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hi guys and welcome to tiny house tips
and tricks episode 4 and this week we are going to talk about financing and
also the various products that we have available but mostly how you can buy
them so this week we have Chris our national sales rep here with us
I'm Bob to tighten tiny homes this is Chris and this week we're talking about
financing so Chris one run us through real quick what types of finance
products are available what can we what can we find in it like if I wanted to
come to tiny tiny home to buy something what that was it awesome so we financed
everything from the trailers and shell kicks up to a full turnkey house so
there's lots of different options as far as that's concerned
so when you say trailer kits and houses what are you specifically so if I wanted
to build my own tiny house correct this is like a personal loan thing or is this
your bank or what it goes through our finance option and it's the loan fabulet
is different from a turnkey home versus on with DIY shell kit but the best thing
to do is to reach out to us and I can redirect you towards somebody on the
finance side and make it a walking thing Stutz what if you got really bad credit
like yeah as far as um if you're trying to do things and save a little bit of
money do it on your own the minimum FICO score required for the shell kits and
trailers it's 550 which i think is pretty reasonable that's crazy that's
great you know financial thing that way you can you know you know take take the
shell kit and build it at your house or if you have someone that's local to you
you just you want to have them bills you know we can do that as well but you can
finance the entire thing through our finance company because I know that well
that's awesome because I know that in the past a lot of finance products you
had to have you know pristine pristine creditor no I do want to make a point
that if you're going to be looking towards more of a turnkey home the FICO
score is going to be a little bit higher than
50 of course but you're looking to see a little bit of money and build on your
own and you want to finance the trailer in shell 550 is the minimum cycle school
that's freaking awesome and this is new that just came about right it's brand
new thing that I mean a lot of times we're working on things here at Titan
tiny homes that we don't release anything we don't even really talk about
pre launch or prototyping or anything like that a lot of our stuff like we
want to make sure that it is it is set in stone that this is something that we
can execute before we really start talking about it
talking about some of our other products that we have available also
so these wall kits right here these can be financed as well right yes correct
yeah and then if you're looking for any of the components mechanical components
we do list those on our website I'm not too sure if we can throw that into
finance yet but you know if you're going to be
building you can also choose a lot of the mechanical components that we use
and that way it's kind of a one-stop shop and you can do that all from our
website correct okay well I guess if you have a credit card you can find out that
something yeah I'll tell all this so that's cool and then what else is going
on and I had another thought that I was going to bring up about financing and
this and that so basically what you're saying this is from 0 to 80,000 we can
finance something in-house right here correct um depending on your credit
score obviously it's been an interest rate so yeah our payments are something
like that so what if somebody wants to do like they want to build their house
local to their area with the tiny house builder of their choice they like our
wall systems maybe they like our trailers or something else that we have
they really want to be a part of the process is it possible for us for them
what their builder to purchase these products as well of course yeah we are
starting to supply builders throughout the nation with our
wok systems and trailers so obviously if the Builder wants to contacts contact us
directly we'll be more than willing to provide a quote and that's very very
easy to do so I mean some of the builders across the country even use our
wall system and the right now right currently yes so yeah and it's a more
efficient quicker way to build it's just overall just a better way to go yeah I
mean we in our last tiny tips and tricks I don't know if you were around but we
did a oral if you saw police did we did a fire test where I literally try to
start the stuff on fire and just could couldn't so pretty amazing pretty mean
yeah I think the guys they assemble a house in about eight hours so well
listen this has been fun if you have any other questions be sure to email us at
info at Titan Chicago comm you can also call us at eight four seven four four
three four zero nine six also remember to Like comment and subscribe to our
YouTube channel follow us on Facebook and if you found value in this or a file
or know somebody that might have some financing challenges in in their journey
of trying to purchase a tiny house please share this video with them we
have a lot of great products that we can offer both the end user and also the
tiny house builder so as always have a great day and talk to you later thank
you watching bye

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