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In our previous video We introduced many large houses And apartments of various sizes Today What we want to share with you is Located on the outskirts of Selangor, Malaysia A one-and-a-half-story townhouse This quiet town is about 30 minutes away from the city center Its developer is also a world-renowned builder Countless awards in the industry It was once known as the best real estate developer in Kuala Lumpur Hi, I’m Alex from Nu Infinity Today's episode We want to show you How to design a small and exquisite house for two people The couple's age is about 30 years old Work abroad I occasionally come back to Malaysia for one to two months And then continue to work abroad Home office is now the norm The bottom area is especially for them Designed to be able to work in any corner of the house We cleverly placed a round table in a room surrounded by glass This makes them less likely to be disturbed during a video conference It also allows them to have a quiet space when they focus on handling things.

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We used glass specially around the room Just to create a more spacious atmosphere So that you don’t feel very closed when you are in the room This glass wall also has a very interesting function You can use it as a whiteboard when you need it This space is also a dining area that can accommodate four people When you need more seats The middle island of the kitchen can also accommodate four more people When they returned to Malaysia This home can serve as a gathering place for relatives and friends Our customers are used to light to moderate cooking So compared to the traditional Asian kitchen We designed the kitchen to be more suitable Pasta cooking and pastry baking Just as a reading space can be transformed into a dining space The kitchen can also be transformed into a small bar Let guests taste their favorite wine collection In order to design our ideal bar Compared to using solid wood flooring We chose a polygonal tile design Just to highlight the difference in this space We are in the entire kitchen area and even the ceiling and walls I used the color matte black When we dim the lights The kitchen will instantly transform into a masculine bar In our previous video Many viewers are very interested in our kitchen design If you want to watch our videos about the top ten kitchens and room designs Remember to leave a message below and we will meet your needs Our bedroom designs are focused on minimalist style Simple black and white collocation and smooth lines Combined with black solid wood floors The bed frame is also specially customized with microfiber Just for when the client is sitting and reading Provide more and more comfortable back support The bottom of the bed frame is designed to be very slim So no matter how thick the mattress is The whole bed frame is still very detailed and modern We also added a lot of details inside the bedroom The white wooden skirting board clearly separates the black wall from the dark wooden floor We adopted an open design in the bathroom Can see through the bathroom directly in the bedroom Make the whole space look more connected In order to make the bedroom more individual We also put a floor mirror in the room A track light is embedded in the plaster ceiling Make the room look organized None of our carefully selected furniture is built-in In addition to the special wardrobe Make the bedroom look complete and tidy The living room can be said to be the most comfortable area in the house When you step into this home The white wall on the left and the black TV wall on the right Complementing each other In order not to make the house look only monotonous black and white We used solid wood flooring Give this home a warm and lively feeling I really enjoy being able to feel it right away when I step into a house Solid and comfortable feeling brought by solid wood flooring In the house in Malaysia The use of solid wood flooring on the ground floor is actually not standard equipment More often we will use tiles or marble So this greatly improves the texture of the living room Especially when we only use a small amount of furniture in the living room space The TV wall was only 8 feet long at first This means that our sofa set must be limited to a small space To solve this problem We extended the TV wall to the top of the stairs We used black solid wood strips on the TV wall The wooden slats are not just an extension of the TV wall It also separates the stairwell And all the switches in the living room are cleverly hidden inside This is my favorite area When you turn on the light You can see the fuzzy figure going up and down the stairs When turn off the light It's just a simple extension of the TV wall Bring a spacious atmosphere to the living room We also implemented a very special design in the stairwell We want the stairs to look like A tunnel to show a piece of art We kept the lime finish on the floor And coated with white epoxy Complements the walls and ceilings In order to create the feeling of a tunnel The blind spot under the stairwell now looks like from all angles A corner where artworks are displayed From this home We understand that every house does not necessarily need to be designed in a conventional way A black ceiling is not necessarily a bad idea The polygonal floor does not necessarily destroy the atmosphere of the house The original floor of the stairwell does not necessarily look rough Turning a blind spot into an art display corner may also make your home more individual Solid wood flooring can definitely be your choice Hiding the switch in a hidden space can also make your walls look neat and stylish If you want to see more videos Remember to subscribe to our channel Don't forget to turn on the little bell I’m Alex from Nu Infinity Thanks for watching

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