How to Survive a Canadian Winter in an RV

[Music] Oh winter in Canada so pretty and peaceful but would you be crazy enough to live in a trailer or while it's -20 outside well turn out we are and we survive in this video we will show you how and why living up the grid was the best choice for us but maybe you'd want to know what happened to Devan you know her previous home to make a short story we came back from Alaska with Devan and let just say that happen now back to the trailer when we first moved in the place look a little bit old and rundown and it was cold we took off the whole curtains and some furniture sooo new curtains and pillow [Music] we built a composting toilet well it was more a bucket in a toilet we didn't want the bugs to freeze so instead of using it we hold water every day we add insulation to the floor the roof everywhere we could [Music] we install a propane heater and the best part are tiny wood stove this would keep us super warm for the rest of the winter [Music] we painted cabinets and walls and finally our new home was looking pretty good life wasn't so bad we could play in the snow and then come back in to grab a cup of coffee and do it all again we discovered that our new backyard was one of a kind [Music] some chores were harder than others for example taking a bath take several steps boil water pour in the bug sprayer position the folding bucket in front of the heater then pump and get clean [Music] hollowing the roof I can't even remember all many times I had to do this but then after living in a van for over a year living in a trailer was pretty easy we didn't even have to move around to find a place to sleep at night then some day something happened spring came back we made it true winter whoa not what who really knows all we know is that we'll be back in two vents soon travel some more and continue to live tiny and off the grid you


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