Homesteading (1): How to start homesteading for a semi-self sufficient lifestyle

huh hello this is block from I've no Magda which I'm going to put up a new cheap this is looking at the garden which we literally dug out of this field about three years ago as you can see so very good we've got Mauro is here cabbages radishes carrots broccoli brussel sprouts be true we had some peace next the sunflowers took them but they finished and we've got our tea quiet cellar which is salaria and we've also got cucumbers and a lot of weeds the sub look at the key covers here which add a very well this year and behind the cucumber's we've got green runner beans every year we dig in manure which we get from a local farmer in which we definitely need because the soul here is not particularly good and then last year we added some extra rows to our garden to send look at the Rose magna and in those rise we've planted three bushes we've got blueberries red currants black currants strawberries geese breeze which I took from a one plant we put in a halt Rev raspberries right and yellow which are doing very well this is a second year and we also have a very good annual strawberry production crop these strawberries have been here for how many years four or five some for Sam three yup there had to be weeded now because they've just finished yeah producing fruit probably other Pig just a few rows we picked over 100 kilograms from those fearo's yeah so I will have to start replacing these plants as I getting a bit hold what have you good enough stations in your garden the stations we use to attract the insects interest in sex preferred elem stations rather than eight or veggies and these assertions they are self-seeding so we don't plum them they just grow every year we've also put in quite a few fruit trees we've got plum apple yes here quince just zoom in on those those fruit trees they're very young so we're not getting anything from them but hopefully we will do until three years time yeah but we spray them every year they do get attacked by insects so we do use insecticides on them but overall we're very pleased with this new part of the garden and happy Walker juice bottle not in the near future do you want to add anything


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