Free life // Build a clay cooking oven – Continue Project Off Grid Wilderness Living

A relaxing sound around where I live I'm going to set up a stove for cooking First I made a flat background Align the stones into straight edges Turn more soil to strip after each layer of rock is piled over about 20cm high before designing the frame of the stove Flatten and tighten the ground Watering makes the foundation firmer Look for good soils with high cohesion, low mix of sand and rock to make the best building materials The soil after being carried back is piled up like this Kneading mixed with soil to soften the soil. Chatting around the background so beautiful Strips in turn so that they are as flat and smooth as possible Take breaks and get warm After the substrate was solid I continued to prepare the mortar for the furnace part The oven starts to build Design the furnace door so that it is reasonable Align the top of the furnace to fit the object (pan) Squeeze around to seal fire and smoke during use Add a smaller stove on the side to accommodate another pot At the same time build chimneys to get rid of the smoke in the stove It gets dark, and I have to rest my hands to make dinner and rest after a tiring day of work The chirping of birds in the early morning landscape The oven is ready for cooking Where the fire and smoke come out Visiting the vegetable garden Check, organize, before going back to my house Bring some essential items End of a long trip Cross the familiar bridge See you on the next trip.

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