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Properly preparing the windows
of your home for a harsh winter will not only keep the
inside of your home warmer, it will also drastically
reduce energy costs associated with heating your house. It is a good idea to remove the
window screen in the fall months. Since windows are usually closed most
of the winter and they're not needed, removing the screen allows you
access for winterizing your windows and will help your screens last longer. You will first want to inspect
your windows carefully. The best way of testing for
air leaks is the candle test. While inside, hold a lit candle up
four to six inches from your window. If the flame flickers or if it is
extinguished, you know you have a leak. Continue your examination
of the window unit. Are there loose or cracked
panes in the window? Be sure to examine any strips of
caulk for cracking or peeling, and check the weather stripping
between the frame and the wall. Any of these elements
may cause an air leak. If you notice old caulking that
is coming loose or breaking apart, remove the old caulk and
reapply a fresh coat.

This can be applied directly to
the surface of the window casing. If you have completed
these tasks and still find drafts or air leaks
in your home windows, you might consider purchasing
a window insulation kit to install on the exterior
portion of your windows. These kits contain a shrink
film that adheres directly to the exterior of the home. This insulation will help reduce cold
air filtration through your window into the home, keeping you
warmer and lowering energy costs. Some may go a step further,
hanging heavy curtains or drapes inside the home which act as another
layer of protection from the cold. While this may help some,
many people conversely prefer an abundance of sunshine from
their windows to help warm their home.

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Window films adhere
directly to the window pane and will block up to
99% of damaging UV rays which can fade furniture,
rugs, and floors. Using a window film will allow ample
but safe sunlight to flood the room, so it will not damage your home. Window film kits come
with a handy squeegee, edging tool, lint cloth, and spray
bottle for easy installation. Whether your windows need a simple
touch-up or a complete insulation, every job is made easier
at The Home Depot. If you have any questions
about winterizing your windows, please see a local
associate for assistance.

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