Hoarder to Minimalist | Ep 1 “Messy House Tour”

Okay, Hi! I'm Rachel. And you are watching the first video of what
I hope to be a series of many videos about my process of going from a very unorganized
person – which I am – to a hopefully very organized put together person, which I am
NOT. And so I'm kind of treating this first video
as just a…Like a confession. I'm a messy person. I'm Rachel, I'm a messy person.

Today was an okay day! Today I…I made my bed. And…I got dressed. That's pretty good! Yeah… considering I work from home, I didn't
HAVE to get dressed…I got dressed. Anyway…As you can see, if those are good
feats for me, that means I've got a long ways to go. And I'm just going to show you guys my space. I did not prep for this, I didn't clean anything
ahead of time, I literally decided about 5 minutes ago, "hey I think I'm going to start
shooting a video". So this is just my raw self. This is just.. real. You know, but even reality TV is like.. it's
not REALLY real…and so, yeah. This is real. This is me. And you're going to see a really messy house. And then I'm going to tell you what I'm doing
to make it better. This is my space. We're just going to walk through each room
and you're going to get to see…

Things like this. We leave coffee mugs places — OH, nope that's
tea. I'm just going to leave that there again. Probably part of the problem. But you can see, you know drawers get left
open. We just don't care. A box from when we moved four months ago. A TV that doesn't fit in the space… And my house. And I'm just going to call out some problem
areas. This of course is not a problem area… this
is my lovely aquarium. With Ponyo. "Hi Ponyo…!" Anyway.. Sofa – forever a temporary dog bed. Laundry… This could be an office. Or a library. Or just a sitting nook. But instead it's a place where we just have
a bunch of pictures on the floor. And a plant that I don't know when I watered
it last. It's after Christmas, our christmas tree probably
needs to come down.

pexels photo 276566

This is nice…! Right? Cute little dining area… THIS is where I've been working! This is my home office. Pretty snazzy! The thing is, I actually have a real office
…Right There. Kitchen actually looks pretty good! Typically it's a little messier than this. Things like this… We swept, it didn't go back to its home. We made a fire, we don't close stuff… We don't put stuff away. We just don't. That's just who we are.

My daughter's stuff kind of just spewing out. And this is my office…. if it really…you
know, like if I cared. Okay. This is my daughter's room. Here's a mural I did on the wall. I didn't finish it. But, it's a work in progress. Okay! Garbage bags. Maybe it's garbage, maybe it's not. I don't know! This is like the mac daddy of all disorganized

This is actually a four car garage! …But instead there's just a bunch of stuff. So yeah. So that was my space. We've got a lot of videos to shoot. A lot of rooms to cover. And I plan on tackling every single one of
the spaces that I showed. I'm going to be a clean person. That's what I'm doing. And I hope that you will join me. You know, at the very least maybe it will
be a little entertaining or inspiring. I plan on throwing away a lot of stuff. And I plan on.. you know I'm still me, but
I plan on being a cleaner me. And here's to trying to do a new thing for
the new year. Thanks and I will see you next time!.

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