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hi everyone we are back uh with another video you 
can see we're outside today and it's beautiful so   we thought we'd shoot outside uh this video is 
gonna be more informational and educational um   rather than uh funny or showing you uh what a day 
in our life is like uh so what we've discovered is   that there are some essential things that you need 
for living off-grid and some essential items that   are necessary um not necessarily for survival 
but to make your life off the grid a little bit   easier uh so we've got about 12 i think it's 12 
things that we have um that we're going to talk   about that we've found over the past few months of 
living off-grid uh that we've needed uh the first   one is this little uh handy tool here this is a 
fire starter um works like so you scrape it and it   and it starts to fire for you uh why this 
is useful is because it's it's uh it's not   something that matches so you don't have to worry 
about running out of matches it's not a lighter   that runs on propane fuel or butane or anything 
like that um or on some inner mechanism it's just   straight friction so this is really useful um and 
we'll leave the link in the description down below   all right my number one essential item on this 
homestead right now is hands down a headlamp   i realized the very first uh week we got here 
that the days are really short being that we're   in the northern climates and a headlamp is very 
essential because you're always running outside   uh to do something or you are outside just doing 
something and it's dark from uh eight o'clock   in the morning and it gets dark at six o'clock at 
night i would recommend getting one of these it's   charged via usb so you just twist 
this off which is pretty quick cool   and um you just plug in the usb here and it's got 
uh three different settings i believe on this one   um so we'll leave a link in the 
description above for this one as well   your next item is a stove fan this is something 
uh that you can get i will leave the description   of the link below but you have one one kind 
and we have two kinds so we have two stuff we   have three stove fans actually but these are 
two of the kinds the two of the most common   kinds that i've seen you can get and why those 
are important is because when you live off grid   you are run by wood heat most people are run by 
wood heat some people run heat lamps and what not   but most people when they're off grid they're 
run by wood heat so in order to spread   that heat around as much as possible you want 
something a tool that you can use to be able to   put the heat around the place and spread the air 
faster through your through your home which most   off-grid homes are going to be log houses uh so 
that's something that we found um now obviously   it's really nice and we don't have our stoves 
going so that's a plus we don't need the stove   fans anymore but during the winter snow fans are 
an absolute necessity one thing i'd like to touch   on these stove fans is they don't use any power 
at all so when you set it on this the heat will   work its way through the unit itself and then 
generate heat or generally generate electricity um   to propel the fan just based on heat i think it's 
like uh 200 or 300 degrees that it starts spinning   and then the hotter it is the faster the spin 
so yeah like kimberly said these are very useful   especially in the winter yes now my uh next uh 
item on this uh ticket here is a utv or an atv   and uh i would go as far as also like a 
snowmobile also just seeing the locals   around here they use them quite often in the 
winter um but a one of the two there a utv or   an atv i find is incredibly helpful depending on 
how big your homestead is now if you have one acre   i don't think you're really gonna need one but 
if you have five or more i would say it's almost   essential just to haul wood around uh today i was 
moving around some sawdust bales propane tanks   i was driving down the driveway filling in some 
potholes that the river has made so it really   makes your life easier on the homestead and now 
also coming up in the spring we're gonna need   to load up the utv with um all the plants that 
we're putting down in the uh garden down at the   bottom all the shovels all the tools that you need 
music of course gotta make sure you get that but   oh yeah for wood hauling as well um and that's 
what a lot of the locals use a snowmobile for   here is in the winter because some prefer to 
cut in the winter uh and they just have a little   sleigh that they attach onto the snowmobile and 
then they just go packwood down in the winter   your next item or our next item on our list 
is a knife now this is a little short utility   knife something that i'm going to stress here 
is that you want a knife that is something   that can uh is a utility knife and it's not 
something that's a fancy knife that's only used   for cutting one or two things uh this is a knife 
it's it does it doesn't have a serrated blade so   it is uh it is not as sharp as some of the the 
ones that have serrated blades uh it's a smooth   one rather but it's very very sharp still and it 
can be used for a variety of things if you have to   use it for hunting you have to use it i could use 
this i could take this into the kitchen and use it   for cutting vegetables or for cutting fruits or 
anything so that's what i mean by utility knife   you want a knife that serves a dual purpose or 
perhaps a triple purpose or a quadruple purpose   because you don't want something that is only 
meant for one purpose and one purpose only when   you live off grid and you're limited as to 
what you can get for your for your supplies   so i'd say that this this would be something 
that would be really important to have   and a good quality of knife as well because you 
don't want your knife breaking when you are on a   remote property or when you're in a remote area 
and you don't have something that is uh that is   replaceable quite as easily you want to make 
sure you have something that's good quality so   that that would be the next essential for off 
grid speaking of braking pass me that knife   if it ever does break this brings me to my next 
point on the list is you're gonna need a backup   so the way i worded this on our list yes we 
are professional today and we have paperwork   so uh yeah i figured out real quick out here that 
you need um doubles of everything so the one day   uh we our water heater uh one of the joints 
came apart and started leaking and i didn't   have a stuttering yeah everywhere and i 
didn't have a soldering iron on me and uh   i it was i think late at night or something 
late at night so we didn't want to bother   the locals looking for a soldering iron and 
we had no hot water there for i don't know   12 hours 18 hours i can't remember what it 
was and the previous owner they did leave   other hot water heaters on the property however 
they seem to just be parts and none of them are   functional so we ended up buying our own or a 
brand new one so that in the event that this   one ever does go kaputs and we can't use it at all 
it's just basically a swap it or swap the one out   with the other one and you're good to go and that 
goes with many other things that you need here   such as a chainsaw you almost need 
two um the other day i had my oiler go   on the chainsaw and luckily one of the neighbors 
had two with blown out motors and i was able to   swap parts out of the other one and get it up and 
running without having to head to town just to   get a seven dollar piece and it would have cost 
me probably 100 bucks in gas just to get there so on that topic of the chainsaw before i pass 
it back to kimberly here um if you want to see   a video on the oiler i'll leave a link up here so 
you can click on that and check out how we swap a   or how i swap out a 460 boiler for it in a 450 
husqvarna so now it's your turn perfect okay the   other thing that we found really useful um here on 
our off-grid property um we do have a lot of land   um it's not that we are necessarily that far apart 
all the time but we do have a lot of land that   we have to cover um and i'm usually inside doing 
something or other whether it's working teaching   cooking cleaning doing whatever and andre's 
usually outside he'll usually be outside doing   chores or working the land or chopping wood or 
whatever he does out here that's useful that   keeps this place running uh for which i'm very 
grateful but one thing that we found uh is that   i can't just uh text him because we don't have 
cell phones or scream outside because sometimes   i'm way too far yeah or i can't scream outside 
it's so so what we have here is two-way radios   i have one here with me uh simply because i had 
it he actually has the other one on him so we'll   keep these with us at all times when he's when 
we're separated so that if i'm in the house and   he needs help with something or if he's outside 
and he needs my help with something or if there's   something that needs to be said between the two of 
us in case of an emergency that's always so useful   as well if i look out the window and i see a bear 
coming up the hill and i know andre's in the shop   and he's tinkering with whatever then i'm not 
just gonna stay quiet i'm also not gonna scream   out the door that there's a bear so these are 
really useful um in a lot of ways i find that   it's been really useful since we've been here it's 
just again not something that you have to have   but we view it as an essential because it makes 
our life a lot easier um and i don't have to run   outside and andrew doesn't have to run inside all 
the time and kimberly's not screaming at me when i   come inside with dirty boots and i don't take them 
off so it's easy to radio kimberly and be like hey   is this inside the house if so bring it outside i 
don't yell at you about dirty boots what are you   talking about that's why the roomba's always 
running yeah that's not an off-grid essential   now the next thing i'd like to touch on is 
an actual chainsaw or an ax that's pretty   straightforward kind of a no-brainer and you 
don't want to get a cheap one you want to get   something that's decent and that'll last you a 
long time also you'd like to get multiple chains   possibly uh and have them sharpened all the time 
so that way if you're going to have like a week   that you're going to be just hacking up wood you 
don't want to sit there and waste a half hour   or whatever it is so sharpening your chains you 
can just swap one out or say you're out somewhere   chopping wood and your chain just goes dull and 
you don't want to come back because you only have   half a load it's easy just to swa swap out your 
chain out there and an axe also i would recommend   not just a little hatchet and you don't want 
something too big so something like a little trail   axe would be perfect just so that when you're out 
and about you can just uh pluck off branches um   just to make your life easier when you're bringing 
it back onto the property to stock it so yeah   the the next thing that i would like to talk about 
that we've discovered since the snow has melted   for the most part we do still have some snow but 
since the snow has melted and even when the snow's   here actually something that's really really 
useful is rubber boots i highly highly suggest i   am wearing them as well um but something i highly 
suggest would be rubber boots um just because it's   not practical for you to get uh fancy winter boots 
uh something like uggs will not survive out here   it's just not gonna happen so invest in a really 
good pair of quality rubber boots um i actually   andre has really good ones i have really good ones 
as well uh that was something that we definitely   spent more money on than maybe most people 
wouldn't because most people would be like   oh they're just rubber boots whatever uh but i do 
think that it's important to have a high quality   uh rubber and i think yours are actually 
steel toed aren't they yeah they're just   they're a composite yes and they're good 
for minus 40 uh degrees and uh yeah they   got the green green sticker and all that fancy 
standards yes mine are not quite that fancy   but they are very high quality rubber boots uh 
they're super comfortable but i cannot stress   the importance enough of rubber boots on an 
off-grid property when you have snow drifts   that are you know potentially a foot to a foot 
and a half deep we get about two to two and a half   up here um in the deeper spots or uh when it's 
muddy as it is now as everything is drying out   all the snow's melting and there's so much water 
everywhere and there's mud everywhere so rubber   boots are super useful uh definitely something 
that we'd recommend as an absolute essential   for an off-grid property uh my next thing on 
the list would be uh either knowledge to be   living somewhere where you have to be self-reliant 
or books excuse me i would not recommend internet   because internet can always go down so if you 
don't have the knowledge um on a certain topic   then your best to buy some books and i'll 
go through a couple right now that i have   and the first one i have right now is uh 
bushcraft which is a book that teaches you   how to build different um tools also teaches you 
how to use rope different ways different knots   what else would be different ways to build a fire 
uh say you're lost somewhere and you need to build   one with just by rubbing wood it gives you the 
know-how on there as well and the different   types of wood which is perfect the next one i i'd 
like to like really hit on this one that people   don't think of too much is first aid and this one 
here tells you say you're on a hike and someone   sprains an ankle how you can make say crutches 
or they break a bone how you can make a splint reaction to a certain type of plant that they rubbed up on when they're 
out here i'll tell you what uh to do if it's   poisonous if it's not poisonous so this one is 
very important uh the next one that i'd like to uh   uh i got personally for me because now we got a 
different truck and uh diesel engines are a lot   different than uh gas engines and yeah there's 
mechanics up here but i'm one of those stubborn   ones that like to figure things out on my own 
so i got a diesel uh engines troubleshooting   and repairing um book so that if i'm ever in a 
pickle that i can kind of skim through this and   figure it out and another one is because you do 
how like this would even be good for people in   the city just living day-to-day instead of 
taking your tools somewhere to get fixed um   you can just uh kind of skim through this 
book and now this one is a small engines   outdoor power equipment book so you got your 
whipper snippers your lawn mowers your chainsaws   how different engines function two-stroke 
four-stroke um compressors uh pressure washers   so it's always good to uh how like uh have 
something like this because uh what was it   that was not working right oh the snowblower 
wasn't working yes we brought the snowblower   up here from picking uh it up from the dealer and 
it wouldn't fire up brand new right out of the box   and so we brought i thought it was a spark plug 
just the way it was backfiring but i didn't know   exactly so i brought over one of the mechanics and 
sure enough he pulled out the spark plug looked   at it it was cake black we put a new spark plug 
in and it fired back up so if i had this right   off the bat which i just got probably last week 
or the week before um i wouldn't have probably   had to call them so small engine repair is a 
great uh essential book in my opinion out here   it's essential for you to have knowledge and stuff 
too right i mean it's important to be able to   to know what you're doing uh not have to rely on 
someone who is perhaps six hours away yeah like so   if you haven't done gardening so i would recommend 
getting one on gardening how to germinate seeds uh   being that i've done that in the past i kind of uh 
have a store back in the filing cabinet somewhere   in the filing cabinet yeah so the last thing 
for me that i wanted to talk about was going   to be this right here this is a cast iron pot a 
cast iron pan um you can get these uh anywhere um   they're not super hard to find they are rather 
expensive um if you're getting good quality ones   and the reason for that is because they last so 
long they're much higher quality than your regular   pots and pans um people could say oh well you know 
you could just get regular pots and pans if you're   living off-grid of course you can but this is a 
better alternative simply because it's healthier   for you it's not releasing all of the all of the 
same uh bpas and toxins and stuff that are in   aluminum and uh and other pans you might be 
working with that are not as high of a material   one thing with cast iron is you actually don't 
have to wash it as much there are certain ways   of taking care of it and of course we want to 
make sure that we're making our things last as   long as possible but when you have one cast iron 
pan or one cast iron pot you really only need   one because they do such a great job and i would 
rather have one pan that's super reliable that i   can count on when i'm in the kitchen cooking 
uh rather than an aluminum pan or steel pan   that's getting burnt or something like 
that so this is definitely a must cast   iron cookware if you're living off grid i i as 
someone who's experienced who has experienced   that that in the kitchen i would say that this 
is a must for people who are a little bit awkward   i'm glad you're happy with 
your frying pan i am watch out   speaking of that now that she's threatening 
me i the next my final thing on the list is uh   protection so protection um comes in many forms uh 
protection and security i would say so uh i'm not   gonna give you a show and tell on that uh however 
i would say the top thing you would probably need   is um some sort of uh protection for the land so 
be it dogs we have two of them and something that   you can defend the property with so it could be 
either a pistol a shotgun a compound bow crossbow   any of those items i would uh think would suffice 
some many people up here are have one if not five   or ten of them exactly for seven different forms 
yeah exactly so there's always different forms   another thing i really found that was um 
useful out here especially when say the   dogs are somewhere else on the property at night 
and uh not in a certain location that i uh they   need to like say at the chicken coop and they're 
sniffing around at the bottom of the driveway   motion sensor lights that way when you're sitting 
in the house and you see these lights go off you   know something's out there that way the dogs don't 
uh have to alert you say that they're sleeping in   the middle of night and this thing's on the other 
property just like the grizzly bear that was here   with the previous owner yeah he didn't have any 
lights or anything but i'm sure if he had a motion   sensor light and listen to his dogs he would 
have been five or six chickens would be fine yeah that is something that's really important 
yeah absolutely so um that is the end of   our list i think that we are going through yeah 
that's everything uh that we would say uh if you   guys have any comments or you have any suggestions 
uh you have any ideas that you think would be also   be helpful upgrade feel free to leave a comment in 
the in the comment section down below we'd love to   hear um if you think that maybe we've missed 
something or maybe that you have some ideas   about what you think is essential for off grid 
so looking forward to hearing from you try later you

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