Family Builds Beautiful TINY HOUSE Homestead on Their Farm

This week's video is brought to you
by Humless solar power on the go. Hey guys, are you ready for another
tiny house video tour? Well, today I'm going to show you the
inside of the stunning tiny house, which is parked on a homestead run
by a family with two young children. The inside is simply gorgeous. I
think you guys are gonna love it. So without further ado,
let's go take a tour. I'm Tessa Chittle and this is my son
Ava Chittle and my daughter Ada Lee Chittle. And this is
our tiny house farm stay. Our tiny house is located on six acres
of property outside of Harbor Washington. And here on the property we have about
three acres of forest and three acres of open space that house
our vegetable garden, our goat pastures. Right now we have nine goats
and we have about 20 chickens, two Muskogee ducks, two runner, baby
runner ducks that follow us all around. And two bunnies in a bunny
tractor down in our food forest.

We decided to build a tiny house after
my daughter was born and we were trying to figure out a way that I could kind
of explore my passions as a mom and as a homesteader and sharing that message of
bold living and alternative living with others. This is our main living
space. Um, the living room, kitchen and dining room. So
here's the sitting space. This is actually a seven
foot long storage couch, so it fits quite a few people and it also
folds out into a bed pretty much for a single adult, but maybe two kiddos
if they want to scratch on there.

So this is a great space or sitting, taking a view out our French
doors out to our flower garden, watching the chickens
and just being inspired, whether it be for writing
or reading or just relaxing. And there's also full storage under
the entire thing for extra blankets and pillows and things like that. We also have an array of
magazines and children's toys. Um, depending on who the visitors are
that we have here at the farmstay, we have a nice little cozy
fireplace. The Dickinson model. We also have a backup heat source. If people don't want to
bother with the fireplace. We have an electric heater that
really heats up the space well Here is our kitchen space. It was very important to me
when I was designing kitchen.

That's really important to me that the
kitchen space be a place that people can cook and enjoy the harvest from the
homestead and bring it back to their tiny house and make a delicious
meal if they so choose. I've had these since I think
college or something. Um, these little magnetic things and
they just worked perfectly here.

So this allows people to make a meal
here with lots of different flavorings. Whenever we have fresh herbs, we put
those in little jars for people as well. And then of course I had to have my
large farmhouse sink with the big window looking back into the forest So these shelves were really important
to me when I bought them because we originally wanted to paint this entire
house white. That was my vision. But when we put this beautiful Cedar
on the walls, everybody was like, don't paint it. So pretty. So I decided to bring in kind of the
glam and the lightness with other things. For example, these marble shelves with the gold
brackets as well as most of the light fixtures are a little glam.

A lot of them are gold and
kind of fancy from Etsy. I originally had wanted a full size
fridge because I wanted this kitchen to be fully functional and have space for
lots of produce from the farm. Um, but when the reality hit of space, we realized we really wanted this long
counter space for food preparation. And when you have a full size fridge,
you don't get that counter space. So we went with an undercounter fridge
and I found one by Danby that kind of has the vintage look to it.

And we had
someone stay here for three months. They put all their food in
here and they were fine. We also have extra space in our garage
for guests if they need freezer space or fridge space for something. Um, but since a lot of the
food is fresh on the farm, you don't have to store it in a fridge.
You can pick it every day if you'd like. I had been thinking about the
design of my tiny house for years. I grew up in various small dwellings, one of which was a tiny one room cabin
one was a school bus that had been renovated.


So I'd had a lot of experience with
tiny living as a child before it was, you know, trendy and hip
and all that kind of stuff. So a lot of my design came from kind
of experience I had with that when I watched all the tiny
house shows. I was like, where do people gather? We gather
around our farm tables so much. So these little fold-out
farm tables weren't going to
work for kind of my family or would I envision families doing here
when they came for a visit. So, um, we came up with this very long,
narrow farm table design. Um, and then behind it we have a bench that
is full of storage and that's where our wheel wells are. When you want to have a bit
bigger of a dinner party, you can fold out this which what's
in there also it's full of games. If you want to have a game night.

You can't just have people
sitting on one side of the table. So this rolls over and allows you to
have someone sitting on the other side. So with the loft, most important
to me was child safety. Considering I had two children, myself and lots of people coming out to
the farm day that would have children. So we went with a full wall that closes
off the lock from the rest of the space.

And this also provides a lot of privacy. It really makes it feel like its own
full bedroom up there rather than just a place to sleep up above
the rest of the house. And then we also put in this slat railing, which serves as something to hold onto
for anybody coming down the stairs. Since the stairs are a little steep So this is the loft space.

There's a queen size bed up here with a
beautiful view of the homestead out this window and again, the
forest out the back window. We also have this cute
little reading nook, which is one of our favorite places to
sit and read and cuddle and look out at the homestead. It can serve as a single futon for a
child who likes to sleep next to their parents or even in other
adults if they want to. We have plenty of hanging space here
for at least one person in the family. I found this long basket at Goodwill, which takes advantage of the full length
of the stairs. It's actually very deep, so it's nice to have a basket, otherwise it's hard to
reach the stuff in the back. We also put in this little nautical light
to make it kind of feel like a little boat cabin and to bring a little
bit of the Harbor vibe. So we're going to enter the bathroom
and there's an Aza in there. Oh, she's demonstrating the toilet, demonstrating the nature's
head toilet composting toilet. You may need a little bathroom
shelf that holds the toilet paper, just using some wood that's
stained and plumbing.

Things from Home Depot. I designed this little shelf and my
husband built it for me from my vision. So it opens like that and then
this becomes your counter space. You can put your bathroom bag,
your makeup, your whatever
you do in the morning. I don't do much in the
morning. I know some people do. So you have all your products out there
and when you're done you can put them away. Then you kind of just
have whatever you want seen out. So it gives you some hidden storage
as well as that nice counter space. And then I found this little mirror at
an antique store here in Harbor. If you want to get up close
and personal with your face.

We have a tiny little sink that
I searched for for a long time. I think it ended up
finding that one on Amazon has to be a full size. I think
it's 32 by 32 inch shower in there. I had wanted a tub for families, but we have a little baby bathtub that
we bring out and people have kids and we also have the old fashioned tub for
outside for kids to play in in the summer. So this is the downstairs private bedroom
and you can see there is a bed here, um, which I'm going to demonstrate
folding up. So it's pretty easy. I can even do it with the baby on me. It's grab underneath and hold it up into there.

And then you just click
the legs close to secure it like that and this space becomes your yoga space. The reason we kind of wanted a tiny house
to be located on a homestead like this was just so people could come out and
get whatever level of taste of this type of living they want. So they might
just be looking at it from afar, or they may be getting more involved
in coming out to do an animal feeding, or maybe they want to do a more in depth
class here where they're doing some gardening or some canning or some
cooking or other projects around the homestead. One of the reasons we became homesteaders
is because we wanted to have more community around us and kind of have
that more communal living fields. It actually has really made our lives
much more enjoyable and fun to share this space and the homestead with others. Thanks for tuning in this week. Make sure to hit that subscribe button
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