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Welcome back to my next video After a long camping trip, today I went back to my cabin to continue working on my wildlife life project. The weather started to change to the rainy season, and the water in the streams increased again. especially the terrible floods that can happen at any time Do you guys notice anything different? It was my bamboo bridge that was washed away, after the early floods of the season, I was quite sad but had to accept it. In front of me were bamboo segments of the bridge stuck by the stream This piece of bamboo is still very good, I will make use of it as some essentials. After the rains, the water in the streams begins to reappear and is much more favorable than the dry season. My vegetable garden has also been affected a lot by the rains. Newly grown vegetable stumps were uprooted because of heavy rain, and I had to replant them After such rains, everything in the garden is disturbed I started cleaning around the house like before Arrange, check furniture After resting, after boiling water to drink, I started going into the woods to find some wood to make tables, kitchen shelves, …

Choose straight, medium-sized trees The tree has been taken, almost in full Now I'm going to measure, cut out the necessary sections to make a food processing table Determining the size and processing of the details and parts of a table Fit and align the bolts to match as well as possible Assembling details for each part Then put the parts together to form a table The boards are prepared for the top of the table. After finishing the table frame, I started to assemble the panels into the table top. Planks will be assembled and built to be sure during use So the table is completed. It will be used for food handling, food storage The spring water is clear and clean after the first few floods of the season Small fish are fighting each other for prey I found a rather deep puddle that the floods left, there are many kinds of fish here, especially the trout. Because this is their breeding season These are catfish, they are quite slow, mainly lurking in muddy puddles, making use of their catfish to escape.

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So the best tool to catch them is to use a net to scoop. Now I'm going to cook a pot of rice, then I'll take care of the fish I just caught and make a grilled fish with raw vegetables. Note: for this catfish we need to wash it with salt water to reduce its mucus, then surgery will be easier and cleaner. Now I will season the fish for 15 minutes before baking. Now I'm going to the garden to get some vegetables to cook another dish for a fuller meal I will fry it, and my herbs will be served with the fish Fish after being marinated will be skewered and sandwiched in the grill before baking. Ready, set your plate and enjoy for yourself! All of you are invited to have dinner with me A simple meal with a few grilled fish and some stir-fried vegetables is enough to close off the perfect day, right? How many dishes are in your dinner tonight? Please comment below the video to see how different my life and how different you are! It's already dark, around the tent can only hear the cries of insects, ..

There's no sound of people or cars like the city that you hear all the time. That is the wildlife that I choose. The video here is the end. Subscribe to the channel to get the latest videos from me! See you soon!.

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