Minimalist Apartment Tour l DIY l Black & White

hi ocean breeze house can I come in yes you did welcome to shin-bi's apartment everyone is here almost five minutes time I've decided to film whatever I have right now because if I just wait for it to be perfect that's never going to happen so it's going to be really quick apartment tour there are two things I really focus on my place taste great smell and light every morning that someone just wakes me up and I get to start my beautiful day hey guys this is my living room as you see everything is black and white and I will show you around come here hey guys this is my living room as you see everything is black and white and now is your your okay what is this Oh so be quiet you over there was really big ugly shell door and I decide to remove it by myself DIY I will need a man I did it all my results Rimmel and patch and sand and and I got this lovely black shawl from my old friend bird of paradise looks like it's dying no actually yeah yeah yeah yeah does it have different colors yes okay all right can you turn the light off you will need to turn it off just to see what it is hey Siri can you turn the light on guys oh is that a phone it is home plug on that fans each other this light looks really a woman to get night I assure you later [Music] after a long day all I need is a glass of wine romantic music and I really love spending my own time of course sometime I do get lonely but I think it's very healthy to spend time alone sometimes you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone to experience appreciate and love yourself [Music] there is my Apple watch and charging after work and this is my couch from Ikea as well what is this art whoa yes like this okay very classic I love it and there's a little friend as well Oh what is it it is full as you see a TV okay can you show us a little bit little bit of things that you do yeah the Meaghan XMP are at little stretch and lose them at workouts and some squats right oh I need to show you something just wait wait okay I don't know why she's gonna show me what is it so I got this robot vacuum my hair is like everywhere every day I can't even handle it see how it works yeah let's see 35 dollars guys it's gonna last five days after this there's my and I got this black purple deep and I [Music] he's not ready yet okay I don't really want to show you but I will show you really quick okay all right let's see this is my previous bathroom look I personally didn't like the tiles countertop and cabinet and everything yes I can hang my house and laundry question I really want to change it eventually and there there was really big mirror and they remove it and installed a new ones from Ikea Gans and the boys come fall and black cabinet okay hey what is this over there that thing that's temporarily black did you watch my previous video yes I did yeah yeah then I know I remove my cabinet here and install the new shelf because I want to match everything white and black [Music] boy piles and black shower full sets as well here we go I am still with burgers or as I say I love me the man you know you call me ten minutes all right okay let's go [Music] you this is my bedroom okay so I'm not gonna show you guys this time but maybe next video I'll show you my Ben oh okay so stay tuned okay all right okay okay oh my hair oh no it's not actually it does it's just [Music]

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