Homestead Property Search in Western North Carolina | Property Search Vlog #31

here we are we're in north carolina looking at 
a 33-acre property that is not yet on the market   and also meeting a new realtor we met brandon 
through some networking that we've been doing   with some other folks and this is a property that 
he is just now speaking with the owner so brandon   wanted to see what we liked about it what we 
didn't like about it so kind of to help him   as he's talking to folks that are getting 
ready to start listing their properties and   maybe they're not on the market yet so we're kind 
of getting a preview of this we were definitely   excited to come take a look and see what it had 
to offer i'll give you the way to land here okay   it goes to the creek yeah the creek looks 
beautiful um and we have big frontage okay   actually right now there's a lot of furniture 
i didn't realize we drove on the road and was   playing out where the property ends and 
it didn't seem like it would go that far   only being 35 acres but i think the way it's 
sliced out okay hopefully we can walk it so a lot of it's hill but there 
is a good amount of flat down here   how many acres do you think of flat there 
is umm minus the two that you were parked at   yeah just up here i don't know probably a couple 
acres um maybe more i mean you can just walk in   there and kind of see is this house on it yeah 
this is the house so oh it's got some daffodils   little planter already established for us and 
it's it is like when you look on the map it   doesn't seem like it's that private for one this 
is not a very busy road but yeah get in here and you know you're not there's no eyes on you   you know yeah um and my thought if i was 
gonna make this my homestead is you know   you would clear all this right in here you 
know leave definitely a good treeline when   plant more um evergreens and you know there's 
there's a lot of good options for trees to give a good green barrier but you want your animals closer to your 
homestead you don't want them way out you know   um it's definitely more of an issue on 
the west coast of mountain lions but   i'm i'm gonna go ahead and assume that it's not 
habitable it's not but it's not that far off   i think it looks worse than it is i mean 
you could you could make this home livable i don't have the key but i looked in it the 
other day and you know it's not falling down it's   you know it would need a whole remodel it's just 
more overgrown it's overgrown you know i mean it's   not going to be a mansion and it's not going to 
be like but that would be the bathroom i guess   um oh yeah i'll go shower that's what i 
was wondering is that legitimately the   the and then the wall just came down on it or 
they were remodeling it and they stopped okay   yeah that's new you know gotta have a little 
vision yeah yeah but i just think man if you guys   pull up your rv and you can stay in that 
you guys have that you can work on this   place you guys want to go down to 
this the creek frontage first yeah its a very nice creek yep it's lovely there's a bottle in here 
but it doesn't look broken is it nice and chilly yeah it would hurt to get in yeah do a 
nice polar plunge lay down in it i love the size of this creek though like 
this is great this is beautiful you guys i was going to run up here okay 
we're going to continue down that way   that way i'll catch up with you guys okay so this is an old logging road but it's washed out 
the other logging roads are not not as bad no not   it not even close to this yeah i went up this 
way like where he is and then i looked up here i'll take the dogs so this portion of the logging 
trail is pretty simple to make good again it doesn't look like there's very 
much old growth it looks like   it's been logged semi-recently like 
within the last 10 years could be oops yeah i'm not holding them back are you having fun is this so much better oh yeah and then we walked up up there and we walked the spring it 
just goes it follows these boulders   all the way up there's lots of little 
pockets and stuff but then you have   this clearing this area and then it goes 
straight down to the river right down there come here floyd go ahead kinsley 
get in the river go on go ahead feel better you feel better now um so i think it was what 35 acres about 
35 acres yeah and most of it's up on a hill   it does have a very nice creek at the bottom 
it's a very beautiful creek i really like it   yep that was very nice but it does take a bit to 
get down there yeah yeah not directly accessible   there's not a lot of flat land brandon um the 
one that we just walked with he thinks there's   probably about two acres of land where where 
the house is that is flatish so out of 35 out   of the 35.

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They're asking 300 000 for it it does 
have an old house that needs to be rehabilitated   it has a workshop but the owner wants to keep 
it yep so and we he doesn't know the situation   with all of the vehicles because there's over 
30 vehicles and at least four boats that we've   come across and walking um all over the property 
so not sure if those come with the property if   he's going to be moving those so again just cost 
and associated yeah and those little things like   that's not the biggest issue it's just a 
it was it didn't seem private no um and maybe for our for my lack of knowledge 
i'm not sure how i would best use the land   yeah it's what would you say a 20 to 30 percent 
incline if you follow the logging trails   yes but if you go off the logging trails it's 
very steep yeah like just going around the   logging trails if you look down to go to the 
creek it was probably an 80 percent um yeah it   was steep it was very steep so not quite sure how 
we would use it for our intents and purposes um   yeah and he thought it was logged actually 40 
years ago which must have some very slow growth   trees because the majority of the trees are only 
a couple inches in diameter so pretty not a lot   of usable timber either to rebuild if we weren't 
going to get the shop and the house needs repairs   we definitely were able to give the pros and cons 
of the property of what we really liked about it   and what we really didn't like about it and 
what we were kind of willing to compromise on   so i think hopefully that's helpful in the next 
ones that they come across just to kind of see um   a little bit more what we're looking for yep on to the next bye

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