Homesteading Property Part 1 [Fall 2020]

[Music] so this would be the driveway when we haven't maintenance that goes in like a you know but we will trim it all out today and make it look presentable and easy to access for when they do start burning this guy has to come in a well guy has to come in so we start building the actual house and we will get all that done so on again this pond i don't know if you can see why this is full and generally this time of year it's empty it just dries right up to nothing we've had so much water in the last two weeks it's absolutely filled which isn't a good thing because the septic company is already told is that there has to be a 100 feet between where the septic is going to go which is over here somewhere and any water so hopefully to measure it out hopefully there's 100 feet between that pond and this septical somewhere in here in this gully that we have down there i think the septic is going to go oh my it is really overgrown we were up here maybe a month ago it looked beautiful we left it really nicely cut and now it's like a jungle and the black flies are really bad mosquitoes not so much before i pleasure throws [Music] so this whole thing here is where the house is going to go right in here so all this has to be cleared out bulldozed right out just one big mess right now i'll go around the other side and show you better pretty butterflies today so this still looks like one big mess and this big mess in here in this hole i'll let all the water in there this big hole here will be where the house is going to be built it needs a heck of a lot of clearing out and if you can see a little there's a higher band of ridge rock right in the middle of it so at this point in time we're not sure if we have to blast that out yet or not um we're not doing a basement we're doing a five foot crawl space so we do have to dig down into this hole just not sure how far down we bought the property this piece that you're looking at here was already dug out somewhat and i think because of the ridge rock like if you look down here it's all ridge rock here it's beautiful but maybe what the previous owner was going to put here he'd have to blast all this out and one that cost money to blast it out and two he probably couldn't uh didn't want to i wanted to get some london infinite preliminary see that fast footage of what this hole looked like before and then when they start digging it out probably another month from now covet is putting a little bit of a twist into getting stuff to the property let's just go over here this is the small that we have it's part of our property that is protected so we cannot do anything with it shut up we have deck is over here which was here when we bought the property which was very nice again it's a ridge rock which i think is very beautiful you can see underneath there just should be down there in the canoe but the chickens haven't made a nest in that canoe down there that wouldn't be very good so some high winds here the other day can't fix an umbrella this is the protected swamp which is extremely nice to look at [Music] set up here with cold beer oops sorry cold drink cold beverage and the stars at night time for the moon it's a beautiful little spot some people think it's a little waste of money but i like it it's one of the things that attracted us to this property was this lookout that we have here there is property over there you can't see right next the trees are important but there's property over there that are still ours the funny thing is you have to cross the wetlands to get over there so if they ever put a stop to us using that we have unusable land over there a little more ridge rock um we don't have a set of stairs in here at this time we just have part of the actual deck but we're going to put stairs in there so we can kind of make a loop out of walking go right around this takes us right down and around past that cabin from the little bunkie that we have there and it makes a nice little uh nice loop to walk in the mornings or something once we start living up here [Music] certainly have lots of trees and we don't have any of the gypsy moth up here i think we just don't have the right trees for it but we don't seem to have any issues with trees which is always good because you know who wants to have dying trees on their property not me [Music] and there's the rock again who doesn't find that rock beautiful i think it's gorgeous

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