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[MUSIC PLAYING] A doghouse is easy to build yourself. Just follow these simple instructions. Here's what you'll need to get started. Always stay focused when
you're cutting wood, especially when using power
tools like circular and jigsaws, and don't forget safety goggles. First, you'll need to measure
and cut your wood pieces. Always remember, measure
twice and cut once. Here are the cuts you'll need
to make for each piece of wood measuring 2 by 4, 1 by 6, and 1 by 3.

Prevent future confusion by labeling
each piece right after you cut it. Treated wood lasts longer and
can handle the elements better, so we used it for the base. But you can use either type of wood. The rafter, bar drafter,
and gable trim pieces will need additional angled cuts. Cut off the opposite
corners of the barge rafter and gable trim pieces at
an angle of 32 degrees. For the rafter pieces, make the same
cut as you did on the barge rafter and gable trim pieces. Then, on only one side, make one
more cut at the two-inch mark, creating a 90 degree angle on the ends. Now let's cut the plywood wall pieces. One piece of plywood
will make all four walls. Cut out both side walls measuring
19 and 3/4 inches by 36 inches. Then cut out the foot wall, measuring
27 inches by 27 and 3/4 inches. To cut the roof pitch, measure
18 and 3/8 inches from the bottom and mark on each side.

On the top part of the board, find
the center and saw off the top right and left corners to create a triangle. On the remaining pieces of
plywood, measure 1 and 3/8 inches from the bottom and place
the front wall on top of it. Trace and cut. This should leave you with your back
wall measuring 28 and 3/8 inches by 27 and 3/4 inches. You'll also need to
cut out the front door. Find your center point and place your
compass 9 and 3/4 inches above it. Use your pencil to trace a
half circle for the opening. Then use your jigsaw to cut it out. We're ready to make the roof. Cut the 3/4 inch piece of
plywood into two halves. After you make your cuts, pre-drill
pilot holes for all your screws 3/4 of an inch from the edges. Let's build the base. Grab two A pieces for
the sides of the frame, two B pieces for the front and back,
one C piece to support the middle, and eight D pieces that
will go on top as decking. Since you already have
your pilot holes drilled, use your drill to attach the A,
B, and C pieces with wood screws.

Now you have your frame. Take your D pieces and lay them
across the frame, spaced evenly. Then use your drill to
screw them into the frame. If you're not using pre-treated wood and
plan on painting or staining the base, now is the time to do it. Next, build the side wall frames. You'll need four E pieces and
four S pieces to make two frames. To build the first frame,
lay out two of the E pieces then line up two S pieces
between them on each end. Screw all pieces together. Repeat this process to
create the second wall frame. Now you'll build the back wall frame. You'll need two F pieces and 2
S pieces to make the back wall.


Repeat the steps you used
for the sidewall frames. Next, construct the front wall frame
using one F piece, two G pieces, and four S pieces. This is where the doorway will go,
so you'll need to frame it out first. Start with the F piece and then
run the S pieces down the side. Put the two G pieces at
the bottom of the S pieces. Use your drill to secure
everything together. Next, build the rafters– barge drafters and gable trim. This step requires four R pieces,
four BR pieces, and two GT pieces. To build the two standard rafters,
place two R pieces together on the sides that needed only one cut. Then attach a metal plate on the inside
where the pieces of wood are joined and add 3 inch screws for stability. Two of the barge rafters
and gable trim will be attached directly to the siding. But since the front barge rafter
does not attach to a frame, we recommend screwing a metal plate
on the inside where the pieces of wood are joined. Now it's time to assemble the doghouse. Your four wall frames should
all line up with the base, leaving a little extra
space for a front porch.

Secure each frame to the
base with three inch screws. Next, screw all of the
wall frames together. Now attach the roof rafters to the
top of the frame, one in the front, one in the back. Once the frame is up,
attach each of the walls. Next, attach your two roof
pieces by drilling screws along the border of the frame. Then, take the two wall trim pieces and
connect them to the sides of the house and the gable trim to the front. Secure the front barge rafter
with the plate assembly to where the wall trim
extends in the front. Then attach the final barge
rafter pieces to the back wall. Now it's time to add
a few final touches. Attach three tab roof
shingles to prevent leaks. Start at the bottom and work
your way up to the peak. You can also have some fun with the
look of the house by painting it. For those not wanting
to build from scratch, sells a wide
variety of doghouse kits.

Congratulations on your new dog
house, from here's how to bow wow. And thanks for shopping
at The Home Depot.

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