Homestead Forest Fire Update White Salmon

so a fire update it's about three four o'clock in the afternoon I guess and the fire is not contained it's a proving to be very difficult for the crews because of poison oak terrain rattlesnakes and the area that we live in is just notoriously windy and that's just whipping up the fire so we're watching very closely our wind monitor here and if this thing changes and the wind starts coming out of the west that's real bad news for us that's going to sweep the fire right up here the wind is picking up has been for the last hour or so and as you can see it's coming out of the north to the Northeast but it's not uncommon for that to change in the evening so we'll be keeping a very close eye on this little wind monitor and hoping for the best the road up to our place as we just found out from the people that came through is being closed there's mandatory evacuations about five miles from here and everything is really depending on the wind they're dumping a ton of money on this fire bringing in the heavy bombers and dropping load after load after load and those are twenty thousand dollars each so that's a big expense and I think a lot of they're throwing a lot of money at it because there's so much residential so many homes in the area the fire and it looks bad when homes burned down so that's where we're at and we'll stay tuned on Facebook or my current and future updates

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