Homesteading Ideas. A Tour of Becky’s Homestead.

we have our chickens for eggs I have the goats for milk I'm raising a hog for meat I'm growing a small food garden and we have the horses for riding I built my own cabin and this is Becky's homestead I'm Becky I used to live in the consumer rant race just like you but one day I had enough so I sold it all move to the country and built my own log cabin with my own two hands now I spend my time discovering new ways to live a simple healthy lifestyle with more free time and way less stress then sharing what I've learned with you welcome to Becky's homestead I want to start today by reading you this letter from Cassandra and she says Becky I have been following your blog for several years now when I first discovered your videos and website I was a young girl of 12 now I'm almost 18 and preparing to graduate from high school in your very first episode you took a tour of your homestead and showed your viewers what you had accomplished up to that point over the years though you have added animals to your ever-growing family and made many changes is it possible to take another tour of your homestead in one of your future videos so we can see how you've grown in the past five years I hope you will continue to inspire everyday people for many years to come and be a role model for future homesteaders sincerely Cassandra thank you that was so sweet we'll stay tuned because right now I'm going to give you a tour of my homestead and show you some ideas that you could use on your homestead let's go okay we're going to start with the chickens I want to tell you the size of the cages I made and how many chickens I have and generally just describe everything you see here on my homestead I built a 40 by 40 pen out of leftover material so I recycled which I love to do if I can do it and then I measured over 10 feet and put another fence so the chicken coop itself is 10 by 40 the go pen is 30 by 30 so just so you know the size and you can see how big it looks it looks plenty roomy for the animals I have in my coop I have eleven chickens actually so this one right here it gets in and out of the coop as you can see when she wants and she jumps in and when she once out she jumps out so they're very nice chickens they're very healthy in this size coop they have plenty of room I have so many eggs I give them away to people and obviously cook with them myself so this is the this is it this is the chicken coop and if you walk down here I'll show you it's important to have a little house for them that has a roof because of you have several rainy days in a row they do stay under here to keep dry I built my little high out of recycled material as well the size of the little roof hut is 10 by 10 so it's pretty big I wanted to have it tall enough so I can walk in there without bumping my head or having to bend over so I have a pretty big door on it that I made and I can just walk in my cope I like to come in here and make sure they have enough food obviously check the eggs I can look at the perches and make sure the perches haven't fallen down or broken in any way and general you just have a good look around in the coop so it looks very good in here and the tens are very happy so it's a very very handy easy setup so after you build the initial coop it just will last for years and years and years and you can enjoy your chickens and your eggs I highly recommend it and then we just come around the way I have it set up like this for convenience I want it to be if I don't have a lot of time I want it to be very fast and convenient to care for all the animals so these two I have side by side they share one fence everybody gets along there's no problems so in this 30 by 30 little pen I have my two dairy goats and we just have Neil our little pot-bellied pig because we love him get down girls and look at the bread in the middle I have a little covering for the animals in case it's raining they all three have plenty of room to go under there and the goats also go on the roof they love to climb around so I've made them a couple little things to climb on these two small dairy goats are Nigerian dairy goats and they should provide our family with enough milk I'm new at this so we'll find out about that this spring because they're both pregnant so I put all my animal cages in a circle so then I just can walk across the driveway and we come to the horse pasture we love our horses we use our horses a lot we ride and drive they're a very important part of our life and we love them all so I like to have them right here in the yard where I can see them at all times when I come out the door I can see them we like to be friendly with them we like them to be friendly Charlie come here and again they have a little cover in case it rains you know the horse we live in Florida so none of the animals need a big big covering just a little something if they feel like getting under there for shade or to get out of the rain but they just seem like they like the rain okay so that's how that works and it's just making a circle in my yard around my cabin kind of you want the last little piece of bread Oh doodles I don't have any more okay so as you can see they're very friendly when they see people they come right up we don't have any problems catching them because we do have them close to the house and they're basically well they're jealous of each other so they do that but you know they basically come right up to us they're kind of looking for a pet in a tree which makes the animals nice and easy to catch and no problem at all and if I keep walking over this way we do like to have two pastures just in case we have to separate so there is another small pasture right here on this side of the big the big pasture and then we keep coming over this way and I have my hog pen so when it's time to feed I can just make my circle and this is like my last stop on the circle this over here is my 16 by 16 hog pen and as you can see I have a big hog he's going to go to the slaughterhouse in four days he's ready to go but he looks very happy and comfortable in here and he has plenty of room to dig around and sleep and eat and drink and even though we plan on eating this pig we still treat him nicely and he has a little bed over there to get into if it rains what she doesn't get in there very often but if it rains for a couple days in a row I have seen him laying in there so they're pretty thick-skinned and dirty he's pretty gross and then right on the end of the circle over here I just walk over here and I have my little shed which is very handy because I have all my feed for the animals and my buckets tack for the horses it's all very convenient right here it's a very small shed I try to keep everything on the homestead to a minimum I don't want to have a whole bunch of stuff to have to organize and take care of so I have a very small shed with our horse tack and our feed right here and we try to feed it as natural as possible a simple healthy diet for the animals so they all stay nice and healthy I find worming them is very important so I'm a big advocate of worming your animals while they don't eat as much food if you warm them to so then comes the courtyard which I do want to make my courtyard bigger the courtyard has turned into a very very nice aspect of our homestead we do a lot of stuff out here it's so handy and so nice I mean it really makes you want to come outside just to come out on the hoenn the courtyard is so nice and I have big plans for this as you can see there's a little extra stone I have to keep going it is a work in progress and then on the edge of the courtyard over here I'm going to have just a few things that I grow I haven't turned out to be the greatest gardener in the world but I do grow a few things so onions potatoes tomatoes and like I said I love to recycle so here is my old chicken nest box that I recycled and it's going to be a tomato plant or so well a few peppers too so I'm going to use this and it looks like it's like a very nice height and I'm just going to fill it all up with dirt and manure and hay and then just plant my tomatoes here this year and I love the height actually because my chicken who gets loose my one chicken she will not be able to get in here and scratch the dirt like she does in my onion bed I had to put a little fence around my onion bed because there's such a stinker they will come and just dig any dirt they see like if they see me digging somewhere she wants to come and dig there so this will be the perfect height I won't have to worry about that at all so this I hope this grows good Tomatoes I'm hoping it turns out good and then I do have my blueberry bushes that I planted and they're doing so good I get blueberries on them and you need two and two of different species because they cross pollinate so they told me that when I bought them and then I did buy two and it works so because we get blueberries every year and another thing is the chickens will eat the blueberries too so that is kind of a problem we have every year it's soon as the ripe we have to hurry and pick them because it's a race who's going to get it the hand or me so sometimes she needs to be to it but it's okay because I don't love her and then I have a little lime tree here which I must say baby lime trees are tricky because you do have to cover them the frost will kill them this did get a frost last year and it did almost kill it it wasn't a heavy frost so thankfully it came back but they're a little tricky and they need care you have to cover them when it's going to be a frost and then over here this as well needs to be covered is a little fig tree so my little fig trees made it through the winter and it looks good it's still alive but it just started out very small so that's going to take a little while to grow I did want to say one more thing over here I want to show my milking shed that I'm in the process of building fits in part of the homestead circle that's convenient so you don't have to go too far to do your homestead chores it's going to be right in here with a tin roof so when it rains I can just come from the house get the goats come right in here do my milking and then put the goats back in the pen so I'll be able to keep things clean and tidy in here and hopefully make the milking is clean and easy as possible so my design is this is going to be open as a window and then this is going to be covered and then on the interior here I'm going to have a nice long shelf to keep whatever I need and then my milking stanchions will be against this wall which I'm going to be working on this very zone these were just a few things that I do on my homestead it's on a small scale nothing is too big or overwhelming or extravagant nothing was too pricey and yet everything here gives back something it's a nice little homestead I can manage it all on my own and so I hope that you can incorporate a few of these ideas on your homestead 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