How to install a Yale easy fit alarm with Wickes

the Yale easy fits standard alarm is a brand new system that is simple to use and takes just a few minutes to install start by unpacking all of the components from the box before you can mount these you will need to activate the batteries in all of the components pull out the plastic tab on the back of the PIR you should now be able to see a flashing light through the lens repeat this process for additional PIR s pull out the plastic tabs on all other components to activate their batteries components without plastic tabs require the correct batteries to be inserted finally remove the plastic tab from the keypad you are now just a few steps away from completing the initial setup of your alarm system choose an external wall to mount the siren ideally the siren needs to be visible in order to act as a deterrent it also needs to be out of reach from potential attacks before mounting remove the siren cover ensure the dip switches are positioned like this if the switches are in the wrong position change accordingly use the siren backplate as a guide to mark the wall in the desired location drill the four marked points on the wall and insert the wrong plugs provided line up the back plate with the drilled holes and secure into place with the screws provided warning ensure the tamper switch is fully depressed when the siren is mounted if there is a gap pack with a suitable spacing material slide the switch to the on position inside the siren and then secure the cover into place using the screw provided warning the siren will now be in learn mode for three hours ensure all components are mounted within this time before proceeding to mount the components physically check the siren will receive the system radio transmissions to do this hold the components in the desired mounting locations one by one firstly hold the keypad in the desired location and press the arm button you will hear a short beep next hold the Help button in the desired location and press the emergency button for two seconds you will hear a short beep find appropriate locations for the PIR s supplied in the box ideally two meters from the floor when finding appropriate locations for the door contacts ensure the magnet and door contact are no more than ten millimeters apart one by one press the test button on each component if the sensor signal reached the siren you will hear a short beep when you are satisfied that the components work in your chosen locations mark the wall where you want to position the keypad drill the two marked points on the wall and insert the wrong plugs provided secure the keypad to the wall using the screws provided now continue to mount all of the other components when you're happy that everything is in place press the disarm button on the keypad and enter the default pin which is four zeros the siren will beep twice now you need to set your keypad pin press panic button a followed by the default pin which is four zeros ensure that the LED is continually flashing then press panic button B followed by your desired four-digit pin press the arm button to confirm finally press the disarm button twice your PIN is now set please note if the pin doesn't change repeat the procedure again without pausing in between steps warning make sure you remember your PIN code as this is what you will use to disarm your alarm system to arm the system simply press the arm button a single beep will sound from the siren giving you 20 seconds to exit the building before the system is armed to disarm the system press the disarm button within 20 seconds of entry follow by your four-digit pin the siren will beep twice to confirm the alarm is disarmed the Yale easy-fit range of alarms designed with the user in mind

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