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in this video i'm going to tell you all the best and worst parts of tennessee so stay tuned [Music] what's up y'all i'm rachel haditz's i'm a realtor with crylike in murfreesboro tennessee i post new videos every week about life and real estate in the murfreesboro area and beyond i've lived in tennessee my whole life whether you're considering a relocation to tennessee are already planning on moving here you're going to want to know the pros and cons of living here make sure to let me know down in the comments where you're tuning in from or where in tennessee you're going to be relocating to so first let's start with the cons the first con that i came up with for living in tennessee is bugs living in the south there's going to be bugs generally they will be worse in the warmer months we have crickets wasps roaches fleas stink bugs mosquitoes ticks termites bees and spiders we've got flies we've got those annoying little gnats that surround your face when you go on a summer hike you're definitely going to want to bring some sort of an insect repellent natural or otherwise unless bugs just don't annoy you you'll want to talk with your veterinarian about what flea and tick medicine is going to be best for your pet and for your yard we do have places in town that will spray your yard for bugs on the flip side if we didn't have bugs in the south we wouldn't have started putting screens on our porches i just love screened in porch the second con of living in tennessee is the high humidity again this is going to be pretty much anywhere in the south you step out in the summertime and your glasses just fog instantly when that heat and humidity hits them if your hair is prone to frizz like mine you're definitely going to want to invest in some products that help keep your hair calm in the humid weather and that brings me to my third con of living in tennessee is that the weather can get a little crazy at times the first thing that you're going to want to know about is the tornadoes certain months of the year here in tennessee we can get conditions that are just right for tornadoes the scary thing about tornadoes is that they're pretty random in their path and whether or not they even touch to the ground and that's not to scare you the likelihood of actually being impacted by a tornado is actually quite rare that being said it's always important to have a plan in place once you move here you'll get a plan in place it's basically just picking a room in your house that's lowest to the ground and a room without windows and you just huddle and cover your head if a tornado is in your area you'll actually get an alert on your cell phone sort of like the amber alert system where it will alert you even in the middle of the night and the fourth con of living in tennessee is our high sales tax tennessee has one of the highest sales taxes in the nation at seven five percent the sales tax has two parts one state and one local our state tax is seven percent and this does account for the majority of how our state makes its revenue according to while the local tax can vary by county it's generally 2.75 and that brings us to a total of 9.75 when you go out to the store and make purchases comment down below if where you're at has a higher sales tax than what we're seeing in tennessee and now on to the pros of living in tennessee and your wallet is definitely going to be happy here [Music] the first pro of living in tennessee that you're going to want to know about is that we have no state income tax and starting in 2021 we will no longer be taxing 401k or mutual funds that means whether you're currently working or you're moving on to that retirement chapter of your life you're going to have more money and wealth in your pocket the second pro of living in tennessee is oddly enough the weather while the crazy weather is a con i actually rate the weather overall as a pro some states seem to just have one season dominate the majority of the year but tennessee gets the best of all four seasons we have cold winters although they are mild compared to what you see north of us we have gorgeous springtimes where you'll want to get outside and see the fresh foliage and blooms that appear summers come in at hot and humid as i said before and they bring the bugs but there's a lot that you can do outdoors here summers are for going to the lake and getting out by the pool get out and enjoy nature during the fall it's the perfect time for a hike and see how the leaves will change colors if allergies are an issue for you springs are tough and falls are even tougher here in tennessee we have ragweed which i'm highly allergic to and a lot of allergy sufferers are just keep that in mind that you're probably going to want to address the symptoms the third pro of living in tennessee is the stunning scenery that we have here from the smoky mountains national park in east tennessee to the many forests rivers and waterfalls that are sprinkled throughout the state wherever you decide to live within tennessee there is something beautiful for you to get out and experience tennessee has over 50 state parks to get out and visit i'll leave a link to our tennessee state parks website down in the description the fourth pro of living in tennessee is that the cost of living here is very reasonable where you live in tennessee can have an impact on how much your cost of living is but generally speaking we are lower compared to other states cities like memphis and nashville are going to come in a little bit higher on their costs things in tennessee that come in below the national average include gas prices property taxes and the cost of housing and this is actually our number one driver of people moving to tennessee from out of state our cost of living is reasonable and allows people to have more financial security while also securing the american dream of homeownership i love living here and i do feel like the positives of living in tennessee far outweigh the negatives if you're considering moving to tennessee go ahead and reach out to me i'd love to help make your transition to tennessee as smooth as possible i live and work in middle tennessee but wherever you decide to move i can connect you with someone that can assist you my website contact info and social media links are down in the description if you enjoyed this video you should check out my recent trip to burgess falls state park in middle tennessee give this video a like subscribe to the channel and click the notification bell so you'll be the first to know when i post a new video i've got so much more to tell you about life in the murfreesboro area and beyond so i'll see you at the next video

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