How We Get Ready (for a Pig Butchering)

i woke up this morning at 5 45 i got up and 
got ready don't mind the humidifier in here   somebody left the sink on yesterday 
we have a crack in our sink and   you do the math it overflowed down in here all 
out and it was coming all the way out to here   so now we have the dehumidifier going i took a 
bath at 6 30 i got out about seven it's still dark   outside i'm on time to go farming and then it hit 
me of course i didn't go to bed with my clothes on   but let's just really can't hear nor did i take 
the clock with me but let's just roll with it   and i said to rebecca i'm so tired am i lazy and 
she said you're not lazy you're just recovering   and isn't there that saying too it's um 
you're not lazy you're smart because you're   giving your body what it needs which is sleep 
you slept like 11 hours so i would say that   you probably needed that i checked on you 
twice because i was like and i slept too die   till 9 45 i feel like a college student i 
haven't slept that long since i was in my 20s   to repair your body needs sleep and so 
i think it's good it doesn't bother me   any i mean that's nature's greatest healer i 
would rather you sleep for a week like that   yeah and be better than to push yourself and 
take a month to get better yeah good morning good morning you miss me even if i sleep 
i can't even sleep until nine i can't even   sleep until eight and you're the sleep enter 
you're our best one sometimes i can sleep until   7 30.

Yeah that time i'm lucky what 
about you mr henry can you sleep in   no something or all of this stuff in this kitchen 
sink we're using on this reactive arthritis is   working i am starting to feel better so how am i 
doing well that's always been kind of a difficult   question to answer because like it's kind of up 
and down how do you describe pain to somebody else   pain is a lonely thing if i wanted you to look out 
there oh look how fun willie is in the we can pull   it right up to our place and that that could be a 
nice one just look at that becky look at that out   there in that nice sight yeah and she can look 
and she can see it we can share the experience   not so with pain even if she's high even if 
she's had reactive arthritis it's different   everybody has different pain tolerances everybody 
has different levels of severity yeah that's very   interesting i never thought about that because 
you've never had a baby i'll never know fully   what that's like actually i'll never know at all 
what that's like no you won't steal one to 10.   one is me running the barrel walla beast coming in 
12th out of hundreds and feeling good at 24 years   old no pain 10 is how i felt after soon after 
skeleton left and it went to all my knees   straw tear and stress that's a 10. 
probably the worst well the worst   pain i've ever felt in my life normally i'm 
at a constant three with my lyme disease   so really i've got to kind of do a measure in 
between here because i can actually walk on   my feet now i'll be slow i can actually 
walk on them without excruciating pain   there's some there and i certainly don't have 
flex in my ankles i'm gonna give myself a five-ish so we're making progress guys we're making 
progress well how can you draw mom at the   10.

pexels photo 4911779

Oh she's stressed with me i like that 
stress smile that stress mouth what's for   breakfast my guys or lunch whatever this 
is spaghetti thanks for doing chores my man   i didn't even tell them i couldn't go did 
you tell them i couldn't go what they say they're probably happy they don't have the 
inspector no because i've turned into an   inspector and that's no fun we might give 
you breaks i'm not much help but to inspect   nobody likes an inspector so i'm gonna start 
carrying you but then they won't be so upset   if i come i've gotta listen to my feet starting 
to act up after that bit there a little bit you   gotta listen to the pain gotta listen to the 
pain as soon as possible get that right henry   inside i feel better i feel this energy i want 
to get going and that's the curves it's like   i've been doing too little too long but don't 
but trying to be careful not to overdo it   we do have to get the pig stuff ready today guys 
okay okay butchering tomorrow what does that mean   we gotta find all the things and get it all lined 
up so we'll show you what it takes to get ready   for a pig butchering all the supplies you need 
which isn't that much that's what's really cool   about a pig butchering you 
get a lot of meat without   really that many tools unlike a chicken butchering 
if you have all the things mama is cooking up some   epic amount of broth and some tomato sauce 
we are gonna can broth for the very first   time meg holler coming tomorrow to help us 
with that what the heck what are you doing   okay the name of the game is getting ready 
for the pig butchering but more importantly   keeping the kids together to help get ready for 
the pig butchering when you guys are done with   that computer come help okay trying to think in 
order of actions first we shoot the pig actually   we don't we i i mean i'm right here so we'll do 
this first we actually give the pigs skim milk   but we're here so let's let's let's get this ready 
let's do a little target practice make sure it's   working find us a halfway rotten or ugly pumpkin 
maybe one of these pumpkins without a stem yeah   do those those are like mixed breeds they're not 
even white or yellow this is the first obstacle   getting everybody's shoes on the destination is 
all the pigs pig supplies together the journey   is going around and getting that let's keep this 
moving guys i'm trying to get this done within an   hour trying to take breaks along the way not 
to overdo it this i found to be the secret   to peaceful butchering get it all ready 
before the day of okay i think i have   uh full metal jackets in here but we need 
but that's the ones we're going to use   but we have less of those than we have hollow 
points so we're going to save these and we're   just going to we're just going to do a round just 
to practice make sure we're comfortable with the   gun this is nice you ready for this okay how do 
you get your kids used to this stuff well they've   been around it all their life that's one way i 
realize a lot of you your kids haven't you haven't   had the privilege of having your kids around 
it all their life so just be normal about it   act like this is the most normalest thing in the 
world because 100 years ago it certainly was and don't force them to be a part invite them to be 
a part and let them take us participate in as   much as little as possible but do insist on them 
coming around even if it's kids just swinging on   a swing nearby and you're harvesting they're 
going to be curious they're going to come over   and they're going to have fun and they're 
going to associate this with something good it might take some time this has got to be the coolest gun ever i guess 
it's the savage 22 magnum if you could only have   one gun on the homestead it would be a 22 magnum 
not a long rifle 22 magnum a little more powerful   so we're going to use a solid point in the kill on 
on both the beef and the port i used to do a 410   but that's they can't get any slugs i would use a 
410 slug but they're just not available right now   that's the gun you got me back for for father's 
day do you want to know how to keep a pig's head   still don't feed it boy they they move that 
head around give it give it something to drink   so let's just try to get the well it looks like 
whey but they'll drink that hey i failed to show   you guys the chicks we got chicks the other 
day and this is the latest we've ever gotten   honey ain't nothing dying in this thing not from 
rats anyway so they're all they're all here what'd   we get 65 few died right like 16.

Yeah there 
was some shipment death and it's from mcmurray   hatchery thank you mcmurray hatcher yeah and uh 
this is the latest we've ever ran them they will   be out on the grass in the frost state one time we 
did but they'll be older that was the one that the   year that they all hundred died and shipped yeah 
we lost 100 rats this year and then we lost half   to cold weather early on rain in the spring it 
was the rain not the cold weather i feel like   you can get sea monsters and they go past your 
last frost date which for us is october 10th   they'll have all their feathers i think two three 
weeks past oh this is gonna be like your frost   date is okay we're gonna butcher that's pushing 
that is that's like three weeks past we did once   with friends they weren't our chickens that's 
pushing it i don't think you want to do it any   later than that i would bet money 
she's gonna be fine with just the way   look how stiff she holds her 
head perfect she loves it she never knew it was coming one bad day they 
never you never know what happens we've got our   head still we've gotten the shot off we need to 
we need to slip the throat all right i'm gonna be   smart about this i'm gonna have to go a little out 
of order just so i'm not walking all over the farm   we're down here let's go ahead and get our pallets 
out hey we might not have to get any out there's   looks like there's one two three four five six 
all right we'll just come get them in a minute   on willy those pallets serve as a table so we 
can scrape the pig hey are those working no   homemade stilts why don't they work wow they're 
too big and clumsy and plus i don't want to fall   out hurt you maybe don't have a grid grip yeah if 
you had a good grip at your top it'd probably work   guys come on you guys get stuff for fire 
okay can i put my phone uh a lighter paper do we have firewood over there we do stacked 
against the barn all right i need to have a   sitting down break check something on the internet 
word on the street our vlog didn't post on friday   so i'll rest and see if see what's up 
with that sure enough it didn't post all right mucho scrapers my japanese knifes recommended 
by brandon farmstead meat smith this time no sawzall we're 
gonna do the zen of the saw   as brandon calls it we're gonna use the hand saw by the way you want all this stuff that we 
use for pig butchering i've got a kit for it   i'll leave a link down in the description you got that up next comes there's something   is it strapped oh this here it is josiah 
make sure your hands are on the way okay all right let's look at the pallets 100 gallon scalder we've got this hurricane five   scalding stand steel we got our flame torch jonah 
do we have a lighter for this what's wrong with   this can you get us a lighter for it and trash 
that's going to be our chain for hauling the pig   up by the tractor let's put that ganbro on the 
tractor too ready to go we've got our hoist ready   our bean yeah that's fine that'll work so what 
we're gonna do is take the carcass over to the   butcher who also happens to be a pig breeder of 
old spots so we're gonna pick up a replacement uh yeah i don't like that big chain let's do the 
little chain instead the boys are filling that up   we also need a metal bucket to be able to pull 
hot water out if we need to can we swim in that i don't know please papa i would maybe 
let you swim in if it wasn't on the stand   why don't you just swim in the creek 
we've got all the tractor stuff need some fuel that was shocking started on the first try that's it we got us a table let's go ahead 
and hose it off we'll have a fire under there   that needs to get started first thing in 
the morning let's get us a wooden paddle   what is that it's a stirring paddle sure 
just just distribute it rinse it off yeah   all right we'll take that look at that thermometer 
while we're down here okay so we got a barrel   look it's going good becky i see a barrel 
and i see a lid i think we need two though this is for transporting our carcass 
we're gonna rinse this rinse this out   let it sanitize in the sun where's 
the other one we got the other one we are back inside i've got some chicken going 
we're gonna add the veggies now look at that   those were two big birds like six seven rebecca 
and i wish we would remember before now put the   veggies in what are you doing there you're 
just making sure i'm trying to just get it   kind of like down here how is it guys where i 
ate faith likes it we got potatoes from the land   onions and chicken and she's at home 
you're eating broth and a chicken bone you're in heaven farming henry is in heaven

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