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Today we 
are going to talk about minimalism for beginners. Hey everyone welcome back to the channel. Maybe you're someone who has adopted minimalism 
for a while now or maybe you're someone who is   new into the world of minimalism , let's first 
get an understanding of what minimalism is. Now so many people are of the idea that 
living a minimalist lifestyle means giving   up on the modern amenities of the world. And some 
people think that minimalism is encircled around   the material positions of life. Now minimalism 
is not about having fewer things in your house.   I'm somebody who has been practicing intentional 
living and exploring minimalism as a lifestyle for   few years now if you ask me what minimalism 
is then I would say it's valuing yourself   much more than your material positions. Minimalism 
is a process of identifying what is essential   in our lives and eliminating the rest, that is 
keeping us from enjoying what matters the most.

We live in a world which is 
so far from being minimalist,   it often becomes difficult to create the time 
and space to enjoy the simple gifts of life. Nowadays we are so overwhelmed with the material 
possessions, with the digital interference and our   mental clutter. Minimalism is not a set of rules 
but being a minimalist is rather a state of mind   where we are able to enjoy everything that we have 
and just not be worried about what we do not have.   Also being a minimalist helps us 
in living a less stressful life. We all do have the freedom to choose how much of 
a minimalist lifestyle we want to follow initially   and then take it over from there. Like I am not 
an extreme minimalist. Minimalism makes a lot   of sense to me because it allows me to focus 
on my life, the way I want to spend my day,   focus on my work and be more present in the best 
way I can.

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Also minimalism has helped me to make   a lot better choices in life. It doesn't at all 
matter if you have 100 clothes in your closet   if that is getting in the way of what really 
matters to you. It's something you apply in   your life to make your life better. It's rather 
a tool to remove all distractions from your life   and minimalism has got no benchmark that 
you can follow.

It's simply a great way to   make your priorities come alive in your life. 
That is it for today. Thank you and namaste ..

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