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hello everyone and welcome back to the hut then today I can finally carry out a project that I had been in the pipeline for some time and I never had the opportunity to carry out due to lack of time as due to laps, another thousand jobs I had to do I always had to postpone the work is simply the creation of a very rudimentary boiler, we could define it like this, to obtain hot water.

My dream in my imagination I saw a tub here is the possibility of taking a bath with hot water with a mountain view this was the project I had in mind and then last week I did a first test verifying if it was possible to heat the water I receive from the source in a very simple rudimentary way by heating it with wood I verified that the idea was feasible it was manageable with few materials I found inspiration from some videos seen on youtube where this type of hot tub is used a lot in the United States or in canada for example practically through a copper pipe they heated the water inside these galvanized sheet tanks simply creating a closed circuit then an inlet a yes an inlet at the bottom and an outlet at the top the flame heats the copper pipe l 'water that passes inside the copper circulates because it heats up and therefore this circuit is created which closed circuit in which the water after a while of tem when it gets hot hot inside the tub I wanted to do something else because I have the possibility to have water with a good pressure and then get in and out with hot water directly inside the tub I did a short test e and I managed to reach with a single 5- meter copper coil about 35 40 degrees keeping the fire very alive, today I will use two 5-meter copper coils so the materials that will be needed are copper tubing, in copper because it is an excellent conductor of heat so it is the material that is suitable for this kind of thing, straight fittings to connect the various pipes and then now I will show you the niche I created inside which I will insert the copper coil and turn on the fire with some branches that I will find around in the woods so it is important to have a very lively flame today with the double copper coil having greater heat exchange and therefore circulation of water inside erno of these coils that are heated I should be able to obtain a better result and a better inertia than the one I obtained with a single coil because it was enough for the fire to subside a little and the water was practically immediately cold.

Because I have a gas cylinder on the side because my project was theoretically evolved and I would have liked to make an even more profitable system by inserting the copper coil inside a cylinder cut with flexible and creating the same system, there is an entrance at the bottom and an exit at the top and this had to act as a hearth in order to keep all the fire the flame locked inside the walls of the cylinder and therefore the flame was more concentrated and probably heated the copper coil more, unfortunately I found that as you can see bending and 16 mm copper pipe is not a simple thing this is the new pipe that I have not bent this the pipe that I have tried to bend and it is a huge mess a huge mess to bend, but there are various rudimentary systems you can bend by inserting sand or I had also found a solution by filling the pipe with water and squeezing the pipe in order to keep the water under pressure and avoid and bottlenecks because bending the tube will choke.

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I also tried with a spring the only solution I believe that at the moment it is to use special pliers that I do not have and therefore for the moment the project remains in this extremely rudimentary version which in any case should work we will see it together this is the niche to contain the spiral and then we can light the fire that will heat the spiral and hot water will come out from here, hot water enters through a simple water pipe on that side and then this niche will also be a little oven-safe obviously cannot have the containment of the fire as a gas cylinder can have as I intended to do, an empty gas cylinder, please , not that anyone will start cutting the cylinder with a flexible gas inside !! the yield will be a little bit lower.

The branch here in the woods is practically not lacking an infinite resource of course the tub will not remain so but it will be all covered in wood so as to do a nice thing and that adapts to the context and will always be covered with a wooden cover in order to better preserve the heat during filling this is to check the temperature that we will be able to reach with this system as I said very rudimentary now I go to recover some wood and do a test to see what temperature we reach as a tub I opted for a fiberglass tub would be It was nice to find those sheet metal tubs that use the United States but on the European market, on the Italian market I could not find anything so this is an excellent solution because oh well you can find them practically almost given away and moreover it is very light to transport I would not have never been able to transport a cast iron tub for example along the path this weighs less than 20 kg if he will receive a thermometer inside the tank so we will check the temperature we are at 38 degrees I don't know if you can see it the temperature is slowly continuing to rise 39 then the tank is almost full not missing very much and we have 37 degrees on the bottom of the tank so it seems to me a good result unfortunately the very strong flame has made a part of the stone peel off and I believe that this process will go on more and more so the stones will crack and consequently the project certainly needs to be reviewed and the tank is full and we have a temperature in I bottom the tub by 37 degrees the water is hot, all that's left is to try it then the water is hot like the hot water you use to bathe at home, not too hot, but in my opinion it would be appropriate to reach a few degrees more so this project definitely needs improvement there is work to be done anyway if you liked this video subscribe to the channel put a like see you at the next video there is from lu approx

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