An A-frame Cabin or Tiny House for $2000 (“The Dart”- Greenhouse Studio?)

so this transforming a-frame cabin plan set you're seeing right here it's not the one we have coming up in the video but relax shacks calm has the plans for it you can build the whole thing for twelve hundred bucks you will seen at a workshop in Memphis coming up in April and about six other tiny houses that you'll tour am derrick dietrichson from relax shacks calm hanging out in beautiful Charlotte North Carolina at the Home and Garden Expo put on by southern shows here in 2014 taking some video Lloyd so we're out here Lloyd proud of myself I'll turn the camera around we were we were kind of hired to speak upon downsizing alternative living in a couple other things and I was asked to design a cabin for the expo that was a supposed to be built when we arrived but because of many extenuating circumstances it was not so instead it's been a build a building project with Lloyd and I so things have certainly changed playing wise it's been fun though so this is the cabin here it's about 14 or 15 feet tall it is designed to use a lot of stock length lumber so as to minimize waste it's a simple simple design here's actually the poster apparently my name is last name now is Dickerson here's what it will look like in the end run not sure if we're going to finish it this weekend but it's a simple half a frame with a kind of add on a frame half a here for a bathroom wet bath nautical style the base of this one seeing as we had to get it in this building and build it here under time constraints it's only 8 by 8 and yes being a half a frame there's this pinch space down here if I can point pointed out which is kind of space inefficient but you could build in a or new wall there easily you could build the base to a greater size square footage-wise you know add on another four by eight sheet of plywood as inside it's only two sheets of plywood eight by eight feet 64 square feet over here another four by four keeping things simple with all the big angles here as well which was the whole premise and I do like the look of a frames half a frames as tight as they can be in some cases but will eventually probably have a plan set for this the idea is simplicity affordability and just an overall kind of neat fun cool look so inside here as they pass through the doorway which is a mere ooh coffee a mere twenty 26 inches wide you have your two by six rafters here a little space where you might be able to put you know I would actually put in another window here perhaps and that's the beauty of building these things to see how I want to change things in the end run to see what works to see what doesn't put a little table in there where you could have like a mini sink gravity-fed perhaps a little food prep area a single burner range Coleman camp stove up here we'd have a long gated steps and a pipe railing perhaps but here built in framing wise is the ladder that ascends to the loft and I don't know if the cameras really gonna be able to capture this so well but we have this loft which I can't quite stand in but most people would be able to another window up here and widthwise it's almost five feet across so you could sneak two people in here overall it's kind of a vacation cabin could use as an artist studio greenhouse crystal meth Shack I don't know a whole variety of things you like that one Lloyd huh but here's a shot from the side now what we're going to do we have plywood here temporarily or the builders before us put this here but the plan is actually to use this cool tough decks polycarbonate roofing and this is the stuff they make bulletproof glass out of I wouldn't you know send your friend behind the wall and start firing bullets at them because this stuff is thin it's not going to stop bullets but it's the same stuff they make it out of and it's you know affordable lightweight easy to install very easy in this whole entire roof all sixteen feet of it stock length lumber once again will be covered greenhouse style with that tough decks which is going to look very cool so it's right now that the mode world we're building it as is kind of a seasonal retreat week ending cabin vacation cabin and like I said there could be many other ways you could build it you could have the plywood roof with regular roofing shingles put a ton of insulation in there easy to do you don't want to insulate it take the pockets the two by sixes here and put all sorts of blocking and shelving in there so you have a whole array of you know storage built into your walls but there's a basic overview before lloyd and i start working on it more today we're here in the early hours in the morning at the expo center just to get some work done so it's not to annoy too many people as we're building i just want to share a little bit again i'm derek dietrichson from relax jacks calm thanks for watching

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