Living on One Income || Homesteading in the Suburbs??

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I am going to each one to you about something that I'm really passionate about and writing about for a long time and thank you the idea of pen study in suburbs so I'm going to explain to you a little of what that's all about you need some ideas to how to get started so sanitation mercy so for those of you who don't know me my name is Kirsty I blog this whole home where I talk all things home in a roomful I post weekly content here on YouTube if this is something that you're interested in I would love to have you as part of the community so please go ahead and hit that red subscribe button below now it's not going to be too windy out here to talk today I come out to the garden so that I could finish clearing those garden beds behind me and get more planting done the wind have picked up in the last couple of minutes and the birds are going crazy in the trees over here BAM I play dope you got to get this video done without too much noise for you guys they're not everyone has heard the term suburban homes day I think most people are somewhat familiar with the concept of homesteading you know moving out country living up the land quite often going off grid it's become hugely popular it's had a huge resurgence in recent years I think a lot of people know what that is on the other end of the scale in the city is the been a huge push towards zero waste living and minimalism and those ideas have really caught on and gaining a lot of traction lately as well rest of us are living in the country or in the middle of a big pity for windy really thing out here somewhere in the suburbs around 2.5 kids and um we still are wanting to live a life that is lower and some flaw and more environmentally-conscious and she find sometimes its ear about funny bit of deeper meaning and what we do with out everyday lives and that's where the idea of them at home setting has really throwed that gap for a lot of people it seems to read sometimes that we have this term suburban homes dating when basically all that we're doing is consciously stepping back a little to live more similar to the way our grandmother's did um but that's just the nature of living in a modern society is that these things aren't considered the norm anymore so we do have a name for it so that we can find other like-minded people to share our experiences good or bad but to share our experiences with and to encourage each other with and I think that's why the terms of suburban trans dating has become so important to sue he son has shifted and it's getting a little glare so I'm going to try not to take too long with this video today um so I'll go over the basics of what suburban hearing study yes I mean like it's can a part of rural homesteading it's basically centered around the idea of moving your home from a center of consumption to a center of production so obviously the scale that that is happening on is going to be different and some of the activities that we are partaking in are going to be a little different the same basic premise [Music] applies by moving from having a lot focused on consuming things to a life focused on producing what we can it's about living slower and simpler and more sustainably and as much as we can a little more self-sufficiently our self-reliant like to know which time it is that you gel with so in a nutshell that's all suburban homesteading is shifting our focus from consumerism to production within our home wherever that home happens to be so when we think I'm studying we often fake milking a cow for the milk and make out but errata mean our cheese or we think of growing a huge garden and canning the produce or we think of keeping chickens for eggs and meat and obviously a lot of these things are just not possible out here in the suburbs even if I was allowed to have a cow I turn half the face we're on seven over and five meters square here so we're not even big enough to be allowed to have a small goat but we are big enough to have egg chickens so that's what we do and that's the whole idea is working with what you've got to do what you can now I wrote a blog for my while ago and I think it is probably the most popular post on this whole firm and and it continues to get views all the time and it is 101 literally 101 ideas for ways that you instead in the suburb so I'm going to put the link to that box blog post in the description box below because I think it will be so helpful for so many people to give you some ideas of where to start you don't have to do everything start where you can start with where your skills lie or something that is interesting to you or I think cheap and easy but you think oh yeah I can do that ad for um you might be really surprised and go through the list and realize that you do a whole stack of these things already and you didn't know that that is really what suburban home is doing it so I'll put that list in the description box below for you guys and hopefully that will be hugely helpful for you so I thought I would tell you if you think you do here in our homes about my kickstart so my dear for you to do in your home um I can see my cat coin to look easy now I don't think that we do everything on my hundred n1m list I am Not sure I haven't checked it in a while I will have to but the point is that you don't have to do everything you do what you can um the time and place that you're in at the moment um super up some of the major things we do that Sun is shifting again I have to keep shifting with the Sun it is so bright out here today it's really really lovely weather so it's going to be a really good day for planting um so I don't think that we do everything on my list of 101 ideas but some things that they do do um keep chickens we grow a garden we buy our food in bulk from scratch we make our own cleaners how we clipped rainwater on this huge tank hiding behind my spectator we do what we can with what we've got and we try to live our lives at a slower pace so I would love to hear what you're doing any global program to be just that little bit more self-sufficient and sustainable so please let me know in the comments below what suburban homesteading looks like in your home if this is a path that you've already jot it down and if it's not what's the first thing that you feel that you might like to change in your home please let me know if you found this video interesting or helpful please give it a big thumbs up and I would love to have you as a subscriber here as I said I post weekly content on the topics of home and home school and there are quite often additional information that goes with those things favored on the blog that I would love to have you as part of community please do hit that button trans leave a comment below or me I will see you guys later in the week with another video talk to you then I am off to plant my videos you guys

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