DIY Spray Foam Insulation – What You Need to know Before You Start

hey everyone and welcome back to the shop 
today i'll be using spray foam insulation on   the ceiling of the shed the big thing that 
i didn't know about spray foam insulation   is that the canisters need to be between 75 and 85 
degrees for your best results so with that in mind   i built this little hot box this is something that 
i'm not going to just turn on and walk away i'm   going to keep my eye on it you don't want the 
canisters to get too hot but at the same time   you definitely want to bring that temp up it's 
about 60 degrees here today and the other thing   is the surface that you're spraying should 
be around 70 degrees so i've got two electric   heaters they've been out here for a few hours 
warming up this space the system that i'm using   this is the tiger foam system it's pretty straight 
forward looks very easy to use of course we'll see   the hoses are color coordinated so you just attach 
each hose to the one that's indicated on the tank   or the box and it also comes with several tips 
you've got a cone-shaped tip and a fan shaped tip   and these tips are temperature sensitive so if 
they turn blue that means it's too cold stop   what you're doing and get the tanks warmed up this 
project is all about prep so make sure that you're   going to be able to move around easily this little 
hop box is on a dolly so i can just push it around   you're going to want to cover anything that you 
don't want to get spray foam on with plastic   and i'm using a tyvek suit a full 
respirator eye protection and rubber gloves   once the canisters are at the right temp 
give them a good shake for one to two minutes the canisters are plenty warm so i've 
turned off the heater and unplugged it   and with this system the red 
coated hose goes to the a canister once it's hand tightened i'll tighten it the 
rest of the way with the wrench that's provided i've got my suit on and all of my protective 
gear ready and now i'm turning the tanks on fully before i put the tip on i'll give 
it about a quarter of a squeeze   to make sure the material is coming out of both hoses i'm starting off with the fan tip and before i 
attach it to the gun i'll use a little petroleum   jelly around the connection to install it to 
the gun this little clip here fits like that and then you just pull it right around 
and it locks on the top of the gun oh my god another way to warm the tanks up is with a 
heating pad keep the tanks in the box and   put the heating pad inside the box the reason why 
i didn't do this is i only have one heating pad   and it was just easier for me to make a box 
out of some plywood that i had here in the shop okay well that went pretty smooth a 
bit of a learning curve but that's   pretty much how it is with everything the one 
thing i will say is definitely don't spray   or pull the trigger all the way when the tanks 
are full if you pull the trigger all the way   it's too much pressure you end up with a 
big mess i did call tiger foam technical   support just to make sure i'm giving you the 
right information and they confirmed it that   when the tanks are full just pull the trigger 
maybe a quarter to three-eighths of the way   and that will give you a nice even fan 
and by the time you saw me spraying   i had already pretty much figured that out as 
the tanks as the tank pressure goes down you'll   pull the trigger a little bit more it's one of 
those things you're just going to get a feel for   one thing you want to avoid is only spraying 
one component so as the tanks start to empty   inevitably one is going to empty before 
the other and you don't want to spray   just one component because it will not 
cure so as the tanks start to get lower   take the tip off of the gun and make sure that 
both components are coming out of the orange part   of the gun if only one component is coming out 
then put that to the side and start with a new kit   another big thing is prep this is all about prep 
work it's really easy to make a mess i didn't put   a drop cloth down on the floor i kind of wish 
i did it's not a big deal because it is a work   surface but it did take a little bit more time 
to clean up a few things that were just lying   around got the foam insulation on them and now 
they're kind of a mess and i'm talking about my   extension cord my broom things like that my shoes 
are a mess so when you get your tyvek suit get the   little booties that go with it otherwise you're 
going to ruin your shoes the tips for the gun   i think this kit came with eight tips five 
were the cone-shaped tips three were fan shaped   tips i only used the fan shaped tip i was wishing 
that they sent more i didn't run out but i was   a little concerned that i would while i was 
working uh also you don't have a lot of time   to once you pull the trigger and you're 
using a tip you don't have a lot of time   to do something else it's not like you can put the 
gun down and go get a cup of coffee i think you   only have maybe 30 seconds to a minute uh before 
the material will cure in the tip and you'll   have to replace the tip that's why they give you 
extra tips and the last thing i'm going to say is   that this stuff is really expensive i needed two 
kits for this project and each kit was about 550   so if you don't need to use it don't use it and 
just use traditional insulation the reason why   i used the spray foam insulation is because i 
didn't want to vent the roof it's a shed roof so   it's very difficult to vent and by spray foaming 
the insulation on that creates a vapor barrier and   you do not need to vent the roof then so it really 
comes down to what makes the most sense for your   project for the walls i'm going to use traditional 
insulation and then go over the insulation with   a drop cloth vapor barrier so i'm really happy 
with the way this turned out and i'm excited to   working on the next part of kind of updating 
and upgrading this barn and i'll be posting   another video next week so i hope you'll 
tune in for that and i'll see you then

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