Framing Walls on our Addition | Couple Building House Off Grid

almost died good morning guys welcome back to our 
off-grid debt-free homestead here in north idaho   we are going to be making some major changes to 
our build here today something that's actually   going to make it look different this is our 
addition right here that connects the cabin to the   garage and this right here is a pile of sticks 
of gold man lumber is still really expensive   this right here is a thousand dollars worth of 
lumber so let's get started building some walls finally found a little oasis off 
the map no reservations got this make the clouds disappear for every day that we've got all of the studs nailed in at the top 
now we're going back and we're doing all the   bottoms we've gotten a lot of new subscribers so i 
want to say thank you very much for subscribing to   our channel and if you haven't yet subscribed go 
ahead hit that subscribe button we'll make videos   twice a week for you documenting the whole process 
of building our off-grid homestead from scratch in   north idaho so we're totally off grid here and 
right now our system is making about 1900 watts   we're gonna put a header in this 14 foot wall 
that we have here we think that we would like to   have a window but after we get it up there we're 
gonna see if we actually like the way it looks   from the outside or not it'll be easy to cover 
it over later what happened there i don't know all right oh man am i so stupid or what 
these are supposed to be two by eights   this one is supposed to be a two by 
six take a look around the other side yeah rookie move number 999 thousand 
uh why see if we can get this thing   apart now that was a beautiful 
hitter too look at him and it's   like square and everything it's 
all flush and lined up perfectly did you guys see that mistake while i was 
building it and didn't tell me let me know   down in the comments below if you saw my mistake   before i stuck it up there in the 
wall all right let's try it again now that's a lot better perfect though   right here is going to be a bench and a place to 
hang coats as you come in from the garage put in a   window right here just to get some extra light in 
here it's going to be a two by three window when   we're done and we get it sheathed if it looks 
silly then we'll just sheath right over it and   pretend there's not even a window there all 
right so what do we need here um 44 and a   quarter minus an inch and a half for most of our 
build we use the ryobi skill saw worked great   but this guy right here we just started using it 
and it works so much better except you got this   long cord which is kind of a pain sometimes if we 
had a really nice battery operated skill so we'd   probably use that instead but for right now this 
one's working great and it's powered by the sun   down there hoping you don't drop something 
on me gotta put the top plate on now it's perfect now we just gotta 
nail it off and this wall is   complete except for the blocking but we'll put 
the block in later when we put the floor joists   in for the hallway up here this is a huge 
wall you guys almost 14 feet yep 13 feet 5 inches got to get this trim off here so we can 
see where the rough cut for the door is   so we can build the hallway wall and guys we're 
going to repurpose this door with a nice window   in it i thought it'd be really cool so you 
could see out in the garage from the hallway   you guys reminded us that that is actually not 
not a safe thing to do because if you have a   fire in the garage you want a solid door here to 
protect your house from catching on fire this is header all the way across that'll support 
the floor joists for the hallway and right   now we're going to start building another wall 
but we got some extra help yep from who from me   oh okay thank you very much how are you doing 
down there you look like you're relaxing in the   shade part shade part non-shade yeah i'm ready 
to do this though this is gonna be an easy wall   too because there's no headers it 
should be very simple only three cuts all right how many do we need one 
two three four six eight nine ten there's no better day it's time to get away little sounds   all right let's plumb this one here all 
right needs to come over a little bit more   okay that's great that way we'll know where the floor joists go easy another trick when you're nailing your double top 
plate down or you're nailing the bottom plate to   the floor always nail right above the stud not 
out here in the middle because if you have to   drill a hole through here for some reason like 
for plumbing you won't have a nail in the way   because you're probably not going to be drilling 
a hole right here where your studs are another   morning in here on the homestead guys and it is a 
little chilly today jules is in her sweater yeah   what was it today 40 something i think it was 45 
it's pretty chilly 45 it is mid-july but this is   how it's supposed to be guys we're not supposed 
to have that super hot heat wave where you wake up   you know and it's like 65 degrees when you wake up 
in the morning but it will be hot later so we'll   be sweating and all of that come a couple hours 
down the road or so you've been with me all along and you've been holding on for so so let's address the concern that some of you guys 
have you see here this is our skill saw and you   notice this screw right here and this safety guard 
right if you take the screw out of course then the   safety guard closes and you can't accidentally cut 
yourself right but you always see me using it like   this that's not the safest way to use it but it is 
the easiest way for me to use it when you're going   to cut something and that guard thing gets caught 
on ed and you got to like push extra hard so   i do this it's not recommended that anybody else 
do it so if you see something in one of our videos   that we're doing that you think is unsafe or they 
could be potentially unsafe i highly recommend   that you do not do that you do what's best for you 
guess what huh safety sally's keeping an ear out   she's right there oh safety salad there you are 
she's paying attention yep she's paying attention   guys so i know you guys comment about that a 
lot that's why i do it and that's why i don't   recommend you do it i'll never fully know how 
deep your heart can go or the beauty of your soul one important lesson that we have 
learned along the way is to measure twice   and cut once especially on expensive lumber 141 
and 7 8.

pexels photo 6113422

Double check 141 and 7 8. safe to cut   i met you i think i met myself i don't ever want 
to be with anyone else we got the kind of story   that the stories would tell different than i've 
ever felt and i know we've got our whole lives   no indignance inside darth is today see that 
doorway that doorway needs to get into this wall   right here which means we gotta lay some floor 
joists and some decking get a floor up there so   we can tie in the roof up here all right so let's 
cruise on in and check out what we've got so far   come up here out of the garage into a 12 foot 
long hallway it is four feet wide right here is   kind of a little mudroom area there's a two by 
three window there'll be hooks for coats and a   bench down here below where you can sit and take 
off your shoes and things like that when it's   wet and muddy and stuff then let's come right 
over here in this kind of cubby hole right here   is actually going to be the well 
tank it'll be right here and then   right here is a pretty large closet this is a 72 
inch opening it is three feet deep the tankless   hot water heater will go right here and here will 
be a stackable washer dryer then we come across   the hallway here and this is another closet it's 
two feet deep with a 72 inch opening here just for   storing whatever you need to store in a closet 
right here this little closet is actually for a   furnace sometime in the future we may want to put 
a furnace in here this is the spot for it it's 28   inch opening and this is probably what's 28 plus 
six i don't know whatever that is that's how wide   it is come this way through the wall because we 
don't have a door yet but there will be a door   right here this will be the master bedroom right 
on the other side of this wall so the door will   open and you'll come into the master bathroom 
right here will be a one foot closet one foot   up to the ceiling for towels and toilet paper 
and stuff like that then there will be a 48 inch   vanity and then the 36 inch space for where the 
toilet's gonna go and then a three by six shower   right here and we're not gonna buy like one of 
those fiberglass showers we want to build this   ourselves out of tile have a full glass front one 
shower head here one shower head here so how do we   how well you get any tips on how we can build this 
shower ourselves with tile and stuff like that i'm   sure there's a way to do it we don't know how to 
do it we've never done that before but that's the   plan and then right here we've got this really 
big window this is a three by five window in the   bathroom we may have to like frost it or something 
but it's to let a lot of light into the bathroom   and while you're in the bathroom i guess you could 
take a view at the garden and the mountains on the   other side there so the next thing we have to do 
is put the floor joists in and the deck in for   the upstairs which is going to tie the loft into 
the apartment one really nice thing about this   particular project is it doesn't take a whole lot 
of lumber to get it done that's kind of because we   have a bunch left over from before but guys lumber 
prices have come down these guys right here these   sheets of osb they're actually ten dollars 
cheaper today than they were just last week solar's doing good today guys we're going to 
be running everything off the power of the sun   141 and a half and 142 and a quarter so yes 
there is a slight variance in our wall it's not   100 square but we did build those two buildings 
completely separate a year apart and over oh about   a 10 foot span we're only what three quarters of 
an inch difference i think that's pretty good the   chickens have found a great thing for our moon 
dust she's having a dust bath you're so cute we're gonna go ahead and just cut two for 
now and go test them that way if we cut them   wrong we only cut two wrong instead of ten 
of them all right so these guys right here   are for our rim joists basically for our floor 
joists we're laying out our floor joists at 16   inches on center the x shows which side of 
the mark the floor joist actually goes on   so what we'll do is we'll end up drawing 
a line right here and then we'll line up   the floor joist right on that line and you 
see here 16 says three quarters of an inch   16 inch and a half brings you over to here so 
our floor joist is going to fit right in here   and that way it's 16 inches on center 16 come 
back three quarters of an inch after we mark   one we go back and we just transfer the line 
across both of them so that then when they're   spread out they're going to be spread out about 10 
feet apart then you know exactly where your floor   joists or your studs if this was going to be a 
wall fit exactly even though they're far apart let's get up high guys that's good we measured right we got to lay 
up the two end floor jaws and a pro tip for   you guys don't ever stand on top of the ladder 
it's really dangerous let me show you what jules   is doing like that jules is demonstrating how 
to not use a ladder why are you telling on me   your tattletail it's just a little 
public service announcement right just   for demonstration purposes only of course air 
compressors running from the power of the sun might be overkill but we're gonna use some of 
these ledger lock screws we just happen to have   some extras we're gonna go ahead and put 
some of them in there to actually help   hold that wall from being able to get pushed out see it through i haven't got my uh a joist legs on yet 
all right let's go nail this side in   then we'll be ready to rock i know the skies man you guys are strong you guys lift it 
up and i'll grab it and pull it up sorry   i can't film you guys doing it with my hands 
holding it you guys get the idea though right   we got to measure this section right here 
so we can cut the osb to the proper length okay ready i'm gonna toss it to 
you ready catch it don't drop it thank you dad says stop messing around almighty almost died how's your heartbeat 
right now all right let's put this in imagine all you can do wow yeah i love it how about you huh how you doing nice wow nice buddy is that number six i don't know maybe four no 
for total oh on the boat yeah this one's the   black spots on his fins yeah black rock cod for 
fishing chips later nice step number two uh number but he's cool how big do they get three four feet 
three or four feet yeah right they're all stiff no no no it's the it's the bladder well it's just air yeah it's so cool it's 
what helps them float brain biology is awesome emphasis on learning cool seth is trying to chop 
his hand off no i need that i'm not i need that okay that goes on your sushi right there man 
yeah just pop that in your mouth right there oh yeah sure that's good thank 
you thank you yeah you can feel yeah you can feel the bone right there okay 
guys this is the final product of the flame fish   that's a lot of flakes yeah from 12 fish this 
is the trash now what do we do with all that   throw it away how was that flaying all those it 
was fun washing them and then laying them all   out but that's a lot of fish in there k knife 
buying me my fish table where are we going   we are going to the dock to toss these in the 
river toss them in the river yeah for all the   animals in there to eat it up like what kind of 
animals are gonna eat it up salmon and other fish   crabs yeah crabs crawdads probably so 
we're gonna go feed the wild aquatic life but don't tell me about yourself so this this 
right here is the river where we're staying at   guys the ocean is right past those that fog right 
there right on the other side of that is the ocean   so sarah's gonna feed the wildlife wow that's 
so cool oh here's one more maybe some sharks had a nice little vacation enjoyed the cool 
weather did a little fishing with my parents   in klamath california and i'm sorry we didn't 
actually get to show you the cooking and eating   process we made fish and chips out of those cod 
and it was delicious check out what happened while   we were gone right here is where we trenched for 
the water and electrical and man it is growing in   beautifully down there but guys the vacation 
is over it is time for us to get back to work   here on the homestead and that is exactly 
what we're going to be doing in the next video you

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