How Minimalist Fashion Changed my Lifestyle

if you ask me to name one minimalist fashion designer i have to say it's martin magella all right before i change this video thinking that you are not here for the fashion stuff let me clarify that this person we are talking about today he actually implemented a lot of minimalism philosophy in his work and it's pretty unique at this time which got me really interested about majella's history and only until recently then i realized i can actually relate their philosophy to minimalism so if you are afraid that this video is just gonna be about fashion it won't because i'll still relate the philosophy back to our everyday lifestyle by the way if i budget his name please pardon that and let us get started maison minimalism martin majala an extremely quick introduction on martin majalla obviously he's the man who started his own fashion house honestly that's all we need to know because we are not here to talk about his clothes his work or his fashion we will go straight ahead to his minimalism approach and let's start with the first point everything white standardization if you are someone who already knew majella's work you know that the color white plays a vital role in the brand's philosophy and how the fashion house perceived this is white is neutral just like a blank canvas ready to be filled and if i have to say that's the color of minimalism the absence of all colors the brand fully utilized the color white and if i want to explain that to you i have to bring you back all the way to the beginning of everything when a brand just started out a period when the house had not much to spare to build their studio so they have to collect furnitures from different places stores flea markets and even from the streets as we know with furniture coming from different places that comes with different styles that makes the whole studio inconsistent and messy but they came out with a good solution paint everything white and drain out all the colors just so they can standardize everything into one despite the irregular style and white was chosen because it represents a blank canvas and connotes an anonymous nature which is another brand philosophy the brand abides by more on that later but speaking about painting everything white that resonates with me a lot because it reminds me of my frugal self and make do with whatever i have at that moment if money is an issue when the furniture is old they can repaint it white again but of course that's during the period when the fashion house is financially strapped i'm pretty sure they are not in that state right now for my own minimalism lifestyle i try to own things that are dark colored because they don't get dirty easily at least stains are not that visible and it helps me to keep things less messy when they are the same color i know not everyone will appreciate this kind of mental asylum vibe but based on color psychology white creates a sense of clean and sterile feeling and we have to admit white room makes the space look spacious to some mazella's way of draining colours away from the room might be to extreme for any living space i personally wouldn't try it in my room but from a fashion design studio or productivity standpoint by removing colors and distractions to a blank state i don't know that might help us with our productivity stitching labellers truth be to it the text of the brand were just a plain white cloth sewed to the back of the garments with four white stitches leaving four tiny white lines exposed at the back of the clothes what magellan wanted to achieve here is to reject fashion industry norms an anti-brand approach rejecting conspicuous consumption where people purchase goods in order to publicly display their wealth social status and happiness through logos and texts on their body so how we execute this anti-brand philosophy is by having a meaningless white cloth attached with 14 threads and the purpose of that was meant for the consumer to cut it off after purchase to achieve a garment with no labor my includes for the cludes not for the logos and labors and after so many years this can be seen in modern minimalist habits as well removing labels and logos to achieve a visually free home and not fortunate what brands want us to see i think that can be a good reminder for us not to consume or purchase something just because the social status it gives us and i need to clarify removing labels is not a rule or any sort it's just a personal preference one choose to live their life personally logos and labors don't affect me and it's almost impossible for us to avoid them in our life anyways so i wouldn't give myself so much stress just avoid it but we have to go back to the majella's tag because there's something ironic here because the direction of going anti-brand has become a branding by itself people purchase majella because of the iconic four white stages at the back one wants to pay a fortune for that just to remove the only sign of luxury by the way i wouldn't cut this majella shirt because it's not mine to begin with so don't worry but the black tea you saw earlier i have to clarify it's just a representation they are not from mozella i just saw a random white cloth on my t-shirt just to show how it's supposed to be cut off lab coat uniform in some interviews majella will use the term we or us instead of giving himself all the credits contributed by the team that's why he doesn't like the concept of hierarchy and abolish it from the house by introducing uniform to all employees including himself regardless of their rules and their uniform is the iconic white lab code but when we introduce uniform into an individual context there's no hierarchy for us to break however a minimalist uniform allows us to remove the need to dress based on our mood it removes the need to make a decision on what to wear every day and the fact that most of us only wear 20 of our clothes in our wardrobes that shows that we actually do need so many of them and you can see that on minimalist like mad developer leafy and many other minimalists they can wear the same type of outfit for years i do have a standard outfit for myself they are my go to when i'm lazy to think black tea black jeans and a boot but i will say my wardrobe is more of a capsule wardrobe instead of a uniform because i do wear other clothes other than this but i try to keep the choices to the bare minimum mask anonymity in a world where brands are searching for recognition and awareness from consumers on the opposite end magellan wanted his brand to exist as anonymous as possible and one good way to keep this sense of invisibility is with the use of masks not this kind yes that's how they do it in order for the audience to focus on the clothes and not on the mortar the best way to do it is to hide the model's face with a mask and this region can be seen in most of his runway but of course at the beginning one of the main reasons why modders are wearing masks is because they couldn't afford expensive well-known models and i think that's very similar to how they deal with deaf furniture make do with what you have by the way this sense of mystery doesn't just end here unlike other famous designers majella is extremely persistent with his anonymous persona he doesn't have many interviews nor does he like his photo taken and if i put it in minimalism term that will be less attention on the mortar and designer and more focus on the clothes and that kind of reminds me of my favorite quote from a movie the secret life of water meaty and it goes by beautiful things don't ask for attention and whether is it a brand philosophy or a marketing strategy i guess only one can judge for themselves many years after the beginning of majella the brand philosophy and beliefs has become a part of their brand identity and even a marketing strategy i mean it's unavoidable the labor today has been bought and owned by a fashion group the man martin majalla himself has also left the labor doing his things avoiding any attention and once inconspicuous four stitches have also enlarged and become one of the many best-selling iconic designs i have to say i used to love the brand a lot during my fashion days and i even named my dog maison because it's white and i like the word maison so that's my take on what we can learn from a fashion designer martin majalla and i hope you can learn something out of this it's my first time working on something like this relating minimalism philosophy back to a minimalism lifestyle so if you enjoyed this a click on the like button will help a lot and let me know if i should continue to work on videos that is related to minimalism design or philosophy in the future so i really appreciate that and if you are new here i work on videos on minimalism and self-development if that interests you you might want to consider subscribing to this channel because there's more coming and lastly thanks for watching and i shall see you guys again next week bye

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