Living Alone Diaries | Cleaning Routine & Apartment Organization with minimalism

Hello my friends and welcome to a new video. 
Now today I thought I could just organize   my messy apartment with you. I have created a 
little to-do list that you will see on the side   and I hope you really enjoy this video.
Before we start I want to say that if you   were expecting a sort of sign from destiny 
to tell you to start organizing your place,   because it is looking a bit messy too, this is it. 
just get inspired and start organizing your home.   My home kind of gets a bit disorganized if I'm 
having pretty packed schedules or busy weeks,   or if I'm having a lot of things in my mind. 
and this week was a combination of all of this.   I'm now cleaning my face and I'm doing an acne 
treatment at the moment so it's very important   for me to have a consistent skincare routine.

desk was not very disorganized at all because I   have been working downstairs for the past couple 
days, so I just have to put a couple of things   away to start my skincare time. and of course I 
have some clothes in my chair. Who doesn't have   a chair for clothing? just tell me if you do 
this please in the comment section down below.   for skincare I am just wearing a moisturizer 
and on top of that I wear sunscreen.   Sunscreen is a really big must for me because   since I'm having this treatment on my skin I 
have to protect it a lot.

And actually including   sunscreen is something that will prevent 
aging quite a lot, I totally recommend it.   As you can see my face is turning a little 
bit red and that is because of the treatment.   I really want to have a sort of brunch today 
and this is something that I kind of enjoy   on weekends. so I'm going to start by boiling a 
little bit of an egg. Here goes the boiled water.   One of the things that I like about having greens 
in the container is that I kind of batch wash them   and then I can just grab them.

Because if I were 
to wash them every single time that I need to eat   them I would just be too lazy and grab something 
else. so I just like to batch prepare this   and just keep it in containers. I am preheating 
some quinoa because I kind of feel like making   the salad today. My top tip to make the boiled egg 
is just to add a little teaspoon or a tablespoon   of vinegar into the water and it prevents 
it from collapsing and being a mess. adding some cheese of course 
and some olive oil, because   we need that flavor. and also I added some 
seeds and nuts that I had in this container. and   we cannot forget the bread. It's so 
important to have toast with my egg.   It's like a rule if I'm having soft 
boiled eggs. I really like toast there.   So this is our big salad. It looks really 
nice. I'm already excited to eat it. I'm quite   hungry actually. but unfortunately, I don't 
think our egg turned out to be correct.   it actually is oh my gosh, I can't believe 
it! I really thought it would be cooked   all through the middle too.

no, this is a success story.   This is how our eggs should be. I was so happy 
to see this and so happy to taste it too. Am I the only weird person that likes 
raisins in their salad? just let me know today it is a day where we want a refresh 
so we have to do laundry. and I know   laundry can accumulate super fast, but I 
have to wash sheets. and this is my big pile   of things that I need to wash.

So I'm going to go 
downstairs, where we have a sort of shared washer   with the whole building. and I just put my stuff 
there. I'm always afraid that somebody will be   using the machine when I go downstairs 
but today I was lucky and nobody was.   I have got some leftover dishes from yesterday. 
and one thing that I like to do before I start   washing is to kind of pile up and organize 
my dishes. I might be the only weird person   that does this, but I kind of like to 
have a sort of organization when I wash.  and of course, we cannot forget to wash and clean 
our counters too. so the idea is basically to   just give your home a bit of a fresh start: some 
fresh air, some cleanness and some putting away.   Having a dish rack saves me so much time. Now that our dishes are done, I'm going 
downstairs to change my clothes from the   washing machine into the dryer.

And we will 
have to wait 45 minutes until that is done.   coming back, cleaning our shoes. Our clothing 
is now dry. and sometimes when I wash too many   clothes it doesn't fully completely dry them 
up so I just lay all of the clothes in my bed   and wait for a bit until I can just fold them 
and put them away. so I kind of hang everything   and then I just put the remaining 
things to air dry for a little bit. As I said, I am using the 
downstairs table to just work.   It's much more convenient because of 
the internet. I would love to work   upstairs but my internet connection is not 
the best and I have many meetings per day.   I also did some shopping yesterday in a health 
food store and I got a couple things like:   the bread we ate today with our toast, this whole 
wheat pasta.

pexels photo 6523297

I'm going to try this almond milk,   which I think I only bought once in my life. Next 
I have some coconut oil and that's pretty much it.   Now this is what I have to do every single time 
that I want to use my vacuum machine, because   it is very very loud and I don't want 
to hurt my ears. I use a combination of   two headphones to prevent some of the noise from 
reaching me. I look quite funny and I know that   but I don't care because yeah the noise. it is 
really horrible and don't worry, I'm gonna save   you from having to listen to that. I won't put 
the sound on this clip, lucky for you, because   it's very very noisy. Since I came back some 
of my plants survived but this one didn't.   and i've been trying to save it for a couple 
weeks now but I haven't had any luck. and i'll   have to just give up and take it back where 
it belongs, which is my brother's bedroom.   Everything is now dry. just putting it back where 
it belongs.

And I love to put things back to   their little home. I kind of like to organize 
actually, as you might have noticed already. and since we have been working so much, and 
so many hours have passed since we started,   I am making a little “Mate” to have a break 
time. and if you don't know what “Mate”   is just look it up because it's something that I 
adore. I always like to let some fresh air in and   this is actually a beautiful day. A little bit of 
sun, a little bit of “Mate”, a little bit of just   good music, is everything I need right now. 
I'm happy.

Do you have some sort of refreshment   that you go to whenever you want to have a 
break? because “Mate” is exactly that for me.   but every break has an ending, and this break 
comes to an end. We have to clean the floors.   Sometimes going in with your vacuum is 
not everything you can do for your floors.   This is a bit of an example of what I do to let 
my clothes air dry. I am just hanging up every   single piece that I'm able to hang, and I just 
put my sheets in my mirror so that they dry up.   making my bed real quick and I'm actually 
using this kind of thick bed cover because   I get really cold at night. so it's not the 
most aesthetic thing but it keeps me warm. I'm also folding all of my sweaters, and as 
you can see we always go with the gray theme.   that's just how it happens, it's kind of 
a coincidence and also not a coincidence.   and right now I'm just picking out an outfit 
to go to the coffee meeting.

I'm quite excited   because I haven't seen these friends for 
the longest time, and I really miss them.   and I also want to have a nice cup of coffee. but 
since we have been sweating a little bit because   we have been going up and down the stairs quite 
a lot, it's time to take a little bit of a shower   and refresh ourselves. Now this is a recent 
purchase for me. It's a bold thing because   as you can see I'm not one of the colorful 
people, but I thought this was just a beautiful   color. I love the shape of this, and I thought 
it would be just my statement piece and I love it Before leaving for coffee, I want to share 
with you the end result of all the work   we did today.

This is how our space is looking 
right now. so beautiful, so clean, so fresh, and   I love that everything is neatly organized again. 
I feel my best when everything is like this,   but I also allow myself to have messy days, 
because that's also part of me, and I accept it. Now we are at the coffee shop, and I'm having a 
moment of not being able to decide what I want to   eat, which always happens to me, because we've got 
so so many options.

And I'm thinking about this   “chocotorta” so much right now… but yeah we'll 
see. The place is actually really pretty, and this   is my first time here. but all I know is that I 
really want a big cup of coffee, that's everything   that I'm craving right now. We had to wait quite 
a lot, which was a bit unfortunate, but the food   looked really nice. and we decided to share a 
couple things with my friends, which is actually   so cool because you get to eat and try out 
many things and you feel great afterwards. I   ordered a cappuccino. look at this beautiful 
creamy cappuccino. I love it. We wanted to   try this kind of maracuya cheesecake. It was the 
sweetest combination and also a bit acidic because   of the maracuya. okay my friends this was all 
for today, I really hope you enjoyed this video.   I think it is a bit different from the videos 
that I usually do, but I really really enjoyed   doing it.

please let me know in the comment 
section down below if you did like it and if you   got any comments or suggestions for the upcoming 
ones. I really hope you have a wonderful weekend,   I also hope you can organize your place because 
you deserve to be in an organized and nice home.   you deserve to feel comfortable where you are. 
So yeah, I'm sending you a bit of motivation   and energy to organize if you have to. I hope 
to see you next time, so please stay simple..

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