Installing 1000w Solar Panel Lift for Off Grid Campervan / Van Build #18

we were ladi and margaret and we bought a van for $ 2,000 and converted it to $ 4,000 and we traveled around Europe with our cat millie. we also make these ridiculously powerful electric bikes like you've never seen before. our base is in the Czech Republic, where we made a workshop at the junkyard, renovated it from scrap and turned it into a fully equipped studio. We customize and 3D print just about everything, and now we're on a new mission: to create the best possible motorhome with no imagination limits and see what we're done with. And in this video you'll see some of our workshop foster kittens. did i mention we love cats? The journey behind the solar elevator began a month ago with the decision to make your own elevator with an ultra-thin profile. We will tilt one kilowatt of solar energy because our van will have a lot of fun charging technologies, such as our two electric bikes and a built-in 3D printer.

this is the least used space we noticed in the whole delivery, so we will have a 3D printer there. It's just a space to make it fit, and I'm really excited. the roof is laid out with four panels placed around two roof vents and two panoramic windows. ladi came up with the idea for this assistance round about three weeks ago and two weeks ago he completed most of the attachments, all listed in the previous episode. we strive to reach an angle of 47 degrees, which will allow us to use the sun much more throughout the year, especially in the winter months. it's hard to admit, but it looks like I messed it up. it's not strong enough. in our last video, we were pretty sure we loaded 70 kilos, but it turned out that we had only loaded 60 by mistake, and when ladi added another 10 kilos, the drive started working too hard. it turns out that 10 kilos made a really huge difference. with this extra metal beam see what happens.

It is even painful to watch. how hard he tries. I'm afraid I can burn these drivers. aha you know what's the worst? here I have this central beam, which needs to support all the weight of all the solariums before bending. because it's three and a half meters, it's a really long time. so the beam will be about six kilos and I think it will be located somewhere. It's so painful to watch. I hate it when I need to cut and change things because it's good.

it is well done. stamina. what. rated load speed: 300 kilos at 10 millimeters per second. what. I'm about to lift 45 pounds 40 pounds each activator at worst. more like 35. I don't understand. That's so weird. I got this idea in the morning. I woke up and hit me. that we may not have had a strong enough power supply. it has 5amp limits, so only 12 volts. I realized we have this battery that has a 4 s, 16 volt configuration.

And can supply up to 100 amps, so it was definitely a choke. I didn't have enough strength to pick it up. um hopefully that was the case. hopefully. I also intentionally use a stronger cable and I can watch how many amplifiers it draws here on bms. now draws four amplifiers. and now we haven't been able to go through this point and I'm loading it a little extra, look, we'll see. Wow, I'm so nervous. [Applause] Thank God! do you see that crazy self-confidence? how much power he has. how easy! wow faith restored. it's so crazy for me. that's what it was. it was just a weak power supply.

If ladi didn't realize that the fight with the elevator was caused by a small power supply, he would have to cut it all off and create completely new accessories and even change the angle of the controller. basically the whole thing to do again. Prototyping is a scary process, so it makes more sense for most people to buy a finished product. but we know what we want, and we did this workshop specifically for projects like these. we could never create an elevator like this renovation in front of a workshop. these screws are such an essential component of this mechanism because they are so easy to reassemble. thanks to that I can easily spray it. and fine-tune some details if necessary. the other two attachments are crossbars. we need to mount two sizes of frame with actuators on top of the van and get an accurate measurement between them.

connecting these spokes will also require some unique shaping, so the ladi will quickly create a template and ensure that it rises without hitting the top of the already installed skylights. Wow. it shakes the whole car. it's so stiff that I'm basically pushing the mullet against the rubber to push it down. like a small wedge. so easy. Wow, that's a millimeter spot. left side versus right side. Basically this whole length will support all the solar panels on the roof.

because we have two of them, and then two of the four solar panels are actually directly above the actuators. so this beam does not hold them at all . I can easily objectively check how much it bends. that's 20 wow, that was 20 pounds that i would never expect. it is nothing. it definitely has a reflection. on a bumpy road it would bounce like that on the roof. metal piece number two. it's 20×15 that it almost doesn't bounce. and this is 15 kilos, which is not so bad. quick thanks to skillshare for sponsoring today's video. skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of inspirational classes that are created specifically for learning. which means there are no ads and always runs new premium classes. a friend from my parachute base just gave me this plant for my birthday last week, and I had to admit to her that I never actually owned a houseplant and didn't even know what to do. It was lucky for me to be able to take an indoor gardening class to grow houseplants vegetables and herbs with etka chaudhary.

I learned that I would spill it and die if I continued to do what I was doing. and of course many other things. the first 1000 subscribers who use the link in my description will receive a free monthly trial of skillshare. so you can start exploring your creativity today. ladi is currently working on plywood stencils to make sure that the crossbeams match the structure we have so far. then he would have to cut it out of the metal, shape it to fit nicely before welding it to the van. I think once it's done, it will actually look like the right frame. first I need to make sure my template works and if I make these cutouts if there is a collision with the roof or not. here he starts the assembly on the car and tests whether it has any obstacles. Yes, it may be that it may even pass. I go as close as possible to not restrict opening and also to give me as much space as possible for this little corner of the panoramic window.

If it's not risky diy , I don't know what it is. I come higher so it doesn't fit , and I can start welding. It's not the safest thing we've ever done, honey. ladi took both ladders and put them on the other side and I don't think he remembered that I'm stuck here now. bunny, you took my ladder. I'm stuck. me? Yes you. It looks a little different here, doesn't it? The workshop underwent a huge transformation, which included painting doors, painting tables, painting all kinds of machines, we have a new board to help us with planning, and we printed a few of our favorite photos from our travels around the world. they were all taken while we were living from a vehicle. we loved it there, we have a lot of beautiful photos from Turkey.

a kua! Kua loved it too! small maha! the largest print is dubrovnik, which is 2.2 meters long. These photos are the icing on the cake of this whole renovation process . it works a little less in this place like in a workshop and a little more like in a creative studio. [Music] is now starting to look like a product , like something you would buy in a store or online. will not buy. that's something I wouldn't buy anything like that. nothing like that. that's the best part. handyman gold. crazy what can paint. these drives are rated ip54, which means it's definitely not for spraying on the van and definitely not for moisture … none of that. so I have to solve, look around and close those gaps. I'll probably also do loctite and all these screws because there will be a lot of vibration on them. [Music] There are several actuators that you can buy that are completely waterproof and would be useful for such elevators. Unfortunately they do not make waterproof and the strength we need, so they must be waterproof.

The drives are placed under the panels themselves, which significantly protect them from direct rain. [Music] look at that! everything is glued, glued, it's all glued in those screws, sprayed, loctite. it is all sealed and sprayed in black. you've never seen this. I've never seen it before. This should be a remote control actuator and comes with such a switch. No. color of the 70's slider and extension antenna. wow, that's funny, a little nervous when you see a kitten, because cats aren't like dogs, they're not friends right away.

It can take a very long time and you only have a child's syndrome. the kitten ended up in this tree, so I think it will definitely happen. I could even catch you to have a controlled appointment. I'm a little scared. I don't want anyone to think of Millie less if it doesn't go well. Yeah, there's a hunch here. millie, that's okay. kitten, are you territorial? Millie. everyone is okay. Yeah, let's cool down on opposite sides of the plant. I'm sorry it's weird for you. I know. I really like you just growling at her and not beating her millie, that's good. because you are a very annoying little kitten.

pexels photo 7034007

Millie is going home, now we leave her alone. good? come on. yes, i think two millimeters will be better than one millimeter. I have all these different samples, so I'm trying to feel how it feels. in case we have any vibrations while driving. better than scratching the varnish and eventually start rusting. plus this sound. The next step is to create attachments that will hold the solar panels on the frame itself. it must be stable and the panels will depend on how we lift, steer, charge, deal with the wind and so on. ladi makes an attachment for each side of the panel and ensures that the two in the middle are locked together.

[Music] these custom dominoes, the result of my day, all these holders, solar panels to the frame. hopefully it will be good enough. I will use rivets for the whole thing. would you believe me if I told you I'm using rivets for the first time now? why would you ask. why? exactly. [Music] I'm scared. I'm afraid to pick it up. and no one has done it yet . there is a lot of money in solar panels. a lot of money in general. usually a lot of time. Can you imagine I picked it up and everyone slipped like this … page number one completed without a problem page number two leading directly to the connection of the two panels together. army special. He made sure that all the skylights could open easily, but you can see how close all these are. Look at that. Beautiful! after looking at the 3D drawing of how we wanted this roof to look like months and months, it's been so wild to see how it connects.

and as soothing. as if we did. it's happening. it's happening. show me what it does. just a little just a little. definitely … that's enough, that's enough! no longer. yes, it's all good. it looks so cool. it will work. wow though. [Music] now it's time to do a proper test, everything installed. Yeah, it holds so many points that there's nothing wrong with that, I think I can go for it . [Music] I just want to check the other side, but … my God. I fear. it looks so stable! it looks so stable! This is quite a ridiculous concept. Well, it's possible. Hi! it's doable! it is feasible !!! this money cannot be bought. you can't buy it with money. this feeling of victory. I love the center panel like this large 500 watt unit right here, the window compartments, everything tilting down and locking right in place.

that's pretty crazy. good morning everyone, we have a bright and beautiful new day. good morning, it's not even morning. honey, don't ruin my atmosphere. I'm going to the pit, I'm working here today. you know what I needed for cardboard again, that was nice. Okay, I'll catch it. I didn't find any good parallel connectors that would be waterproof, so I decided to pin them all together, pull them together, seal them, shrink them with heat, and they all have quite small organized connectors.

the second option would be to create strengthening strips and I found that it is more difficult to have a box and this is my solution. this is a kind of important seal. it's protection against water, against sharp edges, [Music] see, I filled that heat shrinker with a hot glue gun and then I blew it inside . [Music] [Music] I know you can buy them, but it's easier for me to model and print them. and I really love modeling and I really like to improve. I did it now, I can just go through it and have positive negative values from the solariums and positive and negative for the action members.

and I also got a small template and I can easily place it on the roof and mark exactly where I need the holes and cutouts. and maybe even sand everything around, I don't know. like that mammut keeps it? I don't know. but it's really fun to test things. And as you think later and be like wow, I would never believe that epoxy can hold such a large weight for so long.

you know? stressed. and so on. exactly this. it is easy to fix on the road, it gives me peace of mind and it is a really interesting experience. 3D printer template I like it okay, the rest is easy. it is just this typical raw work. [Music] I don't need a template anymore, you can keep it. Thank you. oh, don't stick to the inside of that hole that would be uncomfortable in the morning. well great. This is a cute little detail. well. I mean, you've seen how much 3D we've printed so far, imagine what it will contain inside the delivery . and what colors. do you like light show them a little honey, a little bts, where it came from, so I'm basically placing this slider directly on this middle roof support. and then this last move as he slides down. this is too long, this is three and a half meters, so it bends in the middle. so it keeps on supporting, it goes on my uh elevator and it sits there. and slide and even go up.

and it will be nicely pressed and supported while driving. wow, that's scary, tight, okay, is it twisting now? It is well. aha, it's stiff. before it bounced around. I can still see he's doing it on the other side, because I'll do it there too. so what should we do? mammoth? It would be very off-brand for you to pick something over the mammoth. braven day be friends with us. please sponsor us. but why would you like to advertise for free? Beautiful. so this is one of my areas of maintenance. I have this lubricant and basically a protective oil film, so I'll spray it here and there. make sure both wires are exactly the same length. because at this distance I could feel a little difference. longer wire one of the drives would go slower and that is double core double insulation. check out all those uh 3d printed cable holders. now I can easily turn on the tie and everything has everything neat.

electric porn. look at that last positive. the last part of this solar line in parallel. so I screwed all the connectors correctly and now I have these strong shrink tubes and I will show you how to connect these connectors watertight. I think it's interesting. [Music] , you have to be fast, because the hot glue gun will start to shrink too fast. all right, get ready, go nice, this is good, now i'm experienced. more drops, it's good that it releases the hot glue gun again [Applause] and then tightens it and squeezes it nicely [Applause], which is waterproof, it's a nice seal, this is a galvanized tape that is basically scratching through the protection on The top has already overcharged the joint, but I can tell you that I have never seen anyone do it this way.

I've usually seen boxes and connectors made there, but it's additional hardware on the roof and it seems so simple. and it's also uh, you know, interchangeable or interchangeable. now they have a zipper. [Music] and just a test of my right or wrong wiring is right here and right now, so I think I should read around 46 volts. Wow. I am very excited to be able to move forward and engage a large 15-kilowatt-hour energy bank.

It will be a crazy charge. but there is still a long way to go to that point. until then, I will enjoy the ride. [Music] I've tried this lift several times and I'm always nervously checking all these details if everything works perfectly. and after some initial ride I'm quite surprised and I'm pretty sure at the moment. because it looks like it's a really solid structure. and it seems to be quite stable as it locks, as it rises and everything is fixed in place. overall, I'm quite proud of this mechanism. it's just a killer feature of this van that I've never seen before.

[Music] I thought it would be a more aggressive sound, but this is so soft. I can't wait to show you all the specifications of how it works in low sun as of now. it definitely comes in the following videos. so now you know it can be done, so just make it better. make it from aluminum. improve and enhance at the top of my design. Thank you guys for watching today's video about the solar elevator. If you want to show any special support for this channel, we don't have a patreon, but we do have a YouTube membership.

So if you go to our homepage, you will see a small button with the words "join", just click on it and it will really help us go to make these videos for you full time. make sure you tune in to the next one and subscribe, as we have some HUGE news related to travel by life that we can't wait to share with you. until then, we will have further testing. stay tuned! [Music].

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