Building a multi-purpose clay oven – Living in my bamboo house – CABIN / Living Off Grid (Ep.6)

Digging for the yellow soil Pick up all the rocks and other things that are not dirt Fill the soil with water in just the right amount Use your hands to roll over with the soil until the soil is absorbent Soil has been made up of bulk software and I'm going to start building the kiln Fix the oven Design the kiln door and put the soil on it Align the oven to fit the application Use trees to make chimneys Get the water to apply evenly on the surface of the oven The oven is completed Heaven has also arranged Take your stuff out for a street light I caught the first one Her baby ran very fast, I had to chase it to get started I'm going to transform meat into delicious food Add spices and fish roe Use the guise leaves for the meat Deep fried Pick up a plate to enjoy

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