Extreme Minimalist Money Mindset

Hello friends, this is Youheum. I used to feel shameful about making money and felt fearful of finances. Today I will be sharing the tools I use to overcome my blocks and scarcity mindset. It may come to surprise that I embrace money as a Minimalist. It is true that I don't praise material abundance but I do appreciate the power of spiritual and emotional abundance. If you are currently taking a different path in your career, money management, and financial flow, feel free to share your journey with us. It is okay to have contrast and I accept you no matter what. For me, Minimalism is the practice of focusing on what is nourishing and money can assist me in cultivating nourishment, joy, and happiness. But I don't welcome the flow of money for the sake of accumulation. I use money intentionally to covert it into experiences, connections, and nourishment. So the money is never the ultimate goal in my life. It's the potential the money has that interests me. Before I started on my practice of Minimalism, Mindfulness, and Self-love, I was overwhelmed with financial dealings.

I spent money mindlessly without having a clear intention. Some of you already know that I was a shopaholic five years ago. And I will soon update you on my before and after transition. I hated those who made more money than me. I hated myself for not being able to let go my jealousy and resistance against those whom I considered privileged, ungrateful, and sneaky.

And the two main struggles that I dealt with were negativity towards abundance which manifested in the form of hatred towards money and I was also blaming those who had more, and also blaming Capitalism and Consumerism. Also justifying my financial instability by demonizing money and those who cultivate wealth. My second struggle was anxiety. Which was my fear of being conscious about my vulnerability. I felt insecure about my inner potential and I wasn't feeling deserving of good things. I was constantly feeling like I was a victim. l will share the resources including the books I read to embrace abundance and to cultivate a positive relationship with money towards the end of this video.

If you are currently struggling with financial blocks, be sure to share with me in the comments below. Let me know if you ever fought with someone maybe your family or partner over money. Have you ever struggled with feeling scarce, unsupported, and vulnerable financially? I would love to know what you have been through or are currently dealing with. Scarcity-mindset is feeling like I never have enough. Never enough clothes, money, friends, or never enough emotional stability. Which led me to material possessiveness and obsession to compensate for my emotional insecurities. But I continued to ignore it because I didn't want to face reality and I didn't believe I had the inner strength to rise above my struggles. When I finally started to cultivate more self-awareness, I realized that I needed to figure out my budget, my financial goal, and most importantly, I needed to figure out how I am going to make a living doing what I love.

Because I didn't want to sacrifice the present moment and my happiness for the sake of accumulating money. I uncovered that I wanted to be exactly the kind of person that I hated the most. I wanted to become a freelancer, digital nomad, and content creator using my creativity to create shareable resources. The reason why hated people with freedom, money, and influence was because I believed that I could never be like that. I initially hated the idea of making money from ads, sponsorships, marketing, branding, and through external looks and aesthetics only because I wasn't ready to go through the hard work, effort, and consistency required to succeed in this field. So I started listening to Abraham Hicks and read their book Money and The Law of Attraction. Abundance mindset is the acceptance of infinite source of success to share with others through co-existence and co-creation. The biggest takeaway I got from Abraham is shedding any notion of destructive competition and hierarchy. I continue to invest in financial awareness because I am not perfect.

I still experience emotional blocks. I recently read Tosha Silver's book It's Not Your Money and I also love motivational speakers like Gary Vee and the author of The Millionaire Mind, Thomas Stanley. I continue to recommend The Dark Side of The Light Chasers by Debbie Ford. At this moment, I embrace money even with the dark sides attached and even if I know that there are those who accumulate money through inefficient, unsustainable, and unethical methods. It matters not to me what others are doing with their own resources. It only matters that I try my best to utilize my time, space, energy, and money with intention and mindfulness for the purpose of co-existence. I have felt vulnerable to accept the self created contradiction of living as a Minimalist while embracing abundance. I accept the fact that I have to rise above Consumerism as a Minimalist by utilizing a part of the system to better myself and to better the lives of other living beings. If you are currently struggling, it's okay to take it slow. It's okay still feel blocks. I am here to support you.

I hope that we can all walk the path of co-existence and utilize money as another form of resource to build communities, to spread compassion, and love. I also offer you a free guided meditation on abundance, which you can find in my Patreon page. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks again for joining me my friends. I hope to see you again soon..

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