Hunting Cabin Construction “Tour” (Part 1)

every man likes to have their little home away from home and ours is our mine is rather and but as you as you get older and or the kids come along is camping doesn't cut it because we used to sleep outside on the ground around the campfire but it's okay for you but if you've got little kids with you it gets kind of cold when when there's ice on your sleeping bag in the morning no tents no nothing that camping real camping but anyways we bypass the tent and went straight to staying in a cabin a house if you will so I got together a few years back with some of my friends hunting buddies and we ended up building a cabin for us to stay in and there's no air conditioning no electricity no running water it's pretty much a step up from sleeping off the ground and definitely well definitely a step up from sleeping off the ground and a step up from sleeping in a tent so right over here is where we end up cleaning our deer we'll string them up in this tree right here with a pulley system mend up a mic that's just a 55-gallon drum hung up real high so you can get take a shower underneath it if you need to but we we pump water into that and then from the house bring it down here so we can actually wash off stuff it's pretty simple setup got a couple of swings up for the kids to play on keep them somewhat occupied in our woodpile we're in the process of getting some more wood for next season and then the fire ring and keeping the cows out of the fire rings pretty tough they always seem to come in here and mess it up real bad but a nice big fire ring and usually we can get about eight people sleeping around this head to toe throw a bunch of wood on there get your fire about three feet tall our logs on there about three feet tall it's nice and warm but this is the cabin we built most of its built out of reclaimed lumber the decking 2×6 cedar the doors are from a remodel and the 1/2 of these windows the window you see right there is brand new I just I've decided I'm wanting a window that big and had to special-order it but it's basically sitting on little 20-inch pads of concrete and then some cinder blocks stacked up about too high fill the cinder blocks up with some concrete and then built our our foundation underneath that the Foundation's made of two by eights around the perimeter doubled up and then we have a 8-foot floor joists that are two by sixes using joist hangers underneath and at the end of this I'll throw in some some a slide show and if if if I can I'll annotate some few things too so if you're watching this on a mobile phone you probably want to check it on the internet so you can get the annotations but the siding on this place is cedar picket fences the privacy fence I'm using the six inch wide pickets they look a little better than the four inch but it's basically going around and picking up used to fencing when people tear down their fence put up a new one what place would be complete without an outhouse we've got a little pathway over there and outhouse in the woods we'll go take a look that minute but the deck it's really important nothing to have a big deck if you will because it relieves some of the space inside especially when it's got a lot of folks outside but here on the outside we have a little gun rack right by the door let's let's take a to Worr inside got some kerosene lanterns mounted on the wall nice ambiance if you will and then inside the footprint inside the building itself is a sixteen feet wide and 24 feet long adding the deck out here comes out to be 32 feet overall from the from the length but inside this main room it's 16 by 24 these windows across the room and on the side there's some real nice Pella casement windows with the little crank openings on the bottom and once again those are from a remodel notice the white they haven't been painted yet and the flooring is still is reclaimed lumber from a decking project from someone getting the new deck put in it's a 2 by 6 cedar pretty expensive stuff but I mean this is I think their deck was about 1500 square feet so I was able to State stay up able to save all that he'll be here we got a little wood-burning stove with a heat reflector on the back which I don't really think does too much but it's still nice to have and I've got a little RV stove that runs on propane like it's we leave them open right now because we do get mice in here and by leaving it open it seems to fort them getting inside and making a nest a little cooking surface when you got about 10 people out here or more you need to have as much cooking area as you can so we we really pile it on it's just a propane stove top and over here you get a little little RV type sink with a hose that runs up to these 5-gallon water-cooler bottles so we just need to bring out a new water bottle whenever we we need more water for doing dishes washing hands and such we have propane lighting in here these lights are supposed to put out like 75 watts of an incandescent bulb but I don't really believe that we have one in here in the kitchen and another one over here on the other side of the room and below that for added heat and quicker heat if you don't want to wait for the fire we have a 40,000 BTU propane heater it's an older Dearborn Peter I think as a manufacturer in the 80s but menacing cranks it out and sucks up about a tank of gas in about 10 hours on high or close to being high it's a little storage here for hunting stuff and those boxes tables folding tables for when we want to eat bunch of folding chairs we don't have any permanent furniture in here because people sleep here on the floor of the main room so by having you know the table or something that keeps it kind of limits you how many people you can sleep and where so we just kind of fold everything up and move things around a little gun case out here little rubber boots for when it rains and then we have a bunch of Coleman propane lanterns as well as other lanterns and you got a lot of folks out here is pretty nice having these set up the roofing is just metal roof with the fence pickets again as the crosspieces the trusses I picked up somewhere from somebody tearing down some parking a parking garage on the woods somewhere I guess but anyway so they were pre-made and I just made big triangles to shore them up a little bit but we have a little bit of storage there and afters I want to keep everything open you notice there's no drywall no insulation because it like said we do get mice and I believe that cuts down on how many mice you get in here we do put a little poison out for him and then this was the the main room as we built the first time oh yeah we got the cooking counter there with windows windows seals so you can watch the kids keep the kids from killing each other and a little cabinet space right here a little countertop whatever that is I forget just keep a few odds and ends but for the most part we keep all our food paper products in these plastic bins right there to keep the mice out bottle opener very crucial we have one about every 10 feet um that's the first one I'll show you some more anyways this is the main room that we built the first time and then we decided that you know what fire extinguishers very important too we decided that we needed more room for these kids because we put the kids to bed noon we want to play poker well the kids would be sleeping there right in the floor we're trying to play poker so we built the bunk room mm-hmm and the bunk room is eight feet wide and well I think 20 or 18 feet long I can't quite remember but uh the the beds I got this made I've calculated my width on this top bunk here you can put a queen-size air mattress and a single air mattress side to side so you could put about four or five kids lined up like cordwood if you want right on there and then on the same on the it's the same on the bottom and then we put a single right here and a single right there and the ladders posed as get a ladder hand to keep kids from rolling off in the middle of the night if they had to I didn't have any more of a two by six seater so we ended up using 3/4 inch plywood tongue-and-groove glued the pieces together and in here we also have another heater and it's a fairly old heater underneath there I have a floor vent and I examine on that there's a floor bed underneath there can't really quite see it so that the heater gets fresh air in here and then on the wall a collection of license plates from all over the country and some in Canada kind of cool plus it's kind of neat to see the kids in here laying down talking about which states they recognize and then they can read and then I have a map of the u.s.

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So they can get a better idea and all our kids are you know 11 or less and then we got a little documentation of the stages that were built for the for the cabin itself a few signs around here got this from some of my co-workers up north pretty funny and little medicine cabinet right there for kids to put little toys and stuff in windows for ventilation and then another door from another remodel happened to match the front over here but on the propane I'll show you how that's set up we since that heater over here sucked up a tank every night you'd wake up in the middle of the night and the heater would be out so what we did was I ended up doing the dual regulators kind of like you get on the RV and move this out of the way take a dual regulators and I got a dual regulator for the heater and that light above it and then also have dual regulator for the kitchen for the stove and actually the heater in the in the bunk room so right in there there like I can't see because a reflection but there's a I got a propane light in there and a heater and so the kitchen and that propane lighting and heater run off a double tank as well so here's our these two tanks on this end or on a double rope regulator that run that that room and the kitchen and then I got a few extra tanks here that are full and at the other end I got another two tanks running on a double you the double regulator as well none of a smoke so that's really not an issue I'm having the tanks like that plus we check them for leaks you can pretty much smell propane but they just they sit on some rocks on the ground basically and that that hatch right there keeps us allows easy access to them to switch them out as needed so on this side here's the outside of those windows the rafters are open up there it's just a screen so if I ever do decide to drywall it and put a drywall ceiling in it shouldn't be an issue and then our propane is just you see if I can show that it's just run up underneath the cabin here I insulated them I worked with a few guys from the north and they were telling me about their propane lines freezing up so I thought you know what I'll do it probably don't need it down here in Central Texas but it doesn't get cold every once in a while so that's how I plumbed everything under there walk around the backside here it's my back window here back side you can see where the addition came on we had to remove our siding put it back on it's the bunk room welcome down here to the outhouse use a lot of cedar posts from the property there's our drain from the kitchen it's just some one-inch pipe comes right through here underneath here into a what used to be a bed of gravel but we don't we don't dump a bunch of water in there so doesn't drain that fast it's not like you're pouring out a ton of water and then our outhouse over here which is made to match the cabin itself before we had outhouse this was our throne as we called it very simple concept removable toilet seat so when you're not here you're not getting any scorpions or spiders making a home under there you just pick that up put it on top and you're assured that it's clean and when you sit down you're not going to have anything biting you anyway so that's a little hunting abode hope this helps and I'll put some slide shows at the end thanks for watching

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