Full time R V or Homesteading?????

hey stuff want to pay for dropping off a video today I thought it would be an interesting topic because it seems like on YouTube you know there's like two schools of thought for people that want to unplug or live a more simplistic life okay and the train of thoughts are a full-time are veer or a homesteader okay so I I you know it's kind of been on my mind so I thought man I'll just go ahead and make a video about it and then you know I'll present the information to you and then you know you can make a decision he'll help you to make a decision okay now I've never been a full-time RVer okay but I have been a full-time traveller okay I left home when I was 16 and I would spend my summers on the East Coast and my winners on the west coast alright so I know about constantly moving I know about like living out of a suitcase if you will all right I have a lot of experience in that and plus we had a Harley Davidson the wife and I and we traveled on the Harley Davidson from coast to coast and from the you know Sturgis to Bike Week okay so we were all over the place on our bike as a matter of fact to complete the whole Harley Davidson experience we went on a trip out to the west coast after stopping in Colorado and having a great time Lord on a whitewater rafting trip continuing our journey up through San Francisco then down PCH to LA the first night we were in LA my motorcycle was stolen so I've had the fool harley-davidson experience and like I said since I was 16 I've been a travelin man okay know our journey started about five years ago where we decided that we were just sick and tired of being sick and tired you know just like a lot of Americans who are probably watching this video today are feeling because you know it's just like you know the government's taxing and spending they creating this fiat currency there's no accountability anymore it's just everything's running amuck okay and so what we decided was that for a shtf I always have to think about that a little bit it's kind of tricky the shtf situation would we'd rather be full-time living in an RV or on a homestead okay because we thought about both we had a five-bedroom three-bath house okay I don't know what it was like two hundred eighty thousand dollar house I mean it was just you know we'd have a big mortgage payment you know huge taxes you know I kind of talked about it in my other videos with our taxes like thirty five thirty six hundred dollars and steadily going up because what they want to do is they want to reassess your value every year so that way they can raise your taxes so that way they can fund more government if you think you're you know your house don't you know ever wonder why house prices have doubled tripled and quadrupled so quickly it's because government is growing and you know it's at an unsustainable rate and they can't you know they can only steal so much from you and there's going to become a tipping point and they know it so basically we decided that we were going to get ahead of the game that we wanted to become more sustainable have less stuff and have more emphasis not on quantity of life but on quality of life okay so the wife and I talked about becoming full time our viewers and we also talked about maybe getting an RV and then maybe just putting it on some land and we never you know we never envisioned like where we are today okay so when you look at our videos and you see this how we are today and the buggies and the horses and plowing with the horses and the wood cook stove what this isn't this isn't what we envisioned when we just started thinking about this five years ago this has been our process okay so you're seeing the end result of a five year process which you if you stick with us you're gonna keep seat continually to grow all right so we did consider a full time RV but my wife really likes what she does she's a teacher she teaches young children at Montessori schools and she also teaches seniors and she has personal clients teaches she does physical stuff you know movement flexibility also holistic living eating stuff like that you know as you can tell by her videos on our channel okay so she really enjoys what she's doing she's been at these Montessori schools for like thirty years so she didn't want to stop doing that just yet but I will tell you that over the time we've been up here it went from five days to four days to now three days and now we're already saying after a spring break and after the new session starts it'll only be two days okay so she's she's slowly peeling off okay but myself I was I was ready to go I had a lawn care landscape business we had also had like a five and dime store general merchandise store where we sold hats sunglasses NASCAR stuff baseball stuff and if I land HL NBA you know all that kind of stuff costume jewelry games board games magic tricks just whatever I mean it was just like a little cool place and we came up with an idea and name of it just like we did with our lawn care business in our living room with our kids and we called it the good price store and you know our stuff generally was you know maybe $10 $20 for some stuff and then we had little higher-end sports memorabilia but nothing was too expensive so it was called a good price store and you know what's pretty fun you know it was a good a good fun thing and of course the lawn care landscape thing was lucrative and we did a good job you know growing that business from the car table in our living room like Dave Ramsey says we sat down with the kids we came up with a name and then we just you know I just went for it and I was you know successful at it usually I'm pretty good at what I set my mind to do so um and you know it was a blessing so I sold all that stuff I was done with it and we had our house I wanted to get rid of the house all that stuff we had all this furniture all these you know TVs you know just everything just so much so much stuff I mean your eye you never even realized how much you stuff you actually have until you really have to start going through it it was like holy smokes man we had so much stuff so we started selling all that stuff and then it was like okay what do we want to do do we want to get an RV and be full-time our beers maybe we'll just get an RV and buy a patch of land and live it live off the land you know in the RV I bought a f-350 dually I was ready to go we were going to all the RV shows and you know go to the Lots and checking them out on one of our trips out to you know California when my bike got stolen we went with some friends in a long-term friend long-term friends of the family you know people who've known for a long time and we stopped in Colorado went on this whitewater rafting trip so it was so cool I thought man the kids would really enjoy this so the following year we rented a van RV big one and we drove my mom and my kids and the dog out to Colorado and had a great time you know and and so that gave us a little taste you know so we were seriously considering it okay and then we started weighing out the pros and the cons right so I'm gonna kind of share with you our thought process and how we ended up on the homestead instead of being full-time our beers and as a side note I just want to say I'm a free-spirited guy left home when I was 16 and I spent my summers on the East Coast and winters on the west coast I love to travel and I think men in general or probably like that and I think women in general are probably nesters they like to have a solid place they like to have a nest a rooted area so I think that's something to consider that men if you're thinking about doing this and your wife fully isn't on board you know just remember to be compassionate towards her feelings – don't don't have a my way or the highway attitude okay just a little happy wife happy life advice so we don't we talked about it and we were going to go with it we were going to go for it so like I said you see this wood cook stove and you see our log cabin our log home and you see our animals and but this is you know this is how we've evolved I mean when we was initially set out to do this we might have thought we would have you know the horses we bought when we bought the property came with some horses we might have thought all will have those horses and maybe we'll have a garden because you know when I first got here I had a big 190 allis-chalmers tractor we're gonna upload some pictures on our website golden growing in faith farm calm and we're just going to kind of we're over trying to use that to as a media to kind of tell our story okay and I had a bobcat Gail skid steer and I had you know a zero-turn mower and so we were gonna be like this modern homesteader or you know kind of if you will or whatever you know or we had the brush hog on the big tractor and had a front loader on it and I had a bobcat and you know so we moved we moved up here after weighing out the pros and the cons which I'm going to go over in a second of full time are being versus the homestead okay and then when we moved up here this process started on me where I used the big 190 to lift up these logs and to build this home right so it served its purpose but then I started thinking about long-term sustainability I thought what if the shtf really happens right what if we can't get gasps what if gas goes to $20 a gallon and we we just you know you can't afford it you know and there's no way the anyone can say that this won't happen because it's a it's a huge possibility that it could happen okay so then I started thinking about the zero turn lawn mower and in the skid steer and the big tractor and I thought man I have got to think of a way that where we will not be dependent on that stuff and then fortunately again for us we live close by the Amish and I was in developing a relationship this is how this all transpires develop a relationship with them and then watching what they do and I'm like man why wouldn't I do that so with zero horse experience or anything else I mean I began massing a team of horses to plow the land and in a horse and buggy to travel with and you know that's how we got to where we are today is just studying watching and applying okay so you know this isn't how we always were Stacy and I are both city people we've always been in the city we've always had the creature comforts so when you see this it's not like we know we grew up this way or anything okay our parents don't hold this philosophy okay so basically we sat down and we started thinking about the the trailer stuff the RV and I like I said I bought the f-350 the dually and we were we were ready to go you know we were gonna go for it and so we start moving forward and we'll go into the RV shows we're narrowing it down I'm on Craigslist we went out looked at some of them and then I started thinking about well what if we got land and we put the RV on it but what if we got land and maybe the you know I could build something different you know or maybe we can buy one of those little shed things you know like a 16 by 32 or something like that and make that into our home you know so then the process started getting you know a little more optional you know things we were thinking of and then we started thinking like this okay one RV traveling and the freedom that it brings is awesome you can go wherever you want you know you can put a tank of gas in go as far as it takes you you know pick up some odd and in job or whatever put it in another tank of gas I mean it's awesome if you don't like your neighbors you can move if you don't like the scenery you can move you know it's like a constant adventure all the time okay I'm not seeing the homestead he's not because it definitely is but I'm just saying there's a freedom that is involved with that okay so we started thinking about like well what if the shtf really does happen yes yeah as HTF what if it really does happen what if gas goes to $20 a gallon I said well then we're messed up because you know our our vehicles are dependent on the gas so if something was to happen while we're traveling we would basically be kind of stuck in that area wherever we're at you know let's say we like to go to the desert in the wintertime because it's warmer and then this stuff happens and we can't get gas then we're stuck in the desert and summers coming you know so it's gonna be like 120 degrees and then you can't run generators and you can't cool your place so you know we just started thinking about all that stuff you know what if you know food storage we started thinking about that like how much food could you actually put it on an RV and if you're constantly traveling then that means probably pretty sure you're not going to be like growing your food okay and there are places you know where people post up in their RVs for quite a while but I don't see many people having like a garden producing and canning food living in their RV and if you have a link to one please leave it below I love to learn new stuff and see how someone is actually doing that but from the most I can tell is most RV dwellers are totally dependent on a functioning system okay which means that they're they're dependent on a store to go to they're dependent on inexpensive or relatively reasonable gas to purchase to move about they're dependent on water they're dependent on an electrical hook-up even if they have solar panels again I sent in one of my other videos I can't tell you how many videos almost all of them that I see with people that have solar panels that are constantly running their generator because the solar panels are not producing enough electricity because it's cloudy it's rainy it's whatever okay so you know there's a certain level of dependency on being able to plug in to a recharge your batteries if you have solar or to you know actually just operate your whole RV off of the grid okay and of course fuel if you have a generator if you can't get fuel then you're not gonna have the generator you see so everything you know just got started getting to be where like we were like well if we're really sh t a TF believers then I don't know just going to the RV life it almost we almost you know we just kind of moved away from it because that so then we started thinking about well what kind of structure could we live in if we just go homesteading and by some rule I'll land and take it from there so then I started investigating the log cabin log homes and I just kind of found some pictures and basically started thinking about this eighteen hundred style log cabin and if you go to our website growing in faith farm calm we have a picture of the original plans that I drew up okay that are there and that's how it all started and then I was on the hunt to find some logs and luckily I did run across some logs that were already seasoned that were kind of hanging out that I could cut have saw saw at the sawmill and then saddle notch and build the log home that we're in today okay so that was a little more appealing okay because of the situation after we did the pros and cons right so then once we got here like I said we had the big tractor we had the skid steer we had the zero turn and then I started thinking again along the RV lines like man what if gas gets too expensive what if you can't get parts what up what up what up what up so I started thinking okay so we're gonna go 1,800 style you know we're gonna use the horses we're gonna we're gonna provide for the horses and they're gonna provide for us you know then we're gonna raise the animals you know we wanted to raise sheep boss because we eat the Lambs and then we wanted to have a big garden so we have a thousand square foot garden and then those things that we produce there the kale the lettuce the corn the potatoes the onions everything out there peppers tomatoes all our seed bearing plants okay what the father tells us that he's going to provide for us for food is the seed bearing plant which means that when those plants are done and they're in the maturity they're gonna produce seeds for the next year so as long as we're taking care of everything properly we're always going to have a constant food supply and plus we're taking that bounty from the garden and then we're canning it or lactose fermentation it and we are storing it up and we have a food bank okay and so you know that was the appealing part of the homesteading because we you know we have 5,000 gallons not right now we're working on the first 2,500 of water storage okay and then we have all of our food here and we have our animals which can pull our buggies which can provide us transportation because of gas goes to $20 a gallon that's gonna be game over okay the rich people are going to be able to drive around in the cars but the poor people will not okay and everything will just kind of slow down and it's just going to be crazy okay just think about it and 20 got 20 18 20 dollars a gallon for gas is not you know like some out of the picture thing alright look around the globe today and you will find guaranteed prices that I just talked about or very close to it per gallon of gas alright so for us after we talked about the RV life full timing then we talked about the sustainability of homesteading homesteading one all right so I love I'm a free person by nature I left home when I was 16 I love to travel summers on the East Coast winters on the west coast I mean we had a Harley we did Harley trips we went East Coast West Coast sturgis Bike Week all that stuff matter of fact we took the trip out to California oh the Harley and my bike was stolen in Venice Beach California so I did the whole Harley Davidson experience I've been a traveler I've lived out of a suitcase when I was in my whole young adult life my first two children were born on the road of traveling you know what I mean so I fully know what that's all about and I love it you know but at the current state our country's in I didn't feel that that was a valuable option for us and besides the fact that my wife really enjoys what she want what she does for work and so she's in a comfortable position of just walking away from doing that totally and then us just kind of traveling and making money as we travel then this is where we're at okay so I just kind of wanted to drop off a video and kind of talk about the kind stuff we weighed out between RV living full-time and homesteading I don't see many RV people with a couple chickens cranking out eggs you know so there's there's a big benefit and being able to have the land produce the food especially in an SH TF situation okay I see a lot of you know YouTube videos and I see still a lot of people that are totally dependent on fossil fuels and stuff like that and I'm just encouraging you guys try to get away from that stuff as much as you can because there's gonna come with time and you know this you know you just maybe don't want to face up to it but there's gonna come a time even you Preppers or anybody else out there there's gonna come a time when this stuff is not going to be that readily available will it be in our lifetime I don't know but you know you can see the writing on the wall you can kind of see what's going on you know and so that's pretty much my story hopefully gleaned a little something from it I have nothing against full-time our viewers you know maybe and in our future we might do it but after we Wade out these pros and cons like I explained to you here today this is how we ended up on the homestead and then you know like I said it's been a process for us and you know we're just trying to share with you what we've learned and maybe give you some insight and some things to think about so we appreciate you stopping by our channel hit the subscribe button if you haven't subscribed already leave a comment if you want to talk about something or add to what I discussed or how maybe you've thought about things and shares with a friend put us on Facebook check out our website growing in faith farm com it's under construction but you know we're getting it done a little at a time and hopefully it'll be a cool place we're gonna have a blog on there possibly and then have a Marketplace on there because you know we'd like to sell some stuff and you know offer some things and you know just a way to communicate and connect so we do appreciate all of our viewers and all the people that are taking the time out to watch our videos and we'll be dropping off oh and somebody asked us about shampoo and if you're watching this video just know that Stacy this weekend coming up is going to do a video about shampoo and conditioner and a holistic in you know very easy way that you can make it alright thanks a lot


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