Creating A MORE MINIMAL Home – What Have I All Changed?

hello today i want to show you the before and 
after i moved in and the things that i have tried   out and that did not work in order to live minimal 
and comfortable at the same time and with the   things that really serve me and in the living room 
i wanted to have like this one hanging chair that   i could remove if i wanted to and that i could 
hang when i would have visitors or that i myself   could maybe sit on it when i wanted but i noticed 
that i'm not the biggest fan of hanging furniture   unfortunately i think the idea is amazing and it's 
so light and it looks so cozy and everything but   it was not the most comfortable thing for me and 
i'm looking if i can make someone else happy with   it i still really love the style and everything 
but the versatile furniture that i now have that   is foldable works a lot better for me and for all 
the purposes that i need to so i also changed this so even though i'm a minimalist and i also 
try to keep my life as simple as possible   sometimes especially with new situations like 
a new home i want to try some new things out   some new ideas or some thoughts that look good 
but sometimes it takes a couple of goes before   i arrive at where i want to be or when i have 
the things that i'm really happy with that are   functional and just suit my needs that is how 
life is it is a bit of trial and error and just   living that's the only way you can find things 
out i do try to avoid the endless changing and the   endless trying out but i also don't want to deny 
myself any growth any new experiences or even new   things if i feel like i want to try something out 
and especially if i have a new situation luckily i   bought a lot of things second hand and i will also 
try to find a new place for them or just donate it   but it is still a bit of trying to find a balance 
i do notice that when things get too complicated   that i just need to take it down and go back 
to simplicity again that always feels the best and first i had a shelf on the wall there but 
after a while i thought it was a bit too prominent   in the middle and because of the fact that my 
pets are in the living room and their stuff   and it started to feel a little bit heavy on me 
so i thought let's just move my other stuff away   if i would not have pets i would definitely 
keep the space with the beautiful dry flowers   because i think it does create so much feeling 
to have one thing that makes you happy it's a   good thing to enter your home but i already have 
my pets and their stuff so it's a little bit too   much for me now and the shelf was also a little 
bit too big maybe and i already have the other   one so i just might as well use that one it's a 
bit more on the side and it's bothering me less   and when i first moved here i had not really 
something to sit on except the hanging chair and i   noticed that i needed something to to work on like 
a table like a table for my laptop and a chair   so i attached this but then i noticed that it 
wasn't very comfortable and that actually the   piece of furniture that i now own as a chair and 
bed is very comfortable in that i rather sit there   with my laptop and work instead of this corner 
that i have made i do keep the shelf because   that's better with the internet modem and i also 
can put some stuff in there that i use on a daily   basis but the table i i detached from the wall 
and and got rid of it also i got rid of the chair i also changed some things in the kitchen   like this cutting board i thought that it was too 
much in the sight so i put it more on the side so in my bedroom i initially 
wanted to sleep in a hammock   and i still think that the idea is wonderful 
and i wish that i could sleep comfortable in   it but it did not work out that well for 
me so i was searching for another solution   and i now have this mattress and 
luckily that does work very well for me when i look at the things that i have removed 
i do feel a little bit bad not only because   the fact that it's extra stuff luckily i bought 
most of it second hand but especially because   aesthetically wise i think it's so beautiful and 
so gorgeous but it's just not working in this   space for me right now maybe if i would 
live bigger or if i would not have pets   i'm sure it would would have been a different 
story but for now it's just not working that   well unfortunately i still think the items are 
very beautiful but i will try to find someone   else who i can make happy with it so i hope 
you enjoyed the tour and the changes that i   made i appreciate you all so much thanks for 
watching and i hope to see you next time again

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