet of headroom to the floor so from the floor up to this loft up here is 7 feet ok this guy's five foot six or five foot eight I can't remember how much maybe now here's another perspective of the ladder here the ladder is pushed up against the wall this ladder would just simply pull out when you want to go up into the loft and let's go up and take a look at the loft now I designed this loft a couple of different ways and I'll show you both of them this is a full loft ok loft extends all the way across and this has approximately six foot eight inches of headroom to the peak see if we can show that here ok from the peak from the floor up to this peak so in the center area right in here you got 6 foot 8 inches so it's tall enough in the peak for an adult to stand up in comfortably now this is a full loft and this is just my idea for how I would design it there is enough room in here for a full sized bed for two people to sleep in here you can see what a nice window over the bed and over here if you wanted to my idea would be to make this a nice little office space but if you didn't want an office space you could put dressers and drawers for your clothing and stuff like that up in here either one would work just fine but I put a desk in here with a computer and a chair and stuff like that this is your loft opening which is approximately two feet wide by about 2 foot 8 inches long with the ladder it comes up in the center so as you're coming up you're not going to bump your head if I put this loft opening over here on either side you'd bump your head trying to get up in here it comes right up in the center so you'd be able to come up the laughs ladder stand straight up and then you can move around the loft ladder to your bed or using your little office or whatever up in here nice little loft area now this loft area could also hold two single beds for children I if it was me I would sleep downstairs and put my kids upstairs or use this for additional storage in an office or something like that maybe as a guest bedroom or something like that but if you want to use it as your permanent bedroom you could using this design or this would be a great space for kids up in here now you don't have to go to the full loft I'm going to show you what this would look like with a half loft on it okay so now I pulled off both side walls to open this up so we can actually really take a good look at it and here I've changed the design to make this a half loft rather than the full loft that gives you a nice real open space over your living area here's that couch again again this is seven foot long it folds out to us queen-size bed okay and that gives you this open feeling that a lot of people like in these cabin designs with a half loft now with the half loft you could put two small beds I would say these were probably for children but you could put two small single beds the loft opening comes up so that they can come straight up into the loft and then go to their beds and on this end over here I put a small dresser of drawers for their clothes books toys whatever you want to have up here a couple of nice little lamps sitting over here so they could read up in bed this would be a great place for kids young teenagers but it could also be used for adults if you wanted to now this way you have a queen-size bed downstairs you have two beds over here and then you also have that bed in the dining area so you could actually sleep two three four five people in this small 14 by 14 cabin that's pretty good because that you know you go up and maybe this is just your weekend cabin your guest cabin your hunting lodge something like that you got a couple of friends that come over to need a place to sleep for the night you've got a forum here okay a nice beds nice comfortable area to work in so let's back this up a little bit here so you can see these areas now that I've got them opened up here again you can see your kitchen area you can see you've got a nice nice a travel path through here this is nice and wide through here about four and a half five feet wide travel path through here to go into your kitchen to set up a meal to sit in your living room you can put a TV against this wall over here so you can watch your TV and then the bathroom will swing this round nice 5×5 bathroom here's your dining area again there's a little bit different perspective on that loft okay two single beds nice bright airy and these windows would be helpful because he tends to rise so in the summertime when this gets hot you can open up these windows and let this heat out I'd also recommend probably a peak vent up on these I didn't include it but you should probably have a peak vent up there just so you could open that up to get any additional heat because heat does rise and it's going to get a little bit warm up in this loft but you can see here you've got a nice open travel path to get to your bathroom to get to your kitchen and this would raise up so you could you know you can see up up into the loft so that is one design if you don't want the full loft design you go to half loft but the full off does give you more room if you're interested in having as maximizing the room then the full loft would probably be a better deal but a half loft will give you plenty of room for sleeping and you know taking care of guests whatever like that or if you've got kids the kids would probably really enjoy the loft okay so that's the 14 by 14 cabin we'll show this from a top perspective to show you the travel path here you can see your front door walk through your nice little dining booth area kitchen over here bathroom over here living area and we'll turn this round you can see the the spaced walkthrough is very nice you've got a nice closet over here for hanging your clothes ladder access ladder pulls away from the wall when you want to access your loft nice little kitchen area okay so that's a 14 by 14 cabin now here you can see I used on the front of this I changed the front of this to show if you wanted to use a fake log wood siding you could also do that so you could use a lot of wood siding instead of the board and bat if you like that better and I want you to keep in mind that this has lots and lots of storage space for such a small small home we'll rotate this over here all of this is storage space now I didn't put in the openings to show how you would access this because I put in this furniture stuff like this in this floor plan just to give you ideas however you want to do it is just fine but any you could open these openings up anywhere with a door on the other side of them so that you can just open it up and then this could be put in with shelves however you want to do it you could store all kinds of stuff behind this new wall that you don't need most of us have a lot of stuff that we hardly ever use maybe once or twice a year we use it the rest of time we don't need it out in our living space so store out of the way back where nobody can see it and only pull it out when you need it okay so that's what these new walls and you have them on both sides okay two foot by four foot space back up here you have these knee walls and you could put openings to access them you can even make them open cubicles if you want for storing books computer equipment whatever you want but this gives you tons of space back here behind this neat wall for storing your stuff so I think that's that's an important feature of this cabin is because it allows you to live and have all your stuff but not have all your stuff out in your way and that makes it really nice so there's your your design that you could use different loft different loft designs for however you want to use this show this again from the top here again now you can see your dining area your living area your loft area nice walk through to the kitchen and just a very nice space in a small house remember this is only 14 by 14 with 16 foot sidewalls so that's a really nice space let me switch back here to the outside perspective again okay so now we're back on the outside of the a-frame cabin again this is 14 by 14 using conventional lumber 2 by 6 by 16 s for the side walls here now I did a little bit of material calculation to try and figure out about how much this would cost if you use just conventional basic materials just for not counting the deck any furniture or anything like that just for the construction of the cabin would be somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars now of course that's going to depend a lot on what kind of materials you use if you want really really nice matures its course going to cost you more if you want to do some recycling and I always recommend recycling doors and windows at least ok that will save you a lot of money by recycling doors and windows if you go to the board and bat siding that's less expensive than using some of the other composite materials for siding now this has a 1 foot overhang over the windows and doors and that's really nice because that'll protect these walls from getting hit by the weather and keeps the Sun from becoming a big problem through these windows because it gives you an overhang so that would be really nice there now I would put this either on a deck block foundation if you don't want a permanent foundation you could put this on a deck block foundation or you could put it on a permanent foundation using poured cement piers or you could do a footer wall or you could even put this on a basement if you wanted to any one of those work but of course that's going to add to the expense just using just a deck block and using ties to hold this down to the ground wouldn't add that much to the expense but however you want to do the foundation now I give you the Sketchup file for free you can go and pick up the Sketchup file you will need Google Sketchup which you can download free from Google I do that first and then you can download the Sketchup file and I think there's three of them and you can play with us any way you want when you get the Sketchup files open you will see a screen just go up there to the top and you can click on any of these walls either of these roles and select the world you'll see this blue box showing up up here and then go up where it says edit and just click on hide and that will take the wall off so that you can go inside a Google Sketchup is a really great program if you're looking at designing your own house I'd really learn how to use Google Sketchup but that way you can unhide these walls or hide these walls and look at them from any perspective so you can see the whole interior you can take off both walls to get an even better view whip to edit click hide and now you can see both both sides in the full plan of the loft and the whole design so that's really nice and all of these units are designed so that you can change them any way you want to try to make these as as easy as possible for people to move something so if you don't like something so you don't like that desk up there just click on it blue box will show up around it go up there to edit go to hide and get rid of it okay put whatever you want in there doesn't matter to me I just put that furniture in there to give you some idea of how much room there is and how it could be used but please use the space any way you want okay because that's the whole purpose of this is just to give you ideas for a design now what I intend to do is I'm going to write another book that's called ten tiny houses under two thousand dollars and these are going to be cabins like this a frame like my 14 by 14 like my 10 by 20 plans and a lot of other plans for small houses that can all be built for around or under two thousand dollars that are that are designed to be under 200 square feet so you could build them as a shed without building permits and fan codes and things like that and worry about in rural areas so what I want to do is write that book and then I will show you how to actually construct these cabins but they're not too hard to figure out so you can use the Sketchup plans and that will give you idea the Sketchup plans for this a-frame 14 by 14 or free just go download them then I would recommend if you don't have my Burke ultimate off-grid get a copy of that because I show you how to construct these basic small cabins in that book I show you how to put up the foundations how to build frame walls on all that and I include all the information for how to put up your solar panel systems a wind power system how to hand drill a well if that's possible on your property and just lots of information on appliances and security and even landscaping and gardening and things like that in that ultimate off-grid book so if you don't have that go get a copy of that to go along with these free Sketchup files because that will really help you in deciding what will work in in your plans for building an off-grid or on grid house or cabin alright folks I hope you enjoyed these plans I hope you enjoyed these 8 this a-frame cabin I really think it's a beautiful little project not very expensive would be great as a guest house a grandmother house could even be used as an office if you took that living room and kitchen out you could use it that all is an open space I would leave the bathroom but you can use that all as an open space make a great office or little workshop something like that for not a whole lot of money ok folks have a great day thanks for stopping by and watching my videos please visit my website wwlp.com that's where you can get more information and download download the sketchup files thanks bye

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