Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: 1000 Shot NERF Blaster!

Hey guys, it's Adam from Tested and I heard you, we heard you, here at tested we know you love the One Day Builds and so do we and here comes one right now. But we also promised that more One Day Builds will be coming more frequently starting now, and today's is really really cool Still very popular is the secret santa NERF mod I did last Christmas and today is another NERF mod. This is without a doubt my favorite NERF gun I have ever seen.

It is the "NERF Rival" and it fires a hundred shots in a row out of this hopper. This is what it fires these little yellow foam balls. Ooo perfect! But a hundred shots in a row is… …nifty but maybe improvable, so I want to modify the NERF Rival so it fires… [thunk] … a thousand shots in a row. Uh-huh. I'm gonna make a much bigger hopper and I will also aestheticize this. Here comes today's One Day Build: NERF Mod. [techy intro music] Now the folks at NERF are geniuses at firing safe projectiles in innovative ways and the mechanism of the Rival is actually worth going into some detail about because I'm really impressed with it The basic mechanism for firing these balls operates like a pitching machine right on the other side of these two panels are Two spinning wheels that when the ball gets to them, "Fook!" It shoves them out just like a pitching machine But how it gets the balls to those spinning wheels is even cooler So there's a couple of parts to it on the left side here You see these little gear wheels and then on the right side, you see that little black belt So what happens is when you fill this hopper full of balls You pull the first trigger, which is down here, [mechanical whirring] and you hear that That's the wheels spinning up.

Then you pull the second trigger and that activates these agitating wheels and the conveyor belt [thumping] [delighted laughter] [thumping] [whirring stops] Oh? [whirring and thumping] Oop! [laughter] Sorry Joey So here is my overall plan for the mechanical aspect of this. The hopper that fires the balls… There it is. That's the whole thing. This holds a hundred balls. I'm gonna add a magazine onto this that holds a thousand balls In addition, I have some other mods I want to do I've got some Picatinny Rails, Red Dot Scope and some other aesthetic details that I've drawn out.

But first and foremost, I need to figure out how big these magazines should be and so I need to do some volumetric testing with a thous- Wow, that feels really cool First I need to work out the volume of how big these magazines need to be to hold 1000 shots I have a couple of pristine pieces of foam core here Let's say… that… ok so… [drawing] [slicing] [slicing] [snap] [sticky tape sound] [sticky tape sound] [slicing] Well this gonna be great Whoa, okay. [astonished laughter] That's heavy! All right that just comes up to here Yeah, I like the dimensions of that better. Let's see what I got here. Ooo! Wow, I got it kind of exactly right so by my volumetric estimation this size for a magazine Is awesome, but it is only holds 900 balls. So It needs to be a little longer so 3.3 inches taller, so it needs to be 34 inches. Let's say 34 inches 34 inches I am NOT doing a single magazine. Oh, no, I'm not doing a single magazine I'm doing a double magaz- a double magazine which means that half of 34 is 17. [laughs] that took me longer than it should have Yeah, so now we're getting into the design because I'm not gonna make these straight magazines Oh, no, I have bigger plans.

I'm gonna make these curved magazines Cuz come on that's gotta look It's got to look the part one more sheet of foam core to figure out the exact curve and then and then and then I'm gonna start cutting this out of acrylic. Yeah so here's what we're gonna have is we're gonna have one magazine on this side and one magazine on this side.

Right? Like that, like a like a Flying V I thought they might be upright. But no no now I think they're gonna be like this That's gonna be frikken fantastic. That's… I'm really excited about that. I also noticed that with the completely parallel sides when I tried to dump this out the, uh The balls got stuck in there. So that tells me that actually I want my magazine To be thinner at the top and wider at the bottom, uh-huh I'm gonna cut out four pieces of eighth inch acrylic that are gonna be the main body of the magazine [whispers] wow, that is a big gun.

[whispers] What is this? Yeah. "NERF RIVAL MAGAZINE" "GUN" "TOP" This is a fascinating mathematical problem. My question is… I'm going to cut out a strip here that's 17 inches long and I'm gonna cut out a strip here that's 29 and a quarter inches long and they both taper from the bottom to the top but [stammering] Actually, I can just choose. It's a gradual taper I just need to cut two strips 29 and a quarter a long, and two strips 17 long and then figure out what this end distance is and what THIS end distance is and then draw a straight taper between those that's pretty straightforward.

Okay. Since the sides of my magazines are curved, uh I need a bend in my acrylic and It just resists that a little too much for me So I have a lab oven that we bought for the shop that will heat this plastic up to a nice gentle 150 degrees Fahrenheit and soften it so I can get it to make a curve. Okay, so there's… …those two pieces, let's just let those sit for a few minutes and see how they do There are a lot of different approaches I could have taken to making this curved box. I'm taking, like, the fastest, kind of sloppiest way because these will be in a V so you won't be able to necessarily see if they don't perfectly match each other the edges I'm gonna clean up, And they will be a little bit rough around the edges, but I'll hide those crimes with some other techniques. So I'm basically moving for speed rather than perfection. I can make this box a lot nicer if I had to but I don't have to.

I only have a day to build this so we're moving quickly Alright, well my first magazine is mostly glued up and I'm quite happy with it. Again, it's sloppy, but we'll clean it up. I've done a basic Weld-On thin weld bond number three here. I am now going to pull this out [boop] of its holder, and I'm gonna add some Weld-On 16 on the inside up here for structural strength before I- For structural strength? For structure before I pull off all the tape meanwhile I'm gonna throw the other two pieces of plastic that are the curved sides of the magazine into my lab oven and we'll get the second one going. This is all going really well. I'm very pleased with how this looks.

Weld-On 16 is a thick weld bond. "Weld bond" means that it melts both sides of the material it's gluing. And Weld-On 16 is effectively model airplane glue They're pretty much the same thing and it's the same thing as Weld-On three. It just happens to be thicker. It's got more plastic in it. I believe it's got plastic in it or..? We've actually reached the limit of my knowledge of Weld-On 16, but it will set up and provide some genuine structure here in the corners and we should be able to pull it out after lunch. Lunch? Yeah, we actually do take lunch here. The other thing that Weld-On 16 does is it bridges gaps. Like the thin weld bond does not bridge gaps very well Whereas the thick stuff does and I do have some gaps in here because I did not build it incredibly perfectly.

Alright I have cut one magazine out and it is We talked about this before it's not pretty but it will do the job for what I need it to do But I also just want to see how many balls this actually holds Ack! Ack. [gentle thunder of NERF balls cascading into magazine] That's a very comforting sound isn't it? [gentle thunder of NERF balls] It's like distant NERF thunder Holy crap, I seem to have overestimated [laughs] Well, so the plan was that each magazine held 500 balls But this is a thousand [stammers] I kind of knew it was gonna hold more than 500, I made it a little bit wider But because this material is thinner than the foam core that I was using clearly I way way missed my mark But this is not a bad thing.

It's actually a really good thing. I've been thinking about a Flying V of magazines and the problem I have with it is that I've got the two volumes meeting above the hopper and I'm worried that they'll get clogged up with each other and at the agitator inside the hopper won't be agitating enough to actually cause a free flow of balls down into the hopper so the fact that one magazine holds all thousand is actually really good. So I'm gonna go with a single magazine. I'm gonna modify my design a little bit. I'm gonna go with a single magazine and the other thing that's really nice about it Is this first magazine that I made is really sloppy and the second one is much cleaner I've often said in the past that whenever I make something I usually make two or three of it so I can screw things up That's what happened right here.

This is not the pretty magaz- This is not the pretty magazine. This is the pretty magazine That's the one I'm going to use. So the next stage is to pull this out of its clamps, trim it, and then attach it to my hopper. All right, here we go. Want to hear the sound again? [whispers] It's a lovely sound. [gentle thunder of Nerf balls cascading into bucket] I hear you're asking "What is that thing? What is that?" This is a plexiglass scoring tool Specifically for working with acrylic or "Perspex" for our friends over the pond Yeah, it just allows me to round out this edge and this is uh really looking pretty gorgeous So number one I can glue this down Yeah, I can totally glue that down and then it's always going to Yeah, okay.

pexels photo 5760773

So there's that One. Two is… There that's that's what we gotta do. That's that's that's what we have to do here. So Hotoobuh hubah [laughs] Can you tell I'm in the excited part? So I want that to be glued down there I'm just bypassing one of the safety mechanisms here Well, that could be the title of my autobiography [laughs] [mechanical whirring] Hey fires with an open hopper [whirring] Haha, alright so cool now This is yeah. This is the exciting part. And now I get to cut this thing up so that it fits all this. I can't make it offset like this cuz I can't build that much structure. You know, what? So I had this beautiful Red Dot Scope that I was very excited about But I may have to make it a parallax scope So sorry, I haven't filled you in on all of my thought process I went from a double magazine system to a single magazine system So originally it was gonna be a Flying V one here one here Now I thought "Since they both fit a thousand I'm just gonna use one and maybe I'll just do a single side of the V so that I can still see past this with my red dot scope" But I'm gonna be running around in a skirmish, a theoretical skirmish, with like this much weight hanging off of this thing? That's a recipe for disaster.

I want my weight up-right and center. So I am going to Do it like this Yeah, yeah. Yep let's say down to about there and This one too, and I got to keep this upright Just nontrivial Good I'm inside of all the structural members here. [robot accent] Time for cutting. And it's nice it feels like this is actually acrylic Which is good. It means it'll glue nicely To what I've already got but let's see here Yes, yes, oh yeah! [satisfied laughter] Dude I did not expect on the first blush For that cut to go so well That is really awesome. I'm very pleased with how This all kind of gels.

It's kind of incredible. Ok So I don't have any. Yeah. No, this is this is this is yeah. Yeah I'm trying to think about what I might have done wrong cuz when something goes Like this well on the first blush, I always expect that somewhere along the line I've messed something else up But I don't think I have so I think I'm going to start getting some glue on this puppy to hold it together Normally for a build like this, I would use a weld bond for this as well But I want a little more structure out of it. So I'm actually using cyanoacrylate [super glue] but instead of just straight accelerator That's this stuff the spray accelerator that kicks C.A. glue really fast I'm using baking soda, and we're doing that because it'll actually provide me almost some like genuine gusseted strength That It's the biggest structural problem of the whole thing How to get the magazine onto the gun full of balls And I believe that I have achieved it Moment of truth time. One of several.

That comes in. That comes in. It locks [very satisfied evil villain laughter] Oh, I love absurdity [mechanical whirring] Okay, cool All right Yeah, yep Ahhhh ya ya ya ya ya [whirring and thumping] [satisfied laughter] [whirring stops] That's fantastic that's um That is what we call "working" Remember I said we were going to hide some crimes? That's what I'm about to do now it's time to take care of some of the aesthetics of this I'm also going to make a lid for the magazine so it can be closed And I'm going to clean up that little [non-word sound] A few more hours of work, and we should be well along our way.

Let's see here Fifteen… Thirty… Alright Now it's time for some detailing The the gun itself is already pretty gorgeous. But I'm gonna add some I'm gonna kit-bash it. That's what's gonna happen kit-bashing. Have I talked about kit bashing before? I think I have but it's worth covering again kit bashing is the process of adding detail to a model by using existing model kits so you're using the parts and pieces of other model kits for purposes they were never intended. Kit-bashing is how all the Star Wars spaceships were built. It's how You know, oh Yeah, this will be nice It's you know, at Industrial Light and Magic, I kit bashed on a daily basis, and it was heavenly Oh, look at this.

Ah, I've got some good stuff here Oh, Mmm, yeah, I have some special stash for my kit bashing habit What you do to one side you want to do to the other That one's gorgeous, that's it. Bye Yep, yep yep. [calm music] Alright [satisfied laughter] [satisfied laughter] [mechanical whirring] Okay Yeah, that's good. That's not bad. Yeah, nice and solid. I'm very pleased with the solidity So I have some things to add to this I got a bipod that I want to put on the front and then I've got some Picatinny Rails to attach to it.

I've got a red dot scope Maybe I put a Picatinny Rail off to the side so I can see it You know or on the ooh, maybe even on the magazine [imitates gun sounds] Like that. [mechanical whirring and imitation of thumping] I have to admit to you I was thinking about just masking this and painting this because I'm feeling lazy and like I didn't want to have to Understand this whole construction in order to take it apart but to be honest the value you get out of taking a thing apart in order to paint it is significant and real so I'm going to do it [upbeat music] Here, will you shake this for me? The thing about masking is that it's astonishingly tedious If it's tedious to you, it means you're doing it right.

Masking just takes time and there's no other way around it but the rewards it gives the dividends it pays Is really significant. So what I would like is on the on the gun here I like these these details on both sides and they feel like, they feel like heat shrouds. Like they're Separated from the heat of the main gun So I'm gonna paint them a bright silver falling off to black the rest of the gun will remain red and it'll look like the thing gets really hot and you hold onto the silver part to Protect yourself from the heat like a shield. Then I'll take a wash and I'll get inside all of these holes. Uh, it's shaping up really nicely. This is a really fun one. So if I surround each of the masked areas with black before hitting it with silver I actually hide a lot of my crimes of masking because the black goes into the interstices and hides Where my masking wasn't perfect.

It just goes dark. Yep All right let's see here. Yep, yep, yep, yep. Okay. Yep Okay, did I get all that? I get all that? I think I did. Alright, here we go. Hi-ho silver. I think that's pretty good like I said It's not perfect, but I'll be able to hide some of those crimes later on Okay, so I'm gonna take off a whole bunch of this masking see how we're doing Even taking masking off, while lots more fun than putting it on, is tedious Also, I don't know what your shop is like But if it's anything like my shop as soon as you're done making a big ball of tape, that you've peeled off something, It's really important that you throw it at somebody I'm kidding …

Throw it to them, so that you can play catch Yeah, that's feeling pretty good. I like that. I'm very pleased with that. Oh, uh, yeah. There we go Aaah, that's good enough Umm Alright, so [satisfied laughter] What am I missing? What am I … oh my god, frack, I totally forgot [satisfied laughter] it's shaping up See isn't that cool. Ahh dude okay. All right. Here we go Moment of truth Time to fill the magazine, I'm pretty happy with how this whole thing looks it's been a Genuine one day build. One day … this is … This is this is one of those ones that's actually a day Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The 1000 shot … NERF Rival magazine. Okay gonna put this in. Oh this is …

So pyched! Ha! There, wa wa wait, I got a turn on my site oh Oh yeah, oh yeah Bum-pom (♪♫♬) Dom-pom (♪♫♬) I got a bipod. I got a red dot sight. I got a NERF gun and I got a thousand rounds of ammunition Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ahhhhhhhh! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha No good build is complete without a proper test and I've come to 3210 Productions in Marin County California where I used to work actually, uh, to do the test of the ultimate NERF mod. Today's query? Dinosaurs [dramatic victory music] Ha Ha Ha Ha Whoo! Aaahhh! [dramatic music stops abruptly] [panting] All right, take a break dinosaurs [laughter all around set] #@%&$* My, my arm is getting exhausted. Dino: You haven't even gone through like a fifth of that yet. Adam: No. [dramatic victory music] Aaaaaggg! You have to shake it every now and then it's a lot of weight of foam balls. Come on. Come on. Come on. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Oh my god, I'm actually getting tired. Ha Ha Ha Ha Whooooo! [techy outro music].

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