Making a LEGO Domino Machine

First we need to build some 'dominos'. Each domino is 5 stacked 1×3 bricks. These are actually pretty close in size to 'standard' domino run dominos. Let's start building the machine. This basic design drags a stack of dominos along the floor and pushes one out at a time. The main limitation of this design is the number of dominos that can be stored. Let's sync the indexing arm to the drive wheels. This stores 9 dominos, though it could be lengthened for a greater capacity. Instead, I'm going to flat stack the dominos vertically, which will allow for a greater supply. First, we need to a way to make them fall into the correct position. These arch pieces seem to do the trick. Just need to modify the indexing arm so there is a little more space for them to fall.

The dominos will be stacked in the middle, and the bottom one will be pushed out. We'll extend the indexing arm to do that as well. Time to build the storage frame for the dominos. Some manual testing with a few. Seems to work. Let's add a motor to drive the machine. And expand the capacity. This can hold 15 dominos. We'll expand the storage later to store even more. Now we'll add steering capabilities. We'll just add a basic rack and pinion steering system. And use the servo motor to control it. I wanted the storage to be easily replenished, so I decided on designing a cartridge system.

pexels photo 5760844

The cartridges can be easily filled, and have a capacity of 30 dominos. They can easily be swapped in and out, to replenish the supply. Now, to hook up some power, and remote control capabilities. Let's test it out. Let's really test it out. I built 360 dominos in various colors, and 3 cartridges for loading them into the machine. I tried to make some nice even spirals, but my steering isn't that great. 🙂 It's go time! Thanks for watching!

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