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shopping out analog notebooks into digital apps is a huge step for me as a minimalist i used to have tons of notebooks one for work one for journaling one for drawing one for random note taking and i realized half of this can be or should be documented digitally so before i carry on let me clarify that this video is sponsored by notion and you guys know me i won't take up any sponsorship or recommend anything that i don't believe in in fact notion is something i use almost every day so when they reach out to me i was really excited because i've been using them for months and i've been talking about this to my friends and you guys but if you still don't know much about notion it's an app for your daily tasks if i put it simply it can be a journal a calendar a to-do list and there are many other functions which i personally use in my own words whatever you can write on paper or key on a table all of this can be done on notion but with the flexibility of customizing it to your own preference lifestyle and work when i first found out about notion i was really stoked about it because i realized it can be an app that i can unify all the tools into one a multi-purpose tool which is very important for me as a minimalist to eliminate redundancy and standardize all my apps what's important is this is free for you to sign up and of course there are paid version as well but i'm using the free version but you can already receive so much out of it so let me get started and bring you along on my notion setup i know not all of you guys are interested in video making or want to use it as a work related note-taking app so let me share with you guys how i use it for my personal notes and tracking since i've eliminated the use of my physical notebook whatever that came across my mind has to be transferred someplace and i need a place for that and that would be this personal page so let me show you as the name suggests it can be really personal for example my toilet ceiling is leaking recently so this is just a random notes and bookmarks i took from the internet after researching i'm deleting this because i'm done settling this thing next will be the things i've learned i think notion can be my best friend when i was in school that can save me a lot of trouble of having a notebook and a notebook the extra weight is redundant regardless even after graduated four years i still try my best to learn as i go and what is it from books online course of those worth remembering lesson skills i'll throw it in notion and here i have some paper documents you know sometimes i just can't judge if this paper document is something just in case or i really need it in the future i want to declutter it but yet i'm afraid i might need it in the future that's when i'll take a picture of this and declutter the physical copy but the problem is i don't want to clutter my phone and hud this with pictures and pictures of warranty cards or paper documents honestly there's just a minimalist problem you do want a physical clutter and you also do want a digital clutter that's why i'll upload this on notion whenever i need to find any paper documents i know it's on notion all i can do is just search it on notion and proof i got what i want and i don't have to go through thousands of files just to find what i need and once you donate it anymore you can just delete them it's easier for me to remove it from notion as compared to going back to my hard disk or my phone to delete them so moving down i have two trackers let's start with my workout tracker i really don't want to waste my mental energy remembering those small minion stuff and i also do want to clutter my calendar with random reminders so i threw everything into notion i use it whenever i need to work out and what's important here is the date because this shows me when's the last time i've worked out on that area the type of exercise at the side and the next two bars are also important columns i tend to always forget the wrap and set i need to complete how heavy i need to carry so they are here to remind me and the last column is for my reflection whether i'm struggling on the last set or i can increase the weight the next time i'm doing it all of these details used to be written on my messy notebook and now having it on a digital format makes it very organized and easier to edit this helps me a lot when i'm dreaming at home i'll just clean everything on my computer but i'm pretty sure you can use this when you are out at the gym because you can just check it and type it in your phone other than the workout tracker i also have a plant watering schedule i got this plant tracker from the community template so what i have here are all the plants in my room with the name of the first bar the location at the site which i don't think i need this since i often shift them around so i'm gonna remove this and the visual which is the image so i can see how much they have grown and next is the most important part because that's when i last watered my plants that's something i really do want to depend my brain on and neither do i want to over or underwater them so this plant tracker helps me a lot with my plant care this used to be recorded in my physical calendar which i haven't been using it and removed it recently so other than this i still have a list for movies that i want to watch nothing much recently and also a book list for myself it's almost like my to-do list but there's only two columns books i want to read and books i've read and now to my minimalist viewer these templates are for you let's see the first is weekly strategy i've created this wishlist strategy to help us to curb impulsive purchase how it works is whenever we have a sudden impulse of buying new stuff might be because of the sales period or you watch too much product review i know how this temptation feels and this wishly strategy helps me a lot so the best way for us to avoid impulsive buy is to wait for it and let it fade and meanwhile we can note it down on motion so the first column we have the date where you have the impulse then there's a countdown date which shows the amount of time you have waited and identify whether is it a one or need the purpose of having it the price and meanwhile you just have to wait for it to fade so whether the waiting time is 30 hours or 30 days even if you still decided to make the purchase at least you know it's not done by impulse you have taken the time to reflect and research is that the best thing for you to do next would be the new spend challenge if you know you're going to be tempted by the upcoming black friday sales or the gift giving season sales i don't know what they call it christmas sales um you might want to try this no spam challenge out so what i have created here has a start date and an end date for your no spend challenge it can be as easy as no spend day weeks or even a month and i've created a counter column where you can keep yourself in check but what's important here is still the things you are allowed to buy and not allowed to buy i mean we are still going to live our life normally and there are still necessity we need so make sure you set a criteria a rule for yourself before you carry on with this no spam challenge so for now let me start with my work area i've tried a lot of ways to record my to-do list handwritten or on a separate app since now i can unify it into one personal and work app i find very efficient without having different platforms to work on first thing first you can see my first page is my to-do list i use it every day it's a simple three-column table where the first column is my priorities i try to keep my priorities less than three a day that's how i apply minimalism in my work productivity having less priority so i can achieve more focus and the next bar is a standard to do reminder is the column for the not so important work so i use it when i want to push back my impulse of working on other tasks when i'm trying to focus on my priorities so for example when i'm working on my script and suddenly i remember i need to pay my bills so instead of breaking my workflow by this sudden new tasks that pop up abruptly i'll dive at this impulse by typing it down on this to do reminder if i can manage to complete my priorities then i'll go on to my to-do reminder bar if not i'll push it to tomorrow and the last column is the done column i'll drag anything that is complete in it that's the column where i recognize my means and appreciate what i've done today and now we are done with the first page and let us get into the work page a big part of my physical notebook consists mainly my video ideas i mean if i only have that few videos i guess it's fine but as i started to grow and continue to make more videos this is definitely not enough and now all my ideas are in notion so i have no use for that and i have a specific page for my video ideas so what i have over here are the ongoing videos that i'm currently working on and i've completed once which i dump everything in this 2020 page and at the bottom there's more ideas for future videos and whatever you guys suggest will be recorded inside this page as well and every time when i'm brainstorming for ideas i'll be using a video template and this template i have to say is an inspiration from ali abdel he's a productivity youtuber and also the reason why i've adopted notion in my workflow i've used that template and did some alteration and that's something awesome about notion because you can customize any template to fit your own preference so what i have here at the top is the status of my current ongoing video next will be title which i will have a list of them and later on then i'll filter it down same thing goes for thumbnail i'll have a quick description on how it would look then we have the main body which is the content the details of my video and i also can attach bookmarks or any articles that i've read that can be helpful for my script one of my favorite features of notion is creating a bookmark because i haven't been using my google chrome bookmarks and i can just sort it out respectively in the page itself at the bottom is another quick checklist for me to double check my work once i've exported my videos so this template is basically a check for my workflow for my video so whenever i need this template i'll just copy paste and work on a new page so moving back to the work page i have this youtube calendar it shows me the schedule of my next video and the sponsorship column which is very important because sometimes i do get my dates wrongly so other than this table view you can actually change it to a board a timeline a calendar or a list so it's up to your own preference so that's my work page it's very simple and currently i'm not working as a team of this art or for my own accountability but if you have a team you can actually share your work pitch with your team members and there's actually a limit of five people unless you upgrade to the paid version so for me my girlfriend and i always wanted to work on something together hopefully a business in the future so for now we have a page where we share together and we will throw in all the ideas inside and it makes it easier for us to view and discuss when we are not at the same place additionally other than my templates i've mentioned there are a lot of different templates available at the community templates area it's for anyone to use whether is it for your work business or personal you can always find something that can fit your lifestyle having a journal on notion is easy as well but it's just my personal preference i'll still prefer to have a handwritten one since i like to shut down on my computer and then write my thoughts but if you don't mind to have a digital journal you can start from notion as well so that's how i utilize notion as my note-taking app and i have to say it's one of my favorite minimalist tool because it literally helps me to reduce my paper clutter my physical notebooks so if you are interested in exploring the capability of notion you can try it out yourself with the link in the description below it's free and all of the above templates will be made available for you guys and i'll put it in the description as well i might not have mentioned all of the functions on notion but if you want to dive deeper you can check out other youtubers like ali abdel thomas frank they can show you how you can utilize it as a student a filmmaker or you just want to be a productive guru i'll put a link at the description below as well so i hope this video can make you realize the perks of having a digital note and help you remove redundant paper clutter that's all i have for you guys if you are new here i make videos on minimalism and self-development so if this interests you you might want to consider subscribing to this channel because i don't know when's the next time my videos can reach you on youtube and to my existing viewers always grateful for your love and support thanks for liking and watching this video and i'll see you guys again next week [Music] bye [Music]

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