Minimalist Family of 5 Living in a 1 Bedroom Apartment to Save Money

a lot of people are surprised are astonished that we live in such a small space with our children but my reasoning is that people around the world live the exact same way as we do people in New York City and Hong Kong and you know any major metropolitan area they live in a small space so we're a family of five we live in a 600 square foot apartment it's a one-bedroom and we've moved here eight months ago our previous home was a 800 to 900 square foot two-bedroom condo in the suburbs and I was commuting between two and a half to three hours per day driving my son to his autism therapy and it just took a toll on us we're closer to both Jacob's therapy and Dominic's work which allows Dominik to bike every day to work so we save a lot of money on transportation costs and I think the lack of stress from the commute gives us the patience to deal with some of Jacob's difficult behaviors that's a very convenient building we have a pool with a swimming pool it's heated so we can use in the winter to gym and there's a TV this cable is Wi-Fi the area is the one thing that I think I appreciate a lot of close to amenities yeah we're closing the stores and any even the parks like the the trails Jacob loves trails he loves walking the forest it actually encourages us to to go outside you know do stuff outside of the house instead of staying inside and just you know playing games or you know when you come into the apartment you know you have the kitchen and then you have the open living space where we eat entertain watch TV go on the computer and then our bed in the corner and a couple toys not too much and then down the hallway we have storage like in the main closet where we store all of Dominic's tools and the linens and towels and the main bedroom where we have the bunk beds the toys the clothing our clothing is stored in the living room in two dressers which we also use the side tables and the two dressers in the bedroom are used for Jacob GN and Carmel's clothes so that's another thing is that when you have several children you're like oh I could keep this for the next one but the reality is is that you know it's not always possible and sometimes it is good just to give it away and let someone else use it because the whole idea behind small living it's the simplicity behind it's it's the fact that you don't accumulate stuff that you don't need that it's just there to look at it forces you for example like when you see something as beautiful it's a beautiful shirt or a beautiful piece of jewelry and you know that you don't have the room for it at home you learn how to appreciate its beauty but not possessing its beauty recently I had this little sweater that I think my deceased aunt had given to my mom and she made for us when we were little and I was holding on to hoping that my girls would wear too but I look at him like I wouldn't put this on my kid and you have to just detach yourself that I won't forget my mom or I won't forget that loved person just because I'm giving away that object so I took a picture of it and then donated it the advantages of living in the small space is that there's less to clean up I mean a mess can happen very quickly especially with the toys but it literally takes like two to three minutes to clean it all up at the end of the night less vacuuming less sweeping you don't feel the pressure to go out and buy the latest stuff you just deal with what you have I think it started out as a short-term solution like oh we'll just do this to be closer to the therapy center and fundraise money and pay for Jacobs early intervention but as we were living here it think it's transforming into a medium term so that we can continue to save that money our real need is putting Jacob in therapy it's not accumulating objects so that that really puts in a perspective for us


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