HOMESTEADING with HOLLY: Vlog #2. Our Journey To Sustainable Living…Our Journey Thus Far

well the sun is setting and it's setting 
on our lovely little backyard homestead   so we're taking down the greenhouse but we're 
excited because all this wood and the cattle   panels that are inside are going with us we're 
taking all of the goods to do with the chicken run   these are all shade cloths they'll be great 
we won't need them in the winter but they'll   be great for next year and we are taking a 
few of the trees um most of them are staying   so wow so we've been splitting wood i don't 
know if rachel can get the wood pile over there   but we had tons of wood from trees 
that have gone down in our yard   the neighbor's yard that needed to get split 
and so we had a wonderful neighbor i'll have   to show you the cute little video of that 
he's he's more like a grandpa indian dave but uh neighbors across the street there's 
three retired military daves they're all dave   dave and dave but one we've just gotten super 
attached to they're all awesome but we love   indian dave um and he's part cherokee i mean 
he's all indian but cherokee is the main tribe   he doesn't talk about the other ones i'm not 
sure what that's about anyway he brought his   log splitter over here and he's old but he 
is so spry so he taught keith how to split so we split that's half of the wood if 
you can rachel do a close-up of that   and as you can see we've got all of our pallets 
here i talked about in the last video we went   and got another run so we got a ton of those we're 
gonna get a few more so anyway we're shutting this   down we're getting ready we are t-minus two weeks 
from today moving to land and yes we got the land   i know i talked about it in our last video but 
we got 10 acres an almost two acre stocked pond   it's beautiful so i will put some pictures up but 
we'll be going back out this weekend because we're   getting bids because we will be building 
up simple simple simple cost effective um   but we're gonna homestead on 10 acres and we're so 
excited so come along with us we're gonna actually   expand our chicken coop right now we keep see the 
little girls they're getting ready to go up we've   been putting them in the greenhouse at night there 
are only eight of them several varieties they're   so pretty they're so sweet they are the smartest 
chickens they're the best foragers we've ever had   and i mean honestly i think sometimes 
it's just personality you can have breeds   that are just sturdier than others but there's um 
the snowy ones rachel what are those called do you   remember oh i think silver winded up yep i think 
that's it no i don't know if it's silver or i know   the other ones but i don't know i can't remember 
the names oh people ask me all the time like oh we   just do all kinds you know they need to be cold 
hardy because we're in the midwest but you know   they're just pretty look at them right too close 
up with them they're so cute they're all going up   isn't that smart they're only five weeks 
old and they have been foraging all   over the garden you know when a garden's 
established they can't really do any harm   so they're going up for the night the big girls 
are in the run they never wanted to share so   we are working on integrating them um it's just 
a little hard to integrate because the big girls   want to eat all of their organic baby food so 
we're about to wean them over to the you know   we're they're close enough to where we're going to 
just wean everybody to the organic layer feed and   i do fermented food for them so if you want to 
check out my video on that that's in a playlist   on chicken keeping and we're actually going to 
do a video rachel and i are going to build a   pallet chicken coop um we just blessed the lord 
landed a wonderful trailer that we're going to   use for moving first but then we're going to use 
it and make a chicken chicken tractor now we're   not positive we may not do it where it's mobile 
we'll see but that was kind of the plan and we   got it for a really good price so we're going to 
use it to move all of our stuff to storage soon   but we're almost packed we're so excited everybody 
is excited we're a little nervous but not nervous   in a bad way the lord has us so anyway i know the 
lord wants me to chronicle the journey so here we   go this is vlog number two and basically this is 
just a highlight we're getting our homestead stuff   all loaded up getting it ready we'll be tearing 
all this goodness down but the good thing is   we're taking tons of cattle panel and tons of 
t-posts with us that is saving us all kinds of   money so the the new people that are moving in 
they're cool about the garden a little nervous   i think about the orchard but they absolutely 
don't want to do anything with the chickens   so anyway so we're going to level this and hay 
it down and you'll never even know we were here   except that ground over there will 
be very very fertile so that's it   that's it that's it so we probably i'm trying 
to think we might do a little bit of videoing   of the teardown but i don't think it'll be on 
this video oh they're arguing about their purge   so anyway um so yeah we're going to chronicle 
the journey y'all so come homestead with   us homestead with holly ups downs in 
betweens the lord is good he's faithful   and he has brought this together we are so blessed 
that our original asking price is what we got for   this land so we are like even the people that were 
selling it told their realtor they felt the lord   in this deal all the way from the beginning 
and i mean they countered we countered back   with our original because that's really all we 
could do we are downsizing on purpose because   my husband is in health care and anybody who's 
awake knows what's going on with people that   are in health care that are wanting to have 
their own choice about their health care so   we are one of those people and he is the last man 
standing in his office he's a rehab therapist and   he's amazing and he's been doing this for 35 years 
but it looks like he'll be leaving his profession   so not yet we're certainly not doing it on purpose 
but if they let him go because of him making his   own health care choices then we are trying to 
be ready so that's what we're doing so the cool   thing about this journey is i don't know if i 
mentioned it much but we're going to homestead on   the land because all of our animals are going with 
us and we've got two kunikunu pigs a male and a   female for a breeding prayer so we'll be bringing 
those out soon after we get out there after we get   their pen set up but we're going to be living in a 
pop-up camper so we have a few things we're going   to be doing just to kind of make it as comforts 
as home we've popped up campered in places where   there was no amenities so we will have water 
we'll have electricity we have a generator   so we have all kinds of things that are going to 
be in order and we're going to go so we'll keep   you posted of what's going on but the next time i 
do a video in this backyard there will be no more   greenhouse and no more chicken coop and run and we 
are headed to land so i bless you all this is your   last time seeing us here most likely i'll probably 
do a little little scan through as we say goodbye   to this beautiful land that we've had here in 
raytown missouri we've loved it it has been   our home and we have been blessed with wonderful 
neighbors so it's been a gift from the lord what   he's doing to get us out of this beautiful place 
but into what our heart has been yearning for for   the longest of time so god bless you and thank 
you for joining us in our midwest meanderings hey mary what you doing i am picking these 
green tomatoes let me see your basket girl that's awesomeness okay so there looks 
like there's hardly nothing left over there but   harvest day we are moving out in t minus one 
week and a few days so we're harvesting all   of our tomatoes and setting the beds ready and 
haying them up and mulching them in and getting   them ready for the new owners that we'll be 
planting here next year so we've got tons   of tomatoes so these tomatoes i don't know if 
you know this so if you've not gardened before   those tomatoes will last us through january so 
you keep them separate so you put your orange ones   that are almost ripe in one spot you keep your 
green and another and then the really ripe ones   we'll use in the next few days or we'll roast them 
off and put them in the freezer and i have a video   for that so i'll put the link for that up above 
oh little tag alongs i'm glad they don't hurt us   anyway so what we're doing is just going in and 
pulling them out and separating so this is what   i've gotten off with just a fourth of this bed and 
it's ideal my grandfather always did this at this   time of year but he would pull his whole vines 
and put them in his root cellar just like this   and he would have nails and he would just hang 
them and because they're attached to the vine   they'll keep ripening so what my version of it is 
i'm trying to keep as much of the greens attached   um i think i've already stripped that one and then 
these will all get burned you do not want to mulch   tomato stuff because even though i don't have 
disease in my beds if you look at these tomatoes   they actually grow sideways 
but i do a really amazing thing   i need to do a tomato video so i will 
definitely do that probably next year   but i learned this about 10 years ago 
and ever since i learned it my tomatoes   are endless in their production we have 
probably harvested about 30 pounds of tomatoes   a week since mid-july unbelievable and 
we're where where are we at october 9th   so anyway that's what he would do he would throw 
these in his root cellar and hang him on a nail   but i'm just grabbing them with as much 
of the greens as i can keep attached   and then the the red ones will be separated out 
oh i've got some gorgeous red ones in there i'm   knocking these down so a lot of these are on 
the ground or because i'm pulling these out   but we're trying to leave the bed nice and ready 
for the new homeowners here and we are going to   go ghetto with homesteading beyond kingsville a 
lot of people go where is holden missouri we drive   right through kingsville to get to hold on to 
missouri so we're about a little over a mile   beyond kingsville missouri i like it's kingsville 
because we live for the king so anyway we are home   stretching this weekend is really super busy so 
this is our homestead and getting everything ready   our house is like nearly packed it's almost 
all moved out so we'll be on air mattresses   in a few days for the last week that we're here 
just because we want to focus on getting all of   our home setting things out and packed and 
up and going so yay thanks for watching us   and joining us and definitely hit subscribe keep 
following us on our journey to sustainable living   where we're gonna grow hopefully everything we eat 
within a year and a half or two years out of our   own backyard in holden missouri just beyond 
kingsville these are all getting burned bye one of our last feasts in this house daniel 
came over and smoked ribs all day long   chris hello everybody say hi mayor berry t-minus 
13 days y'all we going to holden missouri   those things look delish daniel thank 
you rachel and mary made bruschetta and   chris is having bruschetta for the first 
time we think asian boy good yeah yeah howdy goodbye you

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