Best Off Grid and Homesteading Channels on YouTube?

hi i'm back and today i'm sharing the best off grid and homesteading channels on youtube with you so stay tuned Im sorry that I tricked you in the end of the last video telling you that the next video would be a tour inside of the cabin I lost some video material so i have to reshoot them. So before i started to upload videos i watched a lot of YouTube videos and I still do that's probably one of the reason that only managed to upload once a week there are a few channels that I would like to highlight these channels brings a lot of value and I love them all i present them in a random order and i will have links to all of them in the description here we go the first channel that got me started was preppernurse1 if you follow that channel you will get no ad and his twins Heather and Eddie and all of their cats they moved off grid about two years ago ed is sharing his life with us and adds a lot of value he's a great father and great youtuber that should have a lot more subscribers then you got my favorite couple Doug and Stacy with their channel off grid with doug and stacy I am Doug and I'm Stacey and welcome to Off grid with Doug and Stacy.

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They live totally off-grid with no electricity at all they are very much in living a simple and healthy life you get a ton of tips from them regarding off with living home studying and staying healthy they are adding a tremendous amount of value to the community and of course I'm one of their homestead homies so go over to them and become one you too. Tthis is modern homesteading. Then we have the modern homesteader he don't need much of an introduction it's cody on the Wranglerstar channel he have really succeeded on youtube if you don't subscribe to him already you have to do it he had such a broad value and a ton of information on modern homesteading in an entertaining way that have been invaluable for me next channel is a channel about a modern couple that's building a depth free sustainable home of grid on pure living for life we get to follow Jesse and Alicia from the beginning of the journey to where they're at right now this channel is a must if you are planning on going off-grid they show a lot of information and often in a really fun way and lost but not least the boss of the swamp this is a channel that always makes me happy we get to follow him on his homestead and in his cottages there's a lot to learn from him he is really living the life he want to live close to the nature he will give you tips on everything from gardening restoring old cookware and just answering questions about life in his serious vlog with a dog so these were a few on my favorite YouTube channels be sure to visit them you got a link to them in the description I hope you will find them as entertaining and full of information as I do do you got any more channels that you love or do you want to share your channel post the links to them in the comments so we all can find those channels too until next time stay safe and live your life as you want to leave it cause you only get one chance see you in the next video if you haven't subscribed already do so by clicking down there on the swedish flag and then you can also click on the little bell icon up there and then you'll get notified when I put out new videos and if you want to watch another video I got one over there for you

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