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palm Diaries every house has a story where the battles and we live in a log cabin my good friend Brian lives across the street and we would always see this house and it was just really overgrown it didn't appear to be anything that we would be interested in there was a for sale sign in the yard I opened the front door I was like wow this is a log cabin I just knew they would love this place Brian was like hey that house that you all have been ignoring dude it's a log house you need to you know you need to take a look at it I was sold right then I wasn't solved this clearly was not something we could just move right into but once I got beyond the size of the project then it started rolling for me too I wanted it to be a cabin we need to get all this other crap off of here and let it be a cabin the cabin is pretty well-preserved because it had two layers of siding over it anywhere that we could we try to reuse stuff from the original house in the new construction part the cabin portion of this house is probably close to 200 years old this was the original subfloor it probably at one time after the floor had been dirt this was probably the original floor it's got to have insulation under it and all because you're gonna live in it so we numbered all the boards starting in the corner and then I took them all out the boards were just horrible they were black in addition to the dirt I had to try to get the numbers up this little white marks those were my paint marks we had to scrape the paint off which was kind of ignorant Carl I found this roll of garden fencing in the woods I dragged it up here I was exhausted and I'm like babe you've gotta kind of look at this I came in one day and Jay had used the fencing and made this awesome railing it's probably one of my favorite things about the house we've had a few cool things I'm in addition to the fence Carla's dad was up there on the loft there's a shadow box made into wall it was original the house when Carla's dad pulled that out he found the picture of the wall behind it and we don't know who they are but it's a picture of a young couple he's sitting and she's standing and neither one of them appeared to be very happy about it it's old I would say probably from the eighteen hundred's we found this little round tin from the 1930s it's called the three merry widows and it held three reusable condoms and they were all gone [Laughter] in order for me to be willing to live in his log cabin he would have to have aspects of the whole place be for me as well so it wasn't just that we were living in a log cabin it was something that we could do together and make it be our own I love my house if we're able to stay here my dust will be out here in these flowerbeds we'll be here for a while

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