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hey welcome back to the channel today we're going to be talking about chainsaws why are we going to be talking chainsaws because when you live out in the remote area or off grid or in the country anywhere a chainsaw is one of the most used tools especially if you have uh wood burning heat today what i'm gonna be doing is i'm gonna be taking my 450 and uh checking out why it's not oiling and i think i know why the oil piston pump uh gets worn out in them and what i am going to do is replace the oiler uh with uh the oiler from a 460 rancher and to show you a little demonstration a little example this is an oiler from a 460 rancher it's all complete um steel structure where the oiler from a 450 is is plastic and it's not one complete unit and this one also is adjustable so this is one that i've pulled out previously out of the 450 um husqvarna and it's completely worn out so i did have this in there once uh i put in the uh a new oiler in there and again i think it's just been uh worn out so i'm going to show you how to uh replace them there's a couple things you've got to uh do uh including um changing the bar size as well so i'm going to be using the bar out of the 460 as well and putting it on the 450.

Uh this 460 rancher the motor is completely shot on it so it is just for parts and the neighbor down the street he had actually two of them that he's blown the motor on and so he said take what you need from this one and uh here we go so shout out to curtis for helping us out with this now i've taken apart as much as i can before i get into the nitty-gritty so i pulled out the spark plug that was here um i've taken off the cover i've taken off the uh old chain um that was on here so the original chain on here was an 18 inch i'll be replacing it with a uh what is this about a 20 inch i would say and as well as a new chain as well and the reason i have to replace the bar on there is the gear ratio on the 460 is a little bit bigger than the gears on the 450 and uh let's get right into this so first what you got to do is uh choke out the motor so that it doesn't rotate inside so what i typically like to do is toss in a screwdriver and i've seen guys on youtube also do this with a piece of rope however i've done it in the past with a piece of rope and found that if you don't use a big enough gauge of rope or too soft of a rope it will still spin over and now you got that piece of rope stuck in there and it's going to be a hell of a time trying to get it turned back over just to get that yanked out and then if you do get it turned over it could get cut off and now you're left with a piece of rope in your motor so using a screwdriver is perfect now once you have that if this is locked right you you can turn it into reverse and that's not a big deal but this here the threads are reversed from your common thread so it's a left-handed thread to um tighten things on and so to loosen that you need to turn it right and uh once you get down to this uh rotator here they do have two divots on the outside that you use um to to hit it just to disengage it so what i'll i like to use is i'll use a flathead screwdriver electrician's hammer and there you go so now you can spin that right out you can pull up the screwdriver out of the motor that's not needed anymore now that comes out this comes out and you also pull out this gear here and last but not least you're gonna also have to pull out this plastic piece here let me just grab a screwdriver try and pry that up just like that so all that here is gonna be going uh i'm gonna put it into the 460 here so that someone else down the road can use it for spare parts now what we have to do is loosen off the screw here with a phillips and then now this plate comes off and so if i look in here the oiler is a little worn out again this is a brand new oiler so um i'm just going to call it a day and not even use this oiler anymore and i'll put the 460 back in here and what i'm also going to do is uh pull out the oiler that was from the 450 and put the 460 in there for one reason uh the one from the 450 is only half enclosed where the one from the 460 is completely enclosed and they fit they're the exact same size and everything and it fits perfectly so you toss that in there like that and now the ironic thing about the 450 is it has this uh a screw hole that is meant for the 460 so the 460 oiler has a set screw that goes inside and ironically the 450 has that in the same place so what i'm gonna do is um and the also the other thing about the 460 is it's adjustable and uh again it has the same slot for adjustments so my thought is that they use the same casing for the same units just that the internals are a little bit different so i'm gonna jam this oiler in there and now she's in there perfectly fine i just gotta toss the screw in off to hold the oiler in all right now once you have your oiler screwed in uh you you can't use the um this piece here from the 450 just because it has this little spring on the back and this oiler um is a lot more narrow on the groove so you have to use the one right from the 460 because it's also uh just a thread and if you look at the two they look exactly the same just that this one here has a spring however when you flip it on the front side here you can see that this one has eight slots around around the circle here where this is just a cross through and that makes a difference when you're putting in your gears because uh that one's from the 450 because if you see the one from the 460 here it fits in there perfect right and so it doesn't budge where if i was to try and use this one it just uh doesn't sit in there anyway at all so that's an important piece to keep in mind when you are changing out parts so what i'll do now is i'll put the plate back on and one thing to keep in mind when you're putting this plate on is to make sure that the oiler right here is not pinched underneath the plate itself or you might have some issues with oiling up your bar and now i'm going to take the this piece here from the 450 put that in there and what i like to do is just give it a little bit of a spin here and make sure that the oil is coming out of the oiler you can see it pumping itself and then what i like to do is toss in the rest of this so first what you're going to do is toss in this piece to make sure that this groove lines up with this groove here just like that and then what i like to do is toss in the um the inside piece over top that way i know that it's not uh sitting underneath and causing any impedance and so right after that what i like to do is put this on left handed it's a left-handed thread or an opposite thread so instead of turning right to loosen or sorry uh right to tighten you're going to turn left to tighten and one thing i forgot to point out is the gear ratio on the back of this one and the part of the back of the 460 is the reason i have to put on the 20 inch bar rather than the 19.

Uh just because the gear on the 460 is just that a little bit bigger than the 450 and uh i tried it once where i tried to put this one on and it just didn't go it was just that much uh short so i ended up changing them out and putting this one and it works fine and now the next step is to uh put the bar and chain back on there so i'll get the 18 inch bar i'll put it on there like that all right i'm just going to set the chain up in there just like that and then i'm going to put the cover back on so so all right once i get the bolt on let me just clear this out of the way here once i get this bolt on i don't tighten it all the way i set the chain first and always with the chain you don't want it right tight you want a little bit of play and once you have that little bit of play there then i like to tighten this up and that way you know that it's the bar is good it's not going to budge it tightens up the screw in there as well and uh just making sure that the clutch is uh working properly and now it's time to toss in your spark plug so take your spark plug screw it back in there scrub once that's on pull off your spark plug puller put the cap back on or the igniter should i say and then what you want to do put this piece back on and there you have it so now i have a 20 inch bar on a 450 and a new oiler which i also can adjust down here in the bottom just like you could do on a 460.

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And now let's see about firing this up all right now the moment of truth to see if this chainsaw works the way it's supposed to i adjusted the chain so that it's uh tight but not too tight um tighten down the bolt here i'm going to keep the clutch disengaged right now because i want to spin uh once i turn it on that way as i have it on the ground like this i can see if it shoots out any oil onto the ground if the oil is shooting down on the ground that means the oiler itself is working uh properly then what i'll do is i'll engage the clutch to make sure that the chain does stop and then i'll turn it back on uh to make sure that the chainsaw goes back on give it a couple revs and see what happens here we go well there you have it that's how you take some parts off a 460 rancher put it onto your 450.

there are some things that you have to do that to make it work properly but as you can see the 450 works great now it's time to get out there and cut some trees if you got any good info off of this video please do uh give us a thumbs up uh hit the subscribe button if you're new here and we'll catch you on the next video thanks for coming out.

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