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WORLD’S SMALLEST A-FRAME CABIN! (50 sqft) Full Tiny A-Frame Cabin Tour

(upbeat music) – It is a very, very windy day today here in the desert, guys. It's like 25 mile per hour wind gusts outside, so I am currently shooting…

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Outdoor bathroom – Unique shower _ CABIN / Living Off Grid 2

Hello everyone to my CABIN/Living Off Grid 2 channel In front of me is a set of drills I'll test the drill for everyone to see Accessories that come with…

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Winter Wonderland | Snow storm on the Homestead #snow #homestead

This is winter storm 21. First big snow that we've gotten. .. on the property. We got a little bit of snow last week but this is a little bit…

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MINIMALIST RESET » Habits & hacks to keep your life simple

Hey everyone, welcome back. Today we're going to  talk about doing a minimalist reset. And I'm going   to share 10 habits and hacks to keep your life  simple and keep…

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Simple Table Saw Sled with FREE Plans | DIY Woodworking

Welcome back to Fix This Build That. Today we're gonna make a table saw sled with an integrated stop block. A crosscut sled is a must-have jig for the table…

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Full video: 118 days living off-grid with just a tiny house _ CABIN / Living Off Grid

here is the full video of my 118 working days.

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FULL 2021 Garden & Homestead Tour!

This time last year I was growing in a small urban front yard. The big event of 2020, that I think we all know, had not happened yet. And really…

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My Organized Minimalist House Tour (Favorite organizing tips & “AH-HA” Moments!)

– Okay. So a few things before we get started, no, our house does not always look like this. I have been chasing the kids around all morning saying, "Don't…

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How to install solar panels yourself on your roof. (It’s easier than you think)

Hello, solar folks! My name is Jeremy Allen, solar design tech here at Wholesale Solar. Today we're here to discuss one of the most important parts of your solar array,…

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Installation of wooden stairs & Multi-purpose doors – CABIN / Living Off Grid (Ep.9)

Measure the right size of the stairs Cut the pieces to make a plane Use a chisel to punch the line I just cut Install the tree and fix it…