EASY Ways To SIMPLIFY Your Life (+ tune into minimalism)

If you are feeling overwhelmed, if you are feeling 
anxious, cannot sleep, are feeling burnout or if   you just have too many thoughts in your head, one 
of the best things that you can do is to simplify.   Your mind, space or responsibilities 
might feel exhausting and cluttered.   Whenever I am feeling like this, one of the best 
things that I can do is to resort to minimalism. And that is exactly how I have 
been feeling these past weeks,   and that is what I needed to do, I needed 
to minimize and simplify things. So today,   I want to share with you some of the 
things that we can do to achieve this.
Let me give you a tiny bit of context: I 
have been having insomnia again, partially   because I cannot stop the flow of thoughts 
in my head, and I stay awake for long hours.   And on the next day, I just wake up later, 
feeling tired, already being hard on myself   for not waking up early enough, and over all I see 
a decrease in my capability of achieving things,   which then leads to more questioning and 
overthinking during the night.

And that is   why I think it is quite a vicious cycle.
I have also been bombarding myself with   different information, I have been doing 
some heavy research since I am trying   to figure out my next professional and 
personal steps, so I have been looking   at other countries and other future career paths.
That has led me to listen to a lot of experiences   and video references of other people. So overall, 
I have spent almost everyday with my phone   playing a video in the background, no matter 
what I was doing. Not only was I multitasking,   because I was listening to the videos or podcasts 
while doing other things, but I was constantly   reminding myself about the decision that I will 
inevitably have to encounter at some point.  And seriously my head just felt like a big mess 
of ideas, unfulfilled to-do lists, self criticism,   and overall just a cluttered space.
So when feeling like this, one thing   that we can do is to try to reduce 
decision fatigue as much as possible.  We have a limited attention span, that only allows 
us to pay attention and focus on a certain amount   of things.

But sometimes, we can feel overwhelmed 
when there is just too much going on in our heads.  So to diminish my decision fatigue, I 
basically tried to prevent myself from   constantly having to choose things. Since I 
was feeling overwhelmed, my to do list felt   unachievable. Instead of panicking, I 
decided to prevent myself from the fatigue   of constantly deciding what to do next.

For this, 
I allocated some specific tasks on specific days,   so that I could forget about them until it was 
time to complete them. Don’t you ever feel that   certain tasks are constantly and frequently 
in your head spiking your anxiety? Well this   certainly happens to me. That is partially why I 
like to write things down and make to-do lists,   so that I don’t have to go through the constant 
low key anxiety of uncompleted things in my head.  Other things that you can do to minimize decision 
fatigue are planning your meals ahead of time,   which is also a bonus if you are trying 
to be more intentional with food.  I also planned my outfits, super simple 
ones, let me tell you.

But that had a little   tiny effect on me, since I did not have to 
make that decision first thing in the morning.  I have heard many times that 
successful people like Steve Jobs   tried to minimize decision 
fatigue as much as possible,   since it allowed them to use their attention 
on more important things. And I feel that it   makes complete sense, taking into account 
that our attentional resources are limited. Now before we move to the next segment, make 
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My second point is to keep a simple schedule,   Simplify your complicated routines 
and prioritize your important tasks.  Sometimes we have days or even weeks where we 
just cannot do much. And when feeling anxious,   you can start to be unable to complete 
certain tasks or follow certain routines.  So one thing you can do is to take it easy. 
Simplify your routine as much as you can,   and don’t set super high expectations, 
on the contrary, be realistic.   Prioritize the really important tasks from 
the accessory, or less important tasks.

Focus   on the first ones. We all need to give 
ourselves a break from time to time. For instance, if for a couple days you cannot 
follow your workouts, or you are not eating super   healthily, don’t be harsh on yourself. Because 
that will probably create more self criticism,   and you will end up more overwhelmed. 
It is just becomes a vicious circle.  When dealing with routines or to-do lists 
on days like this, I like to remind myself   that I need to simplify things, to go back to 
the basics, and focus on the things that have   more priority. I am someone that overcomplicates 
things, and that is why, from time to time,   I have to put more intention and more 
effort into simplifying. So I take some   time to declutter my to-do lists and simplify my 
routines so that they have the minimum necessary   amount of things that I have to get done.
You can try this by making a super simple list   with only a couple items, which is something that 
I totally recommend.

Only writing a few things   down might make you feel less productive 
and you might fear not getting much done,   but in reality, if you overwhelm 
yourself by making a big list   then you won’t probably complete anything at 
all. So I think that it is better to focus   on only a couple things rather than 
not being able to do much at all.

  Another thing you can do, is to 
give yourself a break from thinking,   and put things on hold for some time.
I have a hard time making decisions,   just because I love to be informed and spend lots 
of time doing research. But the fact that I am   trying to gather as much information as possible 
can sometimes become overwhelming. Because,   to be honest, there’s no limit to the amount 
of information you can get about a topic,   especially when it comes to other people's 
personal experience.

So I think that setting   some healthy boundaries in this aspect can be 
good. And when dealing with overthinking or   before you make a big decision, one good thing you 
can do is to just give yourself some free days,   where you can just process the information, 
instead of stuffing yourself with more input.  Personally, I am not going to be searching 
for more information for a while,   until I can sort of digest all that 
I have read and listened to already.  Also I think that when making major decisions, you 
can actually use your gut feeling.

pexels photo 276583

I have learned,   during my studies in psychology, that the role 
that emotions play in decision making is crucial,   so I don’t know why we sometimes try to make such 
rational decisions, when we can instead allow my   gut feeling to guide us a bit. I was actually 
just trying to gather as much information as   possible to make my decision totally rational, 
but maybe I just have to let it rest for a bit   and wait some time. The same goes for searching 
for my next career path. Maybe putting this on   hold for a couple weeks will give me a bit of 
a break, and I will then be able to access all   of these decisions with a lot more clarity. 
Because as for me, I have enough information,   but I trick myself into thinking that I have 
to search for more stuff, just because I don’t   really want to make that decision, since it 
is so big and so, potentially, life-changing.  Of course, we cannot take a break from some 
things or decisions, but we can also allow   ourselves to take a break from others.

all depends on the personal circumstance.
  Now, another of my points is to 
take a break from social media  I feel that nowadays, social media can be a bit 
overwhelming. I personally feel overstimulated at   times, and when I am feeling sad I tend to resort 
to social media to escape my reality in a way. But   this just creates a loop because I tend to overuse 
it, and then I feel guilt, and consequently I   feel more overwhelmed. So, I try to make a big 
effort to disconnect myself from technology,   which helps me to stop the inflow of information. 
As you already know, I was listening to videos   and podcasts so much that I did not find time in 
silence! I was filling any gaps with more input.   And this leads me to my next point, which 
is to take some grounding time in solitude.  I think that nowadays we don’t allow ourselves to 
have proper time alone.

Some of us are spending a   lot more time than usual with our families, 
since we are in the same living space,   some of us are having online classes or maybe 
doing some research, studying and we sometimes   do not find a quiet time for ourselves. 
And the funny thing is, that most times,   whenever we actually find some time like this, 
we tend to fill it with more ideas, with the   decisions that we need to make, or our unfulfilled 
tasks. So even if we have time in solitude, it is   not a real silence, or a kind, calm and mindful 
time, but we are being chased by our thoughts.  If you are living with other people and also you 
are using a lot of technology, maybe you are not   getting enough time in solitude. And having 
some can allow you to think about yourself,   to be calm and to disconnect for a bit.
I have been really enjoying walking outside,   where I do not take my phone.

It is just me 
and the trees. It is quite nice and gives   me a bit of space and time of solitude, 
away from the stimuli and from my family.   I kind of suggest you find some time to do an 
activity that does not require electronics or   other people, and that helps you to be present.
I like the definition of stress as the pendulum   that moves through the past, present and future 
and is not centered and quiet in the present. I   understand that thinking about the future is 
important, and reflecting about the past is   as well, but lately I have been feeling that I am 
overthinking about the future, and I am not fully   enjoying the present. So going for a walk helps 
me to keep that pendulum a bit more quiet. You can   actually choose whatever grounds you, it can be 
painting, walking on nature, cooking, you name it.  Last but not least, one thing you can 
do is to put your thoughts on paper.  When my mind feels cluttered, writing things 
down always helps me to simplify my thoughts.   This also helps me to list down the really 
important things and to find out where they   stand in the hierarchy.

This is really powerful, 
because writing means that you have to digest your   thoughts and put them on paper. And most times my 
head is completely messy, but it becomes filtered   and tidied up when I write things down. That is 
definitely something that I always do when I am   feeling overwhelmed or stressed, or when my head 
cannot really stop thinking. I sometimes feel that   we are becoming more and more lazy to write, but 
it is something that our species has been doing   for a long time. I find it really terapehutic, but 
I know that some people find it time consuming.   If you do, maybe you can see it as an 
investment on yourself and your wellbeing.

  So yeah, overall, this week I am focusing on 
resetting things, I’m simplifying them, I’m just   trying to be present and to reduce anxiety a bit.

I do think that minimalism and simplifying is a   great tool for that. And if you are feeling 
any of this, I recommend you try it out.   I was also quite hesitant to use the word 
minimalism, because I have been trying to detach   myself from labels. But I think that today it is 
appropriate to use the term, since all I want to   do is find the essential things, and eliminate 
the excess, which is driving me a bit crazy.
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